Recruitniks: Donovan Roberts

Submitted by JC3 on April 26th, 2011 at 2:35 PM

Michigan was the first school to offer Norman, Oklahoma RB Donovan Roberts. The Wolverines took an early lead but a visit never materialzied. 

Since then Roberts has been offered by Arkansas, Arizona, Indiana, Iowa State, K-State, Pitt, and Tulsa, and is deciding soon.

It's likely to be Arkansas.

Remaining RB targets we have a good shot at include Olney, MD Wes Brown, Ohio's Brionte Dunn, and Indiana's Coy Brown.



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Actually, your earlier comment seemed to suggest the opposite of the intent you now state and that's what I was remarking on.  As for making fun of "FIRE RICHROD morons" like me...well, you didn't know me then...but seems like those folks had a point.

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"This should be a bannable offense.  It's worse than trolling - it discourages posters with useful information from signing up or contributing to the board."

This is what I wrote in response to David's idiotic post shouting down a useful OP.  Explain to me how this suggests the opposite of my intent to discourage the bashing of useful Michigan football posts.

Also, complete logic fail on the 2nd half of your post.  That's 0-3 from you.


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What is the antecedent of "this"?

Yeah, see, because you don't identify the antecedent, it could be read to mean that "this" is the OP.  "This" could also be read to be the comment bashing the OP.  Since you've been such a swell guy (sarcasm...just in case it wasn't clear), I took "this" to mean that you agreed with the complaint about the OP.  So, please refrain from speaking to me about "logic fail" when your flawed writing skills formed the base of any confusion.

By the way,  a guy calling people "idiotic" and "morons" should maybe take a step back and look in the mirror before accusing anyone of "shouting down" anyone else.  

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obvious what I was alluding to.  Your ridiculous nitpicking is hilarious, though.

Gee, do you think it was the (a) OP calmly stating a useful fact about recruiting, or (b) an incendiary remark attacking the OP that had been downvoted approximately 40 times and received a dozen angry responses that could be described as "worse than trolling."  Pretty sad if this wasn't 100% clear to you at first glance.


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You're awesome.  So you launch an insulting attack, realize that your writing wasn't clear (leading to confusion) and then attack again because it was clear from the "context" (or downvotes).  In any event, I don't count on MGoVotes to provide context.  If that were the benchmark, your boy would still be the coach.  

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You don't need to just look at voting.  Read the second half of the quote again:

". . . it discourages posters with useful information from signing up or contributing to the board."

If it somehow wasn't obvious that I was responding to the author of the trollish post (since I like, you know, responded to him), this clause should give you all you need.  Which comment do you think would discourage people from divulging further useful information?  The incendiary one that every seemed to disagree with?  Or the OP, which simply provided information without further comment?  If it applied to the OP it wouldn't make a damn bit of sense. 

I'm done spelling out the obvious to you.


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just you. I wasn't impressed with his highlight video. With the current roster situation, other needs, and prospects with interest, I really don't think Brown would be a wise use of a scholarship at this point, based on those highlights.

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I agree, he does not show very good change of direction to make the cutbacks needed at the next level. That said he is slippery and the coaches may also be looking at him for FB. As a running back though I don't think we should fill a spot for a back that isn't one of the elite this year.

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I agree even at fullback though I would like him to be taller, there are still other fullbacks I would take before him. As a last option I think it would be an decent pick up. Nothing against him, I just don't see a need to offer him this early in the process.


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Tom had a quick update on Garmon here

When I talked to Greg a few weeks ago he was really feeling the love for Penn State. But Carolina has been his solid leader for a while. I think Michigan is in a close 3rd right now, but a visit could help a lot there.


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Thanks for sharing the information.  Unfortunate that Roberts doesn't look to be in the fold, hopefully we'll fare better with one of the other top tier rbs. 


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I have a post written up about this that will probably go up tomorrow, but anyway...if scholarships were handed out evenly to every starting position across the board, then Michigan would need approximately 4 scholarship tailbacks.  And we have 8.  I'm not suggesting that a Big Ten team only needs 4 scholarship tailbacks, but we could get away with 5 or 6.  And we have 8.


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Short of Dunn,Marshall, or Brown, I would like to see us pass on a RB this year. To put it in perspective, I would actually prefer a WR over a RB in this class.


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Good to hear they are sending out some more offers because currently I don't see a ton of interest from any of the current offerings. Burbridge, even if he chose us, probably wouldn't get past admissions. Diggs chose to go to a camp rather than attend are spring game, so I would say he is a long shot at this point. Our depth chart may increase the interest from the current crop of players but I think it is time to go fishing again for prospects.


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I thought UM had offered Dieter but Magnus doesn't show an offer on his list.  Him and Perkins are both showing well in the off-season.  Both should be names to watch this summer


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If we can't land one of the highly ranked RBs I think we would be best served looking elsewhere - as has been said many times below depth is not our problem at RB.

Our WR core is going to be thin in a couple of years so getting a couple top notch WRs is more important than a RB IMO.


Maize and Blue…

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shouldn't have run off Lucien.  Never did understand that one especially considering some of the guys they brought in.  Lets steal some 3 stars from perrenial losers and tell a 4 star WR who wants to be a Wolverine that if he wants to be a DB he's welcome otherwise get lost.


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I saw your recruiting summary over on Maize and Brew, do you plan on doing a more pointed write up on what you expect Hoke's first recruiting class to look like-April Edition?  And I do know its April, or are you not comfortable going further this early in the cycle.  

by pointed I mean something more opinionated than "who should be on your radar".


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Honestly, I'm a little uncomfortable going too far out on a limb with projections.  I know what *I* would do and who *I* would target, but I have yet to get a real feel for these coaches.  With Rodriguez there seemed to be a bit of a pattern and a method to his recruiting that we could discern after watching him work for a year or two, but these guys are all new to me.  And so is the new rule where official offers can't be handed out until August 1.

So...yeah...I'm being a little reserved on purpose.  I'm not really sure what to expect.