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Sorry man, no offense intended. Full disclosure: I am actually dating a student at MSU, so while my football prejudices are potent, I am not as big a hater as my previous comment may make me appear. Your argument with the Bama fans was spot on though. They seem to generally qualify as "much more insane than average" based on what I've seen of them on the interwebs.


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Actions like this deserve to be brought to the light by the media but some how slip through the cracks for what ever reason. In this day and age of frivolous law suits I can't believe these universities have not been taken to court over this. False advertising jumps out to me right away and many diet pills that promise results have been taken to court for making unsubstantiated claims about their product's effectiveness. Not exactly the same but a correlation between the two could be made.

Deceiving high school kids during the most important decision in their life takes a real soul less individual. How the NCAA can continue to look the other way is beyond me. My only hope is, that for the sake of these kids, they fix this problem sooner rather than later.


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At some point, Saban and Miles are going to get a talking to about this.  Either internally or externally.  A website that's doing its job


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That are being run similar to pro programs.  The results are obvious based on "product" on their fields.  They are winning programs including two recent National Championships.

The problem is that this is not fair to the "products" - recruits (kids).  

I believe that this is a poor standard to be set and a great example of a win at all costs mentality  that prevails in not only the SEC, but in college sports in general.  I do not kid myself that we are in an age of  pure "student athletes" - we are unfortunately past that.  I understand that all programs are looking for that "edge".   

For the record:

1.  The NCAA needs to take a hard look at this and make changes.

2.  I hope that Michigan never stoops to this.

Ok... I'm off my soapbox.