Real Madrid vs Manchester United at the Big House

Submitted by Corey on August 2nd, 2014 at 10:04 AM
As you may have heard, there is a soccer game taking place today somewhere relevant to our interests.

Are you going? If so, do you have any special plans for it? What's a guy or gal to do as a total novice fan with no specific rooting affiliations?



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Van Gaal (Manchester United's coach) was ripping the turf yesterday at his press conference.  Wayne Rooney (United's striker/attacking midfielder) also reported it was too soft.

Personally interested to see the continuing transformation of the United attack (Rooney & Welbeck up front, Mata and Hererra with sprinkles of Kagawa/Fletcher/Arturo Vidal please please please please) against much stiffer competition that Real will provide.

Neither team will be at full strength (RvP out for United, Rodriguez, Kroos, Benzema, Ronaldo out for Real).  Real when fit will be absolutely frightening.  

Striker: Benzema

LWing: Ronaldo  Attacking#10: James Rodriguez  RWing: Bale

Modric and Kroos to link up?


rob f

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from a cave (or Ohio):

TV coverage is on FOX at 4pm EDT.  Get your chores done now so you can drink your Guinness then.  You now have 5 hours 18 minutes and counting...


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I drove all the way from Nashville TN and I will be at my first game inside the big house. Manchester United fan. Are there any michigan sports store in walking distance around the big house ? Appreciate any advice that you recommend for a first time fan by the big house ?


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Special edition for the soccer game - MDen at Crisler:

Crisler Center - Restrooms and Merchandise

Public restrooms and an M Den store can be found on the concourse level of Crisler Center by entering the Northeast Entry off the Blue Lot beginning at 1:00pm. A second M Den store in Crisler Center can be accessed via the Southwest Entry near Gate 2 beginning at 9:00am.



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Wearing my Diego Forlan Uruguay jersey from travels long ago (its the only soccer jersey I have) and getting really excited!  My wife's history of living in Spain has us rooting for Real Madrid.


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people sitting on their couches calling athletes pu**sies has gone out of style. Those guys have been documented to run up to a full marathon's distance over the course of a match, and don't wear your prissy little pads, either. My ten-year-old, who plays for her area All Star squad, will kick your a**.


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Do they not understand that soccer is almost never played in stadiums above 30K people in America? The field shouldn't be very good for soccer considering it's not built for that. 


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I think Voltron is Handsome gets text alerts whenever a thread is made on mgoblog that isn't related to basketball or football. You can always count on him to neg a soccer thread within the first few minutes of it being posted


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So the Big House will now have the US records for football, hockey, and soccer...seems like an appropriate time to play a basketball game in there and possibly a very goofy looking baseball game

Wolverine Devotee

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Michigan holds-

  • NCAA , Division I & World record for attendance at a Football game: 115,109 (and virtually the entire top-20 list)
  • NCAA & World record for attendance at Hockey game: 113,411
  • NHL record: 105,491
  • NCAA Division II football record for attendance: 61,143

Michigan might as well go for the record for DIII football. Maybe invite Mount Union to play Adrian?