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Submitted by UMdad on January 31st, 2011 at 8:08 AM

Maybe I have been reading too much recruiting news, but I am starting to think I can read into how the other coaches recruit against us based on the recruits' comments.  When RR came in and Boren made his stupid comments all of the recruits starting mentioning "family values" when discussing their visits.  Lately, I have heard several recruits comment how "buildings are just buildings" and it's the people that matter.  I am taking that to mean that other coaches are trying to counter all of our facility upgrades by downplaying facilities in general.  If your stadium and practice facilities suck, and your weight room isn't a multimillion dollar mecca drawing in NFL guys, then tell the recruits that bricks are bricks and buildings are buildings wherever you go.  I take it as a compliment.  Plus, Hoke and co. are apparently doing a good enough job selling the people in the buildings, also. 


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but this really made me think of Cooper and Iowa.  I've said it before, losing Walsh to Iowa didn't make a lot of sense to me.  He was a solid kid with good academics.  I think they sold this exact take on their program and he went for it.

Michigan isn't all about buildings obviously.  I do think their is a bond amongst these players that is something special given the rollercoaster that has been Michigan football these past three years.

I would also say that Michigan is a unique collection of professors as well.   I don't know if that is possible to sell.  Frankly as an alum I don't know that this makes much difference to an undergrad - as it is hard to get close to professors unless you make  a special effort.  Some of my freshman and sophomore lectures however - both outside my major and in were the best of my college experience.  My senior year was made special with very small independent studies of my own making that afforded some once in a lifetime experiences with some of the best minds in my field.

Regardless of buildings vs. people kind of arguments...Michigan professors are the leaders and the best.


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If so, our recruiters need to pre-arm the recruits with a definition of people that extends beyond the team and the coaches. As someone pointed out, it includes 113,000 plus the community, the academic folks, and the students. Be sure to include pics of kids at Mott. Let the evil opposing recruiter deal with those as well as facilities.


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your forgetting tsio phrase.. "you don't want to go there, they practice about 15 min too long and we give you cars, cash, and tattoos" we also have the nike pro combats.. our home jerseys look like a used tampon but fitting since our qb is a douche anyway.


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Buildings are just buildings because they dont have the biggest building in the league! doenst matter if its empty or packed with 113,000 theres nothin like walking into the big house