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Submitted by Ziff72 on February 17th, 2011 at 3:07 PM

I just read a note His Dudeness posted from rivals saying that Matt Godin is "done with Michigan" due to his lack of an offer.  I read this note with a sigh as I think that brings me to a recruit count of 746 that have said, "I'm done with school x because I don't have an offer I've been disrespected only to do a 180 once they get their offer.   This script is so tired it is like I'm on my NCAA 11 and the recruit tells me they are sick of hearing my accolades after asking to hear about my accolades.

I'm still fond of kids saying "academics are very important" and thinking Mich is a near lock and then have them pick Florida St(thanks Myron Rolle) or OSU.

What's your favorite recruit lie errrrrrrrrr saying you expect to hear over 100 times this recruiting cycle?


Litt1e Rhino

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I'm sorry but this is a terrible topic. Your asking us to bash recruits that we get our hopes up for. I'm sorry but some recruits read this and I'm sure hearing what fans say about them plays a role in their decision. I don't want them to get any feelings that they are not welcome here.


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The comments on here about Mryon Rolle are getting old. Florida State has one of the best exercise physiology programs in the country (it may actually be better than Michigan's). To say a kid like that is telling lies is a little ridiculous. I actually have a friend from high school that is going through that same program at FSU, he chose to go there instead of Michigan and I know how much he researched every school he applied to. I do not want to start an argument over this, but you should do a little research before you post about something like that. Neg away, if you want!


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I'm aware that Myron Rolle is really, really, really smart.  That doesn't mean I can't be a little jealous that we haven't had a really good safety in a while.

I'm supposed to do research on Exercise Physiology Programs to determine if I can use 1 guy as an example?   That''s a lot of research time on a post about favorite recruiting quotes.


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I'm supposed to do research on Exercise Physiology Programs to determine if I can use 1 guy as an example?

No, but you should have note that Myron Rolle won a fricking Rhodes Scholarship and then realized that he was the worst example you could possibly find to mock a kid's commitment to academics.


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I'm supposed to do research on Exercise Physiology Programs to determine if I can use 1 guy as an example? 

You might consider not posting at all if you can't be sure that the next thing coming out of your figurative cakehole isn't gonna be real smart.


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Wait, are we actually presenting exercise physiology as a rigorus major? Or Florida State as a rigorus school? It is widely reported that Rolle had a 3.75gpa. How is this impressive? He is supposed to want to become a neurosurgeon, so where is his MCAT score? That is something that can be objectively compared to other "very smart" kids at other school. This will either confirm or dispel the notion that he was putting up good (...well decent) grades at a bad school.

This is sort of like the case of Wayne Lyons - lots of big talk about the importance of academics, stellar high school gpa (Rolle had a stellar gpa in HS too) and then you see on Scout that he got a 22 on his ACT. This may be good for an athlete, but it is barely above the national average.


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Don't know why people are bothered by this thread or are negging you on this.  I didn't take this post as calling out any particular kids.  Also, goes along with the "worst MGoBlog Trend" and "Best of MGoBlog" threads that are the theme of the day.

My favorite recruiting speak comments:

(1) Academics are very important. (Then kid goes to LSU)

(2) I want to go somewhere with a family environment, where I know that the coaches will be looking out for my future (Then kid goes to Alabama, where he is cut after his freshman year for "academic" reasons).

(3) I am still 100% committed to [Team x].  I am just taking some visits to see what else is out there (followed by a decommittment from Team x a month later).

(4) I just want to make a decision so that I can focus on completing my senior year and get ready for college ball.  I don't want to drag this out and get into the hype. (Followed by months of tweets on the status of his recruitment and a nationally-televised, signing day presser with hats lined up on the table).



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I get tired of recruits saying the following to me:

 "Stop posting things on my Facebook page."

"Why are you in my kitchen window?" 

"No, I don't like movies about gladiators."

"Aren't you in your thirties?  Why do you want to hang out with me?  Shouldn't you have a job?"

"I just called the police." 


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Coaches speak coachspeak.  Recruits speak recruitspeak.  Players speak playerspeak.  And no matter how much the media digs, nobody really knows what's going on except recruits, coaches, and players.  

And Tom VH.

Blue boy johnson

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I gots a better idea. Let's all post our "RR apologist speak"

Read in a whimpering voice; "The defense was decimated by evil Lloyd"

Or; "we've started a freshman QB for 47 straight years"

C'mon, try it, it will make you smile.