The reason Urban will be fired that no one is talking about

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Surprisingly, no one is talking about the man making the decision in the UM case when debating whether or not OSU will fire him.  Dr. Michael Drake, OSU president, is a Stanford alum who received his MD from UCSF and was previously the president of UC Irvine.  He has no ties to Ohio State and is far more academic focused than his predecessor Gordon Gee.  In 2014 he fired the band director, Jon Waters, and then spent a million dollars defending the university in litigation fees.  If he spent a million to fire the band director, what is 38 mil to fire Meyer?  Also, looking at interviews/body language he particularly receptive to Archie Griffins "welcome to Ohio State you better support athletics" sit down. Link. (9 minute mark is most notable)

Also, a guy like him, Stanford UG/UCSF MD could have higher career goals beyond being president of OSU.  Look at ex-Dartmouth president Jim Kim who has a similar profile: Jim Kim has an Md/PhD from Harvard and went on to be president of the world bank.  If Drake keeps Meyer those opportunities are gone--zero chance institutions like the NIH/WHO would consider him as a head.  

To date he has placed Meyer on administrative leave and Gene Smith on vacation.  All of the typical OSU insiders are completely in the dark because the athletic department has been locked out of the investigation. His youtube appearances deal almost exclusively with academics and rarely athletics.  Here at 2:40 he talks about integrity, "you have to mean what you say and say what you mean so that people will trust you."

If OSU retains Meyer it would set the university's reputation back 20 years.  That is the last thing Michael Drake would want on his watch.



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I agree with the premis it likely won't happen...but the idea that if it will it would have already happened....meh $38mil and loopholes tell me if they are going to do it amid the swirl of title IX and abuse, and...blah blah, this isn't something they are going to simply deliver boxes and say GTFO. They are going to dot the I and cross the T and make sure it all goes down as smoothly as possible and perhaps even find a clause out of the 38 gut tells me if it's going to happen they are going to make it stick. In Ann Arbor fans would be Colonumbus they will shit in every cooler and burn the city, which isn't all bad honestly.


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You make some interesting points here that I wasn't familiar with. It seems that OSU has a guy who is more focused on academics and integrity than his predecessors.

But 37 million is a very serious difference between Meyer and the band director. Perhaps the athletics piece won't sway him, and perhaps ideals like 'honesty' and 'integrity' mean something to him, but the money is a real consideration. He's also responsible for the school's financial well being and interests, and that might mean Meyer stays if OSU's lawyers can't find a for-cause firing mechanism. 


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Short term impact maybe but the tOSU football brand has been "activated". Nothing would suggest that they wouldn't win 9 games a year and go to a major bowl with Matt Campbell. Non-alumni, Internet posters and fanboys with a platform like Ramzy would be upset but it would dissipate as soon as the games start.

Meyer is a great coach but people donate fir many reasons othe than football.

Bill Brasky

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I agree. These are valid points. But in academics, there are only a fewer higher jobs that president of a university. You mention one, but it might not be his ambition. I could see maybe president at another higher tier university, maybe.

Also, his relationship to OSU can be that he is now president of the university. He doesn’t need old ties to the school to defend it.

What a messy situation. But I look forward to the results of the investigation this week, at least from an entertainment perspective. 


UM Fan from Sydney

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Actually, it does mean that. "Previously" is a word that describes the former state of something. "Was" also does that. If you say "was previously," then that's like a double negative, which if you know anything about math, that means a positive.

Anyway, I didn't mean to start this ridiculous debate. I read his comment as it was typed and he made it sound like the guy is working two jobs. Let's move on.


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I know Sydney can be annoying sometimes but this whole exchange is amazingly stupid on his part.

I think Meyer may very well be fired but the arguments from the OP are a bit unconvincing. What reason do I really think this is going to be a black mark on his resume for the World Bank or whatever ? Especially if they can claim no rules were technically broken. Also, others have pointed out firing Meyer is not at all like firing the music director.

Sure MSU has gotten a lot of shit, but that's mainly about Nassar and the handling of that. Their enrollment hasn't missed a beat. Dantonio has gotten away with everything.

Also, the OP mentions all his talk on integrity but Meyer has said all the same shit, so who knows what will happen.