Recruiting Q for TomVH

Submitted by MacombBLUE on May 12th, 2010 at 1:33 PM

Tom, simply from your perspective, outside of Demitrious Hart and probably Zettel, which recruits are the highest on Michigan and which would you guess would be most likely to committ next?

I know it's still early, but was wondering if you could give a quick gauge and anybody to keep an eye on.

As always, thanks for the hard work and info.



May 12th, 2010 at 1:50 PM ^

Here's a list for you. This doesn't mean Michigan is definitely getting these kids, but we're in good shape with them. It's too early to say who will commit, or who won't, so just take this as some names that Michigan is in favorable position with.


- DE Chris Rock, OH

- DE Jason Adeyanju, IL

- DT Darian Cooper, MD

- DT Corey Marshall, VA (Although, I think he'll end up choosing Va. Tech)

- DT Vincent Croce, MD

- LB Woodson Greer, CA

- LB/WR Kris Frost, NC

- LB Keith Lewis, FL

- LB Ben Kline, PA

- LB Sean Duggan, OH (Probably Notre Dame)

- QB Marquise Williams, NC

- TE Ray Hamilton, OH

- OL Tony Posada, FL

- OL Andre Yruretagoyena, AZ

- OL Zach Debell, FL

- DB Nick Waisome, FL

- DB Jonathan Aiken, FL

- DB Valdez Showers, MI

- WR Spiffy Evans, FL

- WR AJ Jordan, OH

I might be missing some, and these are only kids with offers. We're obviously going to see more names pop up as offers get handed out. 


May 12th, 2010 at 2:14 PM ^

I'll give you two. From this list, if we can get Chris Rock and Darian Cooper, I think our defensive line would have a lot of promise.

Our D-line would consist of (when this class will be freshmen)

Seniors - Mike Martin, Ryan VanBergen, Watson, Brandon Herron, Will Heininger

Juniors - Will Campbell, Craig Roh

Sophomore (potentially redshirt frosh) -  Anthony LaLota, Terry Talbott, Richard Ash, Jordan Paskorz, Kenny Wilkins, Jibreel Black

2011 class incoming with Brennen Beyer, Darian Cooper, and Chris Rock.

That looks pretty solid to me.


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And who can blame him?  Alabama is the new hot spot.  

The thing working in our favor is depth.  Alabama already has 2 LB's in their current class and has recruited that position well the last couple years.  Hopefully he decides he doesn't want to have to wait his turn and comes here where he can step in and play right away, or close to it.


May 12th, 2010 at 3:53 PM ^

Nope, can't blame him at all. They have the NC cache and Saban can recruit.

Interesting how OSU has been losing out on the top player and players recently in the state. Only have had the top player once since 07 and got shut out of the top 4 last recruiting cycle.


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How solid are the OL prospects? We've heard a fair amount about Zettel and Yurut Yrurt Yertur Andre, but what's the word on Posada and Debell?  And given the fact that Michigan is looking for 5-6 OL in this class, how much depth is there beyond those targets?


May 12th, 2010 at 2:05 PM ^

Unless you're talking about Tacopants' little brother, I thought Tacopants had infinite eligibility?!  We saw him late in the Iowa game, he also made some other cameos, but for the most part his playing time in the game is directly determined by who's taking the snaps. 


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It's the off-season... this is a well-worn topic... we're still eight months from signing day... typos in the post... a question that only ONE person can answer... the general bloody-mindedness of the Universe...

Take your pick.

I think we're all interested in the answer to the question.  But we're also bored out of our minds by the lack of football, and we get a little punchy.


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Anyone read Tom's great diaries?

Just MGoSearch them, fer gawd's sakes. He's done like three diaries in the last weeks that should answer all your recruiting needs.

look them up, yo!


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While you are in the "long recruiting list" mood, can you tell us the guys you've spoken to who will definitely be attending the Big House BBQ?

It seems like you've said "maybe" for a lot of guys, but are there any who have given you an unequivocal "yes" response?