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I would just like to thank MOST of the commenters here for remaining sane. I have been wandering over to spartantailgate, I know it's ridiculous, and it seems every prospect they have is "the perfect fit"/ZOMG he's green!!!!! I don't understand, are they that stupid? We would at least admit hey he's a huge long shot, or other schools stopped recruiting we're in a good spot. My favorite was their explanation for Dior was "We have the fans, the coaches, the campus, the exposure, the academics, sent so many DB's pro, why would he look anywhere else?" I want to cry. I don't understand how they live on their own little ignorant island where they are a top 10 program. They get ranked once a year and never end there. Rant over.


Blue in Yarmouth

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a breed all their own. A good example of what you are talking about is in the Khairi Forrt thread. He mentions UM but nobody seems overly optimistic about our chances at landing him. I think they will soon come back down to earth once we start a new winning streak against them this year.


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Scout, Rivals, or MLive boards, you won't see much different than the Sparty Tailgate.

That said, there are enough rational folks here who occasionally live life to know that there are still almost 6 months until Signing Day, many twists and turns, and most importantly, the 2009 season to pay attention to.


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Well, this is a little different. Although we've had a tough couple years, M is consistently a recruiting powerhouse and one of (if not the) most historic programs in college football with top tier academics. I think the OP's gripe was that MSU is making themselves out to be more than they are.

Think of it from an outsider's perspective. I hear this conversation a lot and it always makes me laugh. USC says to a UCLA fan "you guys think you're so good at football" and the UCLA guy responds "yeah so do you."

My point is, and knock me for the arrogance bit if you want, but it's OK to think you're good when you are.


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For the first time in a while and there was a poster there who said that anything less than an 8-4 season was a disappointment.

And then another poster calling Tate and D-Rob better than VY and TP already... *Sigh* I've also found myself just browsing and refreshing here and have cut Scout and Rivals out of my life completely.

**NOTE** I still go to GBMW for the straight EPINION (and also for the laughs)

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As the youngest of 3 boys, I can tell you that the little brother always maintains delusions of grandeur and baseless idealism.

firm believer I will dunk a basketball one day


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I got sucked into the 4 division piece that ESPN is showing on the front page. While the article wasn't terrible, the comments made me want to gouge my eyes out. One M fan said he had a lot of confidence in "Nate Forcier."

So thank you everyone for not being totally unrealistic and knowing what you're talking about when you post.


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With the recent influx of posters, I think the site watchdogs (along with the new rating system) have done a lot to keep this under control. Enough of the ridiculous whining and mayhem has been sqashed both by seasoned posters calling them out for being stupid, and hoardes of users clicking the minus button.

I like my panic justified, and usually if I wait a few minutes after someone posts something bad there are a few posts by the veterans indicating whether I should jump out a window or not.


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I've recently had a conversation with a State fan and I have to say they are by far the most disullisional fans ever. He said MSU has out ranked Michigan under Dantonio and I then I said every year we have had a higher ranked class than State under Dantonio. Then he said our Florida recruits that we were getting weren't good enough to get offers from the big schools down there which I then went on Rivals and it showed they did. Then he said we were getting all small slot guys and I showed him how we have still recruited bigger wide receivers and running backs as well. Then I was called a homer, yep State fans are clueless.


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Denard Robinson was our only recruit from the state of Florida in the 2009 class that had offers from one of the big three in-state schools (Miami, Florida, Florida St).

It sounds as though your Sparty friend was at least partially correct and not a total half-wit.


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I talked to a "disullisional" UM fan once and he said that MSU fans sucked and I was like no they don't and then I corrected his grammar and he was like oh man you are still dumber than me and I said no I'm not and he was like yes you are, yep this dude was clueless.



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Hey man, you don't like getting picked on, I get it. And I don't blame you. But I don't go on OSU boards and start defending myself, because it's a lost cause. If you don't want to get made fun of a little, stay at home. If you want to read a (semi) rival's blog, deal with a little banter.