Recruiting: Anthony Zettel

Submitted by Hoken's Heroes on September 12th, 2010 at 9:53 AM

According to Tom Beaver on WTKA, Zettel decided to stay home and watch the Michigan game instead of taking an official to Iowa.

Sam Webb mentioned another kid who was there to watch ND ended up hanging around the UM locker room after the win. I didn't catch the kid's name.




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I wouldn't be surprised if he went to the game to see Michigan.  He is from Cass Tech and a rumored Michigan lean.  Since he's a 2012 kid, he couldn't have been there on an official.  I'm sure the Irish gave him a free ticket and tried to recruit him while he was there, but I'm betting his UofM fandom shown through.


Go Blue!!

His Dudeness

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 I don't share your homerism but look at the team as a coach would and see where the team needs to improve so that the wheels don't fall off again. You and the other circle jerkers might not like my view points and that's fine but get off your high horse because I can surely bet you that RR and his staff realize they still have a lot of things they need to correct. So my advice to you is to go pickle your liver tonight and ignore what I have to write as I have long ignored you because you don't add a thing of interest to this board.

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Tom Beaver is a tool. He probably saying that Zettel is 50.000000000001% now, which he may redact next week. Guy takes all the credit from the people underhim, and if you dare question him, he boots you


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I have a feeling Zettle will be blue eventually.  We just gotta let things play out, his recruiter needs to stay on him, and we need to continue to show a successful product on the field.