Reasons you hate Notre Dame

Submitted by samber2009 on September 8th, 2011 at 9:54 AM

Just to get the morning board flowing, let's hear any and every reason you dislike ND. I'm catholic, grew up in Indiana, and that school was shoved down my throat.  I grew up with people like damefan all around me. That's probably the base of my hatred.

Side note: We do love our fellow MGoUser, Irish.

EDIT: As profitgoblue says below, try and keep this clean and good natured.



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In 2009 when we won the close one at the Big House I remember hearing ND Fans all around me, my season tix are in Sec. 20 BTW, yelling "If you went to Michigan, too bad! You will ALL work for me one day because I'll have my ND degree!" I wanted to vomit! They also LOVE referencing they are a private and we are public institution so the education we receive couldn't possibly be on par with what they will receive.

Seriously?! Really?!


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I can still remember Michigan losing to ND on a yearly basis in the late '80s, and every single time it seemed like Michigan got killed on turnovers and unlucky breaks.  That what made Brent Musburger's "Maybe now you have to believe in the luck of the Wolverines" that much sweeter after Desmond's catch.

Dark Blue

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You know my hatred of ND has really cooled off the last few years. I always hated ND way more then I hated MSU, but with the way that the last couple of years have gone MSU has jumped them on the list. 

I guess if I had to pick a reason for my ND hatred, number one on the list would be THEY'RE NOT MICH, and number 2 would be CharLOLIE Weis. Also I remember the game where the Rocket ran 2 kickoffs back against us for Touchdowns. That day sucked. 


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Brady quinn and that 10-2(?) season they had. That year we stomped them, they barely beat georgia tech and msu, and their schedule included army, navy, and air force, yet they were national championship material to all the analysts, and brady F'n quinn was a heisman candidate. I didnt hate them before that season. I knew i was supposed to though, ever since when i was a little kid and i told my uncle i was rooting for ND in a bowl game and he said, "no, son, we never root for notre dame."


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So I grew up in Suburban Chicago where we would all wear ND Starter jackets and play football in the snow during the winter. Notre Dame was a big part of my upbringing. During my freshman year of high school, my friend Tommy Zbikowski committed to play there. So I guess what I'm saying is that I don't hate Notre Dame outside of Notre Dame week. I won't partake in the "F the Irish" chants, but will always get in on the pro-Michigan chants.

We are very fortunate to have a rivalry with such a storied program (and to have dominated it). Go Blue!


EDIT: I would also like to add that they are overrated yearly, but so are we. Remember when we entered the 3-9 year in the top 25? That's what happens with programs like ours, but it also helps when we have good years becuse we can shoot up the top 25 quickly.

Fort Wayne Blue

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probably because they forget that it was Michigan who:

1.] taught them to play football

2.] blocked them from joining the conference so they had to be an independent 

and if these 2 things hadn't happened, Notre Dame football wouldn't exist.... I don't hate them, just want them to remember that MICHIGAN is superior at all levels....


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They're like Jeff Gordon.  They used to be great but they haven't done shit in forever.  Other than Sparty, whose massive collective inferiority complex causes them to be chronic PITA's, When ND becomes a serious player again or all of their fans start acting like Damefan or Sparty, then I will give them some of the "hatred" I reserve for Sparty and Brutus.  

Until then, they are just another tough football game.


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are nearly (not quite) on par with Penn State fans.  I had to hear about the Armando Allen out-of-bounds call from 2009 for the entire year from my cousins (ND alums).  Most ND boards made a huge deal about this year's game having Big East officials and maybe, for the first time ever, they will get a fair shake at Michigan Stadium instead of having to go uphill both ways in a foot of snow like previous years.

People that complain about officiating and the delusion that their team is the only one that ever got screwed over just really grate on me and is one of my least favorite parts of trying to discuss a football game with opposing fans.


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and I also hate them because of the fact that since the rivalry was renewed in 1978, we have never beaten them three times in a row. They've done it to us at least once, if not twice.


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Mine comes from my childhood, too many upturned noses from other kids. I lived in a neighborhood that had lots of kids that went to a Catholic school, most wouldn't even give me the time of the day. It made me not feel very kindly toward their college football team of choice. That and they seemed to get the best of Michigan on a lucky break when I was a kid (late 70's early 80's).


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I hate them simply because they are on the schedule and pose a threat. I couldn't care less about the media overrating them or their annoying fans. It's the team with all that talent that bothers me and we've been pretty fortunete the last couple of years but sooner or later they will figure it out.


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I hate them simply because they are on the schedule and pose a threat. I couldn't care less about the media overrating them or their annoying fans. It's the team with all that talent that bothers me and we've been pretty fortunete the last couple of years but sooner or later they will figure it out.

Maximinus Thrax

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It bothers me how many people who self-identify as Catholic (I can say this because I was raised Catholic and both sides of my family have been Catholic since around 330 AD or so) somehow gravitate to being ND fans.  An acquaintance of mine has decided to forego the Nebraska game for which he has tickets in order to attend the BC/ND game and tour the ND campus, as if it were the Sistine Chapel, following his recent conversion to Catholicism.  All it is is some damn over-priced private school in the middle of some muddy cornfields surrounded by ghetto and strip malls where football players can rape with impunity. 


September 8th, 2011 at 10:48 AM ^

1.   I'm nominally a Catholic and apparently the Pope himself has said I'm supposed to root for them.  Screw the Pope in that regard.

2.  Rudy.  What a schlocky piece of crap.

3.  The Knute Rockne Story.  Fielding Yost was more of an innovator in the coaching ranks, yet it seems like he's treated like a footnote in college football.

4.  The Wood Alcohol song.

5.  They are from that imaginary state between here and Illinois.

6.  They try to beat up on the military academies every and get pissed when they don't.

7.  NBC's love affair with them.

8.  The sacreligious icon that is the touchdown Jesus.  As if Jesus doesn't have enough to do.

9.  Their seeming ability to get lucky at the oddest times.

10.  They're not Michigan (or EMU or Navy).

ND Sux

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it includes many of the things that irritate me about ND too. 

Here's another: growing up, ND was on the damn TV every Saturday.  Back then, you didn't have six or eight channels covering college FB.  Maybe one or two tops.  ND game was always on, so I started hating them b/c the Michigan game was NOT always on.

Then on Sunday, they re-ran the ND game AGAIN.  This is late 60,s/early 70,s FWIW. 


September 8th, 2011 at 10:56 AM ^

... we found a place to eat near the student dorms. We sat by and watched as the football players pulled up to the front of the dorms, got out of their cars, opened their trunks and had women (assume women athletes) unload their cars and lug their belongings to their dorm rooms! You can call me old school, but I just can't let go of the idea that the men (boys, in this case) ought to be lugging the womens' heavy stuff and not the other way around!

Since that visit, I could never watch a ND game or see a ND football player without thinking about how rediculous that looked!


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2010 to presnt.







 1-2 (did not play 2000/01)


 5-3-1 (did not play 95/96)


 1-2 (DNP 83/84)


 2-1 (DNP 75/76/77)





There Holyness I really hate'em.