Recent Twitter follows by UM recruits

Submitted by Real and Spectacular on December 13th, 2016 at 11:02 AM
Some interesting Twitter follows by some of our targets. Recent follows seem to be heavy UM for Singleton, Filiaga and Hicks. On the flip side, O'Maury Samuels has begun following some MSU coaches and staff. Not really a fan of that. Maybe it's just me, but I really liked Samuels film and hoping he will still be part of the class.



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The thing that bugs me about him being slow-played is that (IMO) he's the best of the running back commits. The recruiting sites agree. So if we get Harris - and that's a big if - we'll lose our best RB, get a better RB, and maybe keep our worst two RBs. I'd rather lose Taylor or Dillon, but Taylor plays for a talent-rich school in a talent-rich state, so I don't think the coaches want to piss them off for fear of later repercussions.


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It's on a per school basis. You still have to qualify by NCAA standards. It's just that some schools that usually "require" a 3.0 GPA and a 1200 on the SAT will occasionally bend the rules for a good athlete who only has a 2.8 GPA and an 1150 on the SAT.

(I'm just using those numbers as examples, not as hard-and-fast, exact numbers.)


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This comes up a lot on the board, but I've never seen an answer.   What are Michigan's minimum standards compared to the NCAA and how many exceptions do we allow?   I suppose it isn't in Michigan's best interest to make that public or we'll scare potential recruits away.   Slaton, Samuels and others in the past get kept out because of this.   Do schools like Alabama or Arizona have any standards beyond the NCAA minimum?


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Its also not a secret, Wisconsin has the same policy and its one of the things that drove the utah state coach away.  Not getting exceptions is part of what hurt rich rods ability to recruit too since it was those guys he used to build up wvu.  Its just an agreement between the admissions department and the athletic department. 

The Mad Hatter

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That was my 2nd biggest issue with his tenure as coach (other than the constant losing).  he kept trying to get guys into Michigan that had no business being here from an academic standpoint.

The NCAA minimums are really low, especially for a school like Michigan.  I don't care how much tutoring and academic support you're getting, if all you can manage in HS is a 2.5 GPA you're not going to do well at Michigan.


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I've always understood that it was a school-wide policy, not limited to athletics. For example, if you're a piano prodigy but can't read and write at the level expected of UM students they can make an exception for you. I've heard it referred to as "the 3% rule".

Mr Miggle

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My take is the only apparent interest that's being shown to Samuels is from schools that are recruiting a couple of tiers below Michigan. That looks like a situation where they are willing to take a chance that he won't qualify while schools recruiting better would not. He's not looking at Texas, Oklahoma, etc. which I think his talent level would warrant.


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Sorry, but I don't really understand the question.

If Samuels weren't going to qualify, he wouldn't be an initial counter for Michigan (or any team), anyway. He would be a prep school or JUCO kid who doesn't count toward the 25 possible enrollees in an academic year, kind of how Brad Hawkins didn't count against Michigan's 2016 class because he went to Suffield Academy.

It's not speculation that if he qualified to official to Arizona, then he's qualified to officially visit Michigan. That part is true.

I'm not sure if that addresses your question or not.

Mr Miggle

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his test score wasn't high enough for Michigan, not that he wouldn't qualify. He'd be eligible to take visits either way as I understand it.

Really, there are only two reasons for him to retake the ACT test last weekend. He may need a higher score to meet NCAA standards or Michigan is telling him he needs a better score to get past their admissions. Do you have a good reason to say its one over the other?



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Gotcha. I can't say which one it is, but even so, there will be several other opportunities to take the SAT/ACT before then. Even if he didn't have a great score, he could take the test in January, March, April, May, June, etc., as long as he gets a qualifying score by the time he enrolls. Not that you should skip a chance to qualify, but by his reaction, it seems like Michigan might have been encouraging him to retake the test.


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To me it seems like Harbaugh has concerns about Samuels academics, whether it's ability or motivation.  Whether or not he'd be eligible or have good enough scores for admissions is probably a moot point if he's not willing or able to perform to Harbaugh's standards.  And for that I say good on Harbaugh.  Remember in 2007 when he was at Stanford and compared their standard's to UM's - and how it rubbed everyone the wrong way?  Well it sounds like he's a man of his word. 

""My motivation was positive," Harbaugh told columnist Pat Forde. "I see how it's done now at Stanford, and I see no reason to believe it can't be the same there. I have a great love for Michigan and what it's done for me. Bo Schembechler was like a second father. Michigan is a great school and always has been, and I don't see why they can't hold themselves to a higher standard."

(Sorry it's Freep - no need to click on it)

In other words, maybe he wants Samuels to compete academically, and if he can't rise to the challenge before national signing day, then maybe he's willing to let him walk in favor of somebody with similar ability who's made academics more of a priority?  Just my $.02.


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Seems like every year there are a couple-few of these kids who see a higher rated player being recruited for a position they have "committed" to, and realize they may have to wait to see if their spot is really secure.

It then becomes a huge guessing game by the coaching staff about whether this will spur a kid, insult him, confuse him, etc and how to handle that. In a situation where there may be academic work to be done to qualify anyway, I'd say if it insults the kid rather than spurs him I'd be wary as a coach whether he's really my "type" of player.

It appears that *may* be what's happening with Samuels? Harris is going to register for classes somewhere weeks before NLI day, so if he goes elsewhere there's time to make up ground with any RB who don't feel they've been dissed or overlooked by the Harris pursuit. I guess we'll know after the re-testing how Samuel and the coaches really feel.



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Usually about a month or so before signing day he calls a few NFL teams to see what they might offer him. After all he is desperate for money, he has no allegiance to UM, he misses the NFL, the spoiled owners and their kids.

Finally what does he have to prove to college football everyone knows that Meyer and Saban are his whipping boys. He has won everything there is to win at the college level why would he stay another day. Obviously he will be looking for a job every year right around the time the early enrollees are making their decision on whether to join the UM football team with or without a coach.


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Ohio State their coaches, players, alumnus and fans. all are scared shitless about Jim Harbaugh and they obviously will try anything to delay the inevidable. Bringing friendly referees to Ohio Stadium what ever it takes. Negative recruiting, like saying in and out of the media or to anyone who will buy their bullshit he is looking for another team to coach. preferebly in the NFL. We heard these rumours year one... Who goes to their alma mater and coaches one season then leaves? NO ONE! Strictly a publicity stunt.


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Abruptly switching gears, Magnus what is up with some crystal balls going Darnay Holmes to OSU?  I thought it was certain he was going to stay West Coast and most likely end up at UCLA.  I would think that Michigan would be the #1 option if her were to look at schools in the Midwest.  Can you weigh in?


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Holmes took an official to OSU for the Michigan game. After that and UCLA's less-than-stellar season, I think Urban Meyer got in Holmes's head that he can go there and compete for national championships. Meanwhile, UCLA hasn't been in the national picture very much for years, and there are always rumors that Jim Mora might head back to the NFL. I'm guessing there was a little bit of negative recruiting against UCLA (and Michigan) on that trip.


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Yeah the idea that Michigan was his top not UCLA school was never really born out, he got to OSU for OV and didn't get to MIchigan for one, think its pretty clear OSU is and has been above Michigan in the pecking order for at least a month or two, and with no OV don't see a way we can get over that hump.

That recruiting weekend is proving to be huge for OSU, already got Braron Browning, pushed hard for Darnay Holmes, etc.  Fucking shit cherry on top of that game that is the recruiting fallout.