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Hey fellas, after the greatest game ever...I wanted to share what I have been hearing. First I would like to apologize to mgoblogers and scoutexile for jumping the gun with O'brien's commitment. Lots of miscommunication...not scoutexile's fault. Mine for jumping the gun, got a little too excited. But from the sound of things O'Brien had a great time at the game.

Just tidbits here and there, if you know something we don't.... share!

2012 Prospects
NJ CB Yuri Wright will visit for either SDSU or Minny. Hope the coaches make an impression. I think it is a four way race between us, cal, RU, UGA. IMO he would headline this class if he were to commit, cherry on the cake. 

CA WR Jordan Peyton had a great time at the game yesterday. Here is his interview with scoutexile on midnight maize:

Anyone have word on Darius Powe's visit plans? I really want him in this class. Oregon State has been balls so far losing to both San Jose State and Wisconsin, I think this can only help the wolverines. 

2013 Prospects
GA CB Shaq Wiggins has the wolverines as his leader after he visited Gainesville this weekend. I know some Mgoblogers are worried about his reported height, rivals says he is 5'7. But by most accounts he is 5'10. He wooed both osu and um coaches, as both schools offered after he camped out. FWIW he is an early high three star on 247. Will visit either for minny or purdue.

OH CB Cameron Burrows was at the game. Hails from Trotwood-madison, a school we have had some luck with. Many consider him a buckeye lock, but at least we are getting him on campus. I know it is early but coaches need to offer asap. Projected to be the best CB in ohio for the 2013 class.

2013 IL OT Ethan Popic was in attendance. Learn this name, we'll pop up in the recruiting cycle, no doubt. Has early offers from the illinois, MSU, ND, and wisconsin. 

2013 IL OT Kyle Bosch was also in attendance had a good time. Been on campus a hand full of times. Hope the coaches put out an offer. Should be one of the midwest's best.

If you're a parent of a recruit, how does brain kelly going ape shit on his players come off? Can't be good, hope it helps with Elmer. Elmer has named a top three of UM, ND, and MSU. He said he hasn't been hearing much from MSU.

Places to get recruiting info (Work Cited Page lol)
247blueboard, most of my info was from there:

For Ohio recruits:

Midnightmaize, come by for a live chat...lots of recruiting info goes down:


turd ferguson

September 12th, 2011 at 2:23 AM ^

Thanks for doing this.

I hadn't heard that about Elmer.  (Where is that from?)  If ND craps out this year, the hot seat conversation will start with Kelly, given all of the off-the-field issues that they've had lately.  You'd have to think that the threat of coaching instability would help us there, too.

Jon Benke

September 12th, 2011 at 2:15 AM ^

Are we looking at 26 or 28?

How many can be backdate to last year, etc...  The coaches seemed to say 26 before the two freshmen departures, which even had Brian of all people wondering on if this class can jump towards 28, though I'd love to know how many spots we have left.  With Posada gone, and the OL thin, could UM be looking at possibly two more OL?  Do you look at taking one or two WR, do you look at another DL, how about another DB, and do you make room for a potential Dunn like recruit.  Michigan is in on a slew of top talent, and odds are looking good, a few highly ranked kids are going to be told -- sorry, we just don't have the room.


September 12th, 2011 at 2:24 AM ^

I think we could end up with one of many possible combinations for the final recruiting spots. Definitely not a bad problem to have.


With Posada leaving I think we go for two OL now. Definitely a WR or two. I would be surprised if we closed off Dunn, especially with Dymonte's commitment this weeked.


I think we could even reach 28 because we have more room to backdate with the 3 incoming freshmen leaving (however I think we could have backdated 3 before their departures anyways).

Frank Drebin

September 12th, 2011 at 7:52 AM ^

Once again, 28 and backdating 3 scholarships has nothing to do with the final number. The only number you need to be concerned with is 85. We still need attrition to hit that number, whether it means that some walk-ons who currently have scholarships for the season don't get them renewed, or we have medical problems, or transfers, etc. I don't see it being an issue, but backdating won't be a problem here. Staying below 85 may be.


September 12th, 2011 at 2:22 AM ^

I don't know how the Kelly explosion actions would influence the recruits/their guardians. However, seeing Kelly exploding on one sideline with Hoke being relatively calm (at least from what it seemed like on tv) on the other sideline and showing you can coach without blowing up probably has an influence.

Good news to hear. Getting the 2013 kids in this early is good because that game had to set a good bar to beat.


September 12th, 2011 at 2:23 AM ^

Just to throw this in, I know it was mentioned in the other thread, but  on twitter he said he can't wait to commit. Seems like he had a really good time at the game and his new twitter avatar his of the big house and his background is him wearing a michigan hat, so hopefully he will get an offer and we can lock up another one for the 2013 class.


September 12th, 2011 at 2:52 AM ^

I was just about to say that when I saw your post. I think it's pretty interesting that hotheaded Kelly's team was thoroughly dominant in two games and ended up going 0-2 because they lost their composure when it counted.  Compare that to Hoke keeping cool as a cat on the sideline and making sure his messages got through to the players, and his team was able to stay levelheaded enough to come back twice in the final minute of the biggest game in recent memory.  I'll take Hoke every day of the week and twice on Saturday.


September 12th, 2011 at 6:37 AM ^

Probably 20. I think we will be able to get just as many 4 stars, and even some 5 stars now that the coaches know they can pull them in. I feel like we recruited some not quite as good players early to make sure we had some commits and are now turning away some better players (not that I'm upset with the recruits who are coming to Michigan). I doubt that will happen next year.

Jon Benke

September 13th, 2011 at 12:44 AM ^

There isn't much of a threat to de-commit from Michigan these days, unlike the past few years, and that's because we're simply turning away so many, at so many positions .. that it becomes easy to have simple rules like - no visits.  Hey, but, if you want to leave - fine, I am sure the guy who will take your spot will be just as good.

Mr Miggle

September 12th, 2011 at 6:12 AM ^

A small correction, Oregon State lost to Sacramento St in week one rather than SJ St. Sacramento St. is an FCS team that lost their next game by three TDs to S. Utah.


September 12th, 2011 at 6:52 AM ^

If the number gets to 28 and UM does, in fact, choose to take 2 more OL, it would be the perfect situation for getting Garnett and Banner.  I would still love to have Diamond, but I would take the package deal over the single commit.

Elmer isn't getting MSU attention anymore because he's an instate prospect and would hurt their "national recruiting" image.

To keep up the momentum this team really needs to stay focused, improve each week, and head into EL 6-0 and at least have a good showing there, if not come away with the W.  The way the schedule stacks up with the chances of dropping 3 of the last 4, I'm worried about that leaving a bad taste in recruits mouths - so every chance to solidify things before that is huge.


September 12th, 2011 at 7:17 AM ^

I've read some about Wiggins naming us as his leader. I don't know much about him. But at this point, would we take him next year? I know it's early and spots aren't an issue, but we're taking 4/5 DBs this year depending on Wright, and already have two next year with Thomas and Clark. I would think with 6-7 DBs in two classes we'd slow down and only take elite prospects for next year's class. Am I wrong in thinking that? If not, is Wiggins elite enough to take?


September 12th, 2011 at 7:35 AM ^

Sometimes the edge in recruiting may come down to seemingly simple things that might project large in a recruit's mind. These simple things might be the coaches sideline behavior, or the coaches relationship with star players, or how fans react when the team is behind, or even how well fans recognize and receive a visiting recruit. 

Mr. Yost

September 12th, 2011 at 10:17 AM ^

Payton and Banner silently committed but needed to talk with their families...


Payton has always talked about a "dream team" of guys from the west coast, so it's not out of the question.


The reason I put this at "rumor status" (even though I feel as if it's confirmed true) is:

#1. It's a silent commit...commit doesn't mean shit to me as it is, "silent" or "soft" commit's mean even less.


#2a. They were caught up in the excitement of the game.


#2b. They're 17-18 years old


#3. They're west coast kids. They can't just drive up next week with their parents to check out at game. They aren't surrounded by the influence of Michigan as say Danny O'Brien is. They're 2,500 miles away. A lot can happen.


With that said, with USC on probation and in trouble, Cal struggling, Oregon not as hot as they have been (or the entire Pac-12 for that matter)...with what these kids witnessed on Saturday (shhhh, don't tell them that it won't be like that every week)...and finally, with our coaching staffs recruiting ties to the west coast...I feel like we've got the two newest additions to our '12 class. I also feel like we've got Danny O'Brien.


With THAT said...the other two Jordan's...Diamond and Simmons, are out IMO. Diamond to Arkansas with Gregory. Simmons stays on the west coast.


Here's my best guess...
23. Payton
24. Banner
25. O'Brien
26. Darboh/Powe/Madaris/Chesson
27 (IF we get 27). Dunn/Wright


September 12th, 2011 at 10:55 AM ^

I hope you're right, those would be two great additions.  However, if we get to 27, I'd like it to be another OL, preferably Garnett.  But if we only pull one more OL, I like your list.  That would be an amazing finish to the class.  Especially if the second WR is Darboh.


September 12th, 2011 at 12:47 PM ^

USC guys were excited that Payton withdrew from their class; feel that he may be reaching the upper limits of his upside, and that he looked better last year.

For us, beggers can't be choosers.  Michigan needs WR help.

Rumors on Rivals, Scout that O'Brien committed after the game were shot down.  Some internet Tenn. folks are saying the O'Brien is a silent Michigan committ now.

This game showed how much help we need on defense...O'Brien has to be the coaches #1 priority.  Having a front 4 that can generate pressure without blitzing to Mattison would be like giving an alcoholic several cases of Hopslam. 

Jon Benke

September 12th, 2011 at 1:23 PM ^

that we need a few really good, big CBs, to cover very good, big WRs.  Floyd vs Floyd wasn't pretty to watch, and it'd be nice to have a large, shutdown corner like Yuri Wright on defense.  I want Danny O'Brien, as I think we need both O and D lineman, but I really want to get a big CB in this class, to pair with the much smaller Terry Richardson.