RCMBers sexually harass (and otherwise harass) Daily columnist [Locked]

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[Ed-S: Thread locked despite fairly good behavior, because I didn't like the possible directions it could go. All sports fans agree: the article was awful, and that doesn't excuse bigotry]

A few days ago, Melanie Kruvelis published a column in the Daily criticizing the post-game happenings of Monday. Read the full article here:


The RCMB wasted no time in posting it to their site, which, as the comment section on the Daily reveals, led to an intense effort to harass Kruvelis. Most of the comments are fairly inocuous, but some ten of them or so refer to her physical appearance and sex life. RCMBers also posted a picture of Kruvelis to the thread and derided her there, too. They looked up her Facebook and made note of her sexual orientation at several opportunities.

They also celebrated the comments made about her and my comments made about the sexual harassment in the comments.

Find the thread on RCMB here:


No one has criticized this from them, but I think they deserve to be called out. I know we are their rivals, and they probably won't take too seriously what we say. But then, on the other hand, they are behaving like people who have just discovered that they can say whatever they want on the internet. I have not witnessed this from any other sports fanbase or site, but then, perhaps I haven't been paying attention to many others. Regardless, I'm ashamed for them, of them.

I recognize too the difference between an RCMBer and a Spartan, and I hope you will too. RCMBers are, for the most part, subsets of the Spartan fanbase, but what they say does reflect on the Spartan fanbase.

Mostly, I'm ashamed that no one in the Spartan fanbase has spoken out about these completely overt and sexually violent expressions. I think that's the most reflective on the Spartan fanbase. It's as if there's a completely tacit acceptance by Spartans that this can't be changed. I'm similarly saddened that no one thus far from our fanbase had, although I think it makes more sense that it flew under our radar. Nonetheless, I'm deeply saddened by these events, and I hope that my saying something here may do a benefit. If for nothing else but to express support for Kruvelis as she is harassed by these people. This kind of cyber bullying needs more attention. We know that columnists put themselves out there when they make their opinions public, but no person should be subject to this kind of harassment.



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That article was an atrocity. She deserves at least some of the shit she is getting. That's the beauty of freedom of speech. She can write what she wants, but she can also get torn to shreds on social media when what she writes is garbage.


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The one comment I saw that could be construed as sexual harassment was "Melanie, have you ever been finger-banged?". I'll probably take shit for this, but I thought that was pretty funny to be honest. I don't know. I think you are just overreacting.

Edit: Just to clarify, I didn't see the homophobic stuff. That's definitely crossing the line.


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I certainly don't agree with most of what the RCMBers said, that article sucked.  I felt like she was just making fun of sports fans or Michigan students who drink or guys in fraternities (all three of which I am/was) and she was the one who decided to take an unnecessary stab at MSU to begin with - as if Michigan students don't go get drunk at Rick's.

The homophobic slurs and insults on her looks are not OK.  But the RCMBers who ripped on her article were pretty correct.  In fact, I'm upset with the way she portrayed my school.


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I'm with you and everyone else in this thread it seems. I could only get through the first paragraph of her article and had to stop because it sounded so high and mighty and generally bad. I did get a good laugh out of the editor's note pointing out that she's in the res college as if to say, "this paper does not support the opinions of this weirdo." The daily, keeping stereotypes alive on the daily.


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"We may never know how it feels when a graduate student instructor cuts discussion short because they know we’ve all had a “rough night” rooting for the team at Rick’s American Cafe — well, unless we transfer to Michigan State."


She deserves to be trashed, and your self-righteous attitude doesn't seem a legitimate response to the article. The article is inflammatory. For all the complaints of MSU's inferiority complex, some Michigan fans, or Michigan affiliates, such as the author of this article, seem to engage in equally detestable behavior. That said, the homophobia is inappropriate. 


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I think what he is saying, and what many have echoed, is that the ad hominem attacks are over the line (which would include anything sexual or sexuality related) but that any attacks about the article itself is deserved, either because it sucked or because she shit-talked MSU first, or both.


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I bet this thread will get locked. FWIW I hated the article. The Sparties comments are typical for any internet comments page. I watched the Drew Sharp live blog Monday before the game, even right there in front of his face, people were biggots and rude. I hate Drew Sharp as much as the next guy, but damn. Tis the way of the internet. 

State Street

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After reading the article, my first thought was "God, this girl needs to get laid."

So while I didn't blatantly write that in the comments, I don't think we could deride the RCMBers for their sentiment.


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Wow, just read that article for the first time. That was one of the worst pieces of "journalistic" crap I've ever read. There are always going to assholes who cross the line. It's unfortunate and pathetic, but there are also worse things in life than a faceless douche writing something online. But yeah, that article was trash and the real asshole in this situation is the editor who decide to publish it.


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Well, the article was atrocious, and while that doesn't excuse "sexual harrassment," you're reading the commentary from a rival team's internet message board, which is known to be a haven for the semi-lucid.