Recruit #13

Submitted by Jon Benke on May 20th, 2011 at 4:28 PM

On the front of the Michigan page, it flirts with the notion that Michigan has just added another recruit .. anyone know about this .. TomVH?



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I dont know, I've been a premieum subscriber for 6 months now and I've got nothing but great things to say about Scout!! All the info that they've given out thus far as been very reliable and accurate. Lets just say the 10 bucks you pay a month is worth every penny imo.  Anyway, if I had to guess, I would say it's either Reeves or Morgan, but not quite sure...

Oh, and a little hint for everyone...its a non Midwest prospect...


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They are OK, but I was a member for 5 months, and would rather have my $10/ month in my pocket and read MGo for free. It's usually a bit delayed and there aren't as much rumors, but who knows how many of those rumors are even true.


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There was a Trieu tweet yesterday which said, "Michigan dropped in on a 5-star QB, a four-star DT and a WR with multiple BCS offers this week..."

I am guessing the QB is Kiel, the DT is Washington and the WR is Stanford? I wonder if commit 13 is one of these guys...I hope so. I guess it doesn't really matter with a circumnavigating, world-ending earthquake tomorrow starting at 6pm in each respective time zone.

True Blue in CO

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addictions if we keep hearing about potential new recruits? I was thinking that this would be a quiet weekend on the recruiting front and I could develop the power to stay away from frequent checks of Twitter and MGo. At least it is not a detectable drug.


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There is a big Nike camp at tOSU this weekend. Could that have something to do with it? Some of our recruits such as Stanford and Washington will be there. (If the world ends Saturday, Sunday events will be postponed)


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RJS, Biggs and Richardson are supposed to be at the Nike camp this weeked.  we all know that RJS is a very good recruiter.  Hopefully he is in Stanford and Washinton's ear all week.

Godin and O'brien are going to be at the camp as well.  It can't hurt to have Godin and the other three recruiting for us. 


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Even though I don't think Aaron Burbridge has a commitable offer yet, I want to think it's him. Another highly ranked instate trio would be a dream come true.

I Bleed Maize …

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I think it's Armani Reeves, he makes the most sense.  With T-Rich committing and with all the new DB offers the staff has handed out over the last week, it just makes sense that it would be him.  He probably wants to secure his position but wants to make the announcement a big dea.  It could be him or Wayne Morgan, but I don't know if I consider Morgan a highly decorated defensive recruit.  Which is how Sam phrased it.


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Morgan has offers from Alabama and Miami (YTM) and is the 33rd ranked player in the nation according to 247sports. That qualifies as pretty decorated in my books. Reeves' best offers are probably ND and Stanford. He is 59th overall in the nation according to 247sports. Both are outside the top 100 on scout and rivals but still well ranked.

Weren't we supposed to be in a battle with PSU for Reeves? I think Morgan recently moved us above Rutgers, so I would guess Morgan over Reeves, but honestly would be happy with either, especially since both are supposed to be very fast (both reporting 4.40 40's, which might be embellished like any other HS recruit's numbers, but still impressive).


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PSU is the team that would be considered our biggest competitor at this moment.  They do have a commitment from Carmen Williams who is a very good friend of his. 

Of the two, I would rather have Reeves.  It was reported recently that he has put on some good size, but has not lost any of his speed.

Zone Left

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I'd rather have the guy with LSU and Alabama offers. Ultimately, the elite teams are the real judge of who are probably the most talented players. I've always been confused by kids that are rated really highly, but have a bunch of mid-level BCS and MAC offers. 

I Bleed Maize …

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My comments about Morgan not being highly touted were a little off. I just like Reeves and Standifer a little better. But he has an impressive offer list and is highly ranked.  And everything i'm hearing now is pointing to Morgan and definately not Reeves.  So i would say it's Morgan and would be very pleased to have him.  He's a tough nosed kid from NY, he should bring toughness and a great attitude.


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Tom said on twitter, he knows about the commit. Just can't give us anything. O well, GREAT news anyway. I'm sure we'll all find out soon enough.


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Sam used Reeves silhouette photo on the scout website.... someone above already posted it... WELL DONE WOLVERINEINSB.    

so if this is any tease, then its Reeves. Plus, they are committing in pairs....   I for one, am looking forward to when the DT pairs drop...actually I hope we land three, in Washington, Pipkins, Jones.

True Blue in CO

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one could guess:

Dunn - Some substance to yesterday's rumors

Wormley - Although he will wait until at least the end of track season

Reeves - Richardson convinced him

Kiel - Silent until he gets to A2 to tell Hoke face to face and man to man

Morgan - Wants a DB spot before they are all gone

Just throwing these out there.