Recent quotes from Coach Beilein

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This article talks about the new basketball facility.  The fact that it will be completed soon is not so much news, however I thought the quotes from Coach B were new and also encouraging enough to post here.  Anyone in the community still have doubts about whether he's the right coach long-term for Michigan?



"When Michigan had to re-tool in many ways back in the mid-90s, they had to go in different directions and do some different things. At that time, Wisconsin popped up. Other teams started re-doing facilities. It wasn't like everybody else said, 'Oh, hey, Michigan wants to come back -- it's their turn. That's not happening. … We need to continue to establish a culture that breeds winning and a championship attitude." " I know we're moving in the right direction, but I don't doubt for a second that every other program out there isn't doing the exact same thing,” Beilein said. “There's 12 of us in the league, and to get to the NCAA Tournament and get that consistency, half of us will make it and half of us won't. "Which half are we going to be? That's how we have to approach it."


Franz Schubert

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Is a perfect fit for UM, the integrity and class he has really reflects well on the university. The recruiting momentum is very surprising to me, as I never thought it could be this good under coach B.

I appreciate the job Amaker did here in a very difficult time just as much considering the facilities and all the negativity that existed during those yers. Amaker was a class act, even though his coaching ability was far inferior to Beileins.


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He worked so hard on the court when he played that he could never understand why every player didn't work that hard.  He worked on the X's and O's, but never seemed to fully learn how to motivate his players.


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I finally understand how the Europeans felt at the end of the dark ages. I think we will reach elite status in both programs before too long now that the right people are in place. Say what you want about David Brandon but he is committed to making Michigan Athletics the literal Leaders and Best.


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It took a long time for Martin to see the big picture, though.  He was appointed AD in 2000 and didn't do much facility-wise for the basketball program until the very end of his tenure.  Really, this practice facility should have been built a lot sooner.   Other schools have used our "lack of commitment to tbasketball" against us on the recruiting trail for a good decade now.  It's finally being put to rest.


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On a related basketball note, Mitch McGary is one of the participants in the Boost Mobile Elite 24 game, taking place in Venice Beach, California, tonight at 7 pm ET. The game is being broadcast on ESPNU. How much he'll play is uncertain as he's nursing an ankle injury.

Dave Telep has an ESPN article with an update on McGary's visit plans. He confirms that McGary will take an official visit to Michigan during the weekend of the WMU game.

Some of the info in Telep's article is suspect. He clearly has the date of McGary's unofficial visit to Kentucky wrong (I believe he'll be there on Sept. 5). And McGary can't set up later official visits to all three of Kentucky, Florida, and Maryland because that would put him over the five-officials limit.


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Think of it this way- when somebody you know is dumped because he's a smelly drunk (major violations), you don't just get them back out on the town without cleaning up their act first. Now that we've kicked the booze, the program is ready to be dressed up to go a'courtin'.


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The problem with that line of reasoning is that all of the guys guilty of violations were long gone by that time.  People have been lamenting the state of our facilities since the turn of this century.  We did not need to punish Amaker/Beilein for the sins of Fisher/Ellerbe.


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Michigan has to get at least the semis of the MHSAA playoffs.  The MHSAA office is in EL, and the semis and finals are both there.  It is a great recruiting edge for Sparty, because the "cream of the crop" are creating memories on Sparty's home floor.  

I thought it was a lot more fair when EL had the semis and A2 had the finals.  The semis are even better because twice as many kids get to play in them.