Recommended plans for the Florida game in Dallas?

Submitted by EverybodyMurders on August 18th, 2017 at 9:27 AM
Me and a friend just booked last minute tickets to go to Dallas for the Florida game. As I'm starting to research places to check out in town figured it'd be worth asking the board and folks who're planning on heading there as well what they recommend or have been recommended for places to eat, things to check out, etc. in particular I got an airbnb a 5 minute walk from the stadium, but I don't think that's where the Dallas downtown is? Is it worth changing that up for the later nights after the game is done with? Also if anyone's heard of a designated tailgating spot So - what're your plans for the Florida game for those who are going?



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Game is more than 2 weeks away.

There are more than 20,000 minutes to plan.

Sadly, Dallas is kind of a dud for college football in my experience.

5 minutes from stadium is not close to dallas hot spots.

Down town Fort Worth seems more Tourist/fan accessible in my experience.

( I'm north of 50 yo and have kids in college)


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If anyone else is last minute planning, the stadium just released a batch of about 20 prime tickets from the venue itself, in the middle of the Michigan section. 

C139, on the sideline in the first 20 rows of the stadium.


They are $300, but they're very low, club seats, on the sideline and surrounded by UM fans, only a few sections away from our band. 


There are also a few $200 tickets in the 400 level deck on the Michigan sideline in 440-445, as well as seats in the upper 300/400 level corners that are in neither the Michigan or Florida sections, some for $200 and some for $100 at the very top. 


These are all tickets from the venue, not the secondary market. It seems to be slightly higher than 90% sold out, but will not be a sell out crowd. I think Florida fans will slightly out number Michigan fans. Florida sold out its allotment, Michigan gave about 5-10% of it back to the stadium. 


For reference, the highlighted sections here are the official Michigan sections, although anything on the Michigan sideline will be more UM than UF:


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there for the Alabam game we checked our Dealey Plaza and the museum, it was pretty cool. We also stumbled across the Cotton Bowl while driving around, it's a very old stadium but the history of it was worth seeing it.


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flying into DFW 8:00am Saturday. Drop bag off at hotel. Uber to Humperdink's n Arlington.  Drink, eat, drink.  Take shuttle to AT&T stadium.  Tailgate with friends in parking lot. Watch UM beatdown of FLA. Shuttle back to Humperdink's to watch FSU v Bama.  Drink, drink, drink. Uber to hotel. Flight to Traverse City 9:00am Sunday. Expect to be partying on Torch Lake by 3pm.


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off topic of OP but what is the opinion on the best away game to attend this year? Best accepting fans, best game, best college town, anything and everything that plays a role.

I want to go to one of the away games this year. Which should it be?>


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Average high/low that weekend is 55/35. Last year it was in the upper 60s in mid-November. Don't exclude this game as an option due to potential weather, it's worth it. You're other options are @ Maryland (yawn) and @ PSU at night. The PSU ticket prices will be crazy and their fans are significantly worse than Wisconsin's


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I have been to UM/PSU games at State College on five different occasions and have had a great experience each time. My last game there was in 2015. State College is by far my favorite place for an away game. 

I can also say I have never been to a UM/UW game in Madison, so I can't offer a comparison. However, I have heard from others that their fans are brutal to visitors.


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I don't recall ever hearing anybody say anything negative about Badger fans.  Why would they have a beef with Michigan fans?  They're not a rival.  We hardly ever play them.  

Note to OP.  If you don't get to Wisconsin this year or in 2019 you may never get there.  It might be 10 years before we play at Madison again.  PSU will be there every other year.


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Badger fans are definitely known to be harsher to Michigan fans than other opposing fanbases, but that goes for pretty much every Big Ten school. I think they've lost that reputation around here because we haven't gone to Madison in so long and the last time we went (2009), we were horrible so it obviously wasn't as intense. 


That said, neither UW or PSU have fans that are worth being scared of and both are fantastic options for a road game experience. I went to PSU in 2015 and had an absolute blast, found the fans very nice. 

Headed to Madison this year, as 75% of my family went to the University of Wisconsin. Badgers also have great fans and a fun atmosphere. Can't go wrong with either. 


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I would also consider a hotel in the Fort Worth Area, both Dallas and Fort Worth are equidistant from AT&T stadium.  If you decide to stay in Fort Worth, avoid the Fossil Creek area as that is on the north side of town and there is a large amount of construction on I35/820.  I would recommend staying Downtown Fort Worth, Cultural District, TCU, or Hulen Mall as that will give you easy access to the highways.


If you u need suggestions for restuarants or things to do in the Metroplex I'm happy to provide suggestions.


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My uncle and I just booked flights yesterday and we will be flying in at 9pm Friday night. We are coming from Fremont, Ohio. Anyone have any good tailgating plans for Saturday?


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We are staying in Arlington. Found a couple microbreweries just sounds h of the stadium that we will probably visit on Friday. Bought a parking pass this time to have the car close by on game day so we can sit in the ac until the stadium opens.

Would really like to find some good BBQ. Wanted to drive to Austin but 3 hours is a bit too far.

Anyone know where I can find some good BBQ (no BBQ sauce) close to Arlington?


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I'll fly down Friday afternoon and stay with in-laws in Keller near DFW.  Might catch a Rangers game, but will definitely head to Roanoke (northern part of the Metroplex) for awesome fried chicken at some point.  Monstrous portions served family style.  Sometimes, there can be a bit of a wait for a table. 

The Stockyards in Fort Worth are fun and, if you haven't been before, Dealey Plaza and the Texas School Book Depository are must sees.  My brother-in-law is a JFK assasination expert and gives a great tour that includes Oswald's home, the movie theatre he went to after the shooting, the site of where he shot Office Tippett, Parkview Hospital, the lockup where Ruby shot Oswald and Oswald's grave.  I have suggested he offer these tours to the public for a fee in his retirement, but he is in his late 70s and doesn't seem that interested in retiring.  He has the suitcoat that Jack Ruby wore when he shot Oswald in a framed case in his office.


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Flying out of Flint 9/1 6am Friday. I thought it'd be cool to check out a Friday Night Lights Texas High School football game. Any Suggestions? Solved Kennedy Murder during Michigan Alabama visit.
Meeting My Friend Debbie. Always Love Thinking of 1980s Movies @Debbie n Dallas.