Records set in The Game yesterday

Submitted by koolaid on December 1st, 2013 at 5:37 AM

Reading the ESPN article, they list a lot of OSU player records for the game--most by OSU running back, only 2nd QB with 50yd pass and 50yd run for Braxton.  However, what about a passing record for a Michigan quarterback in The Game?  I would think that Devin's performance would qualify but I don't know where to look it up.  Anyone know?



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I'm pretty sure this was the second most passing yards for a Michigan QB (eclipsed only by the Indiana game this year, which means Devin holds spots 1 and 2 unless I'm horribly mistaken)


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I believe Devin Gardner may have set the bar for the most completions in The Game as well. Just going from memory here, but I think Tom Brady had 30 or 31 in 1998 and Gardner had 32 completions yesterday. I could be wrong, but if it is correct, then it should be a single-game record against Ohio State and likely a top five performance all time for a Michigan QB in this category. 

I dumped the Dope

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that the entire team is going to be watching SpongeBob or playing Duke Nukem for the next 8 months, instead of healing injuries, strength training, watching film, and preparing themselves for the next season, I would expect some different results next year.

Obviously the off season is long, but I would say the expectations for play are going to be higher next year.

OL is fragile.  Witness Bama last night screwed up one blocking assignment and got stopped on 4th and 1...and that was with an "NFL" OL.




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Has been my favorite player to watch the past 4 years. Dude is only 5'8" but you would never know based on how he plays. Kid has great heart and I hope I get to see him play on Sunday.

I dumped the Dope

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That Hyde had not been stopped for a loss all season....until he was met by the long arm of the law in the form of Jake Ryan in the backfield, causing a 2nd and 12.  I was so proud at that moment!


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I suspect that we now know how Ohio fans felt during the Cooper years.  As the old line goes, this too shall pass. If one looks at the experience index, next year Michigan should be the more experienced team.  Indeed, I recall watching the WMU opener and whoever was the play-by-play guy being stunned when he found out how inexperienced Michigan was. 


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But what would you rather have? Ohio beating msu and going to the mncg vs fsu and no sec in the game or msu beating Ohio and having another year of a possible sec champion and msu going to a bcs?


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According to the OSU record book Michigan's 603 total yards is the second most ever against an Ohio State team. The record is 659 by Illinois in 1980; Dave Wilson threw for 612.

Again, these records don't go back to Yost's time, and I don't know how Michigan could have scored 86 without picking up a few yards.