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I was having so much fun reading the comments I couldn't stop, this one was the most MSU-like: " should re-examine those star rankings after nutrition, a lot of those guys never even played a game for Michigan"


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This is all part of the Spartan master plan. Coach Dantonio is allowing Michigan to hammer him instate. By doing this, it frees him up to concentrate on the bigger picture... MSU's national brand.

By cleverly surrendering the state, it frees up scholarships. Now Coach Dantonio, can recruit high profile kids from the rest of the country. While Michigan is recruiting slow mid-western kids... the Spartans will be getting 4 and 5 stars from around the globe.

What a plan by Coach D... allow Michigan to win meaningless instate recruiting battles, only to destroy the Wolverines nationally. Very shrewd, it's almost Sun Tzu like.


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as translated by the Three Stooges:

MOE "Listen here you cabbage heads! those scUMbags just stole our dates!"

CURLY "She prolly left cause she ain't as pretty as my current squeeze, Nyuck Nyuck"

LARRRY "HEY! keep your hands off me you big ape!"  POW!

CURLY "Why I outta.... wvooo wvoo wvoo wvoo"

MOE "Shaddap ya morons!"  SLAP!  "We need to figure out what those scUM suckers told our girls to make'em wanna leave us like that"

LARRY "I think that guy's a doctor.  The other one's dressed like a lawyer"

CURLY "YeeaH, and Romeo over there looks like the King of Arabia!"

LARRY "Perhaps the girls were simply impressed by their social status"

MOE "NONSENSE!  We have social status!  Why just last year we were promoted to the Tilt-A-Whirl, were'nt we?  And you Larry, didn't you just win carney of the week for twelve straight weeks?"

LARRY "No, I dropped the ball in Iowa City remember?"

MOE "it doesn't matter.  We don't need these girls.  We could have our pick of any one of these high-falutin' dames!  Watch this..."   *bowing low to the nearest debutante* "Would you care to dance with a gentleman?"

LADY "Certainly, if you could only show me where I might find one"

MOE "Oh pardon me ma'am. I didn't realize I was talking to a fridgidaire.  Sheeesh!"

LARRY "Nice goin' Casanova.  but I think you have something in yer eye"  POKE!

MOE "What's the big idea!" SMACK!





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7 pages of bitching for one measly recruit?  Don't they have something better to do on a Saturday night?

Edit:  Now it's 8 pages.  Suck it Sparty.


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It's funny how focused they are on 1 game. They don't even analyze the sitation from the angle of what effect UM drawing all the in-state talent will have on their ability to compete with teams that aren't UM.


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This is very easy to explain. If MSU goes 1-11 but beats Michigan their season is considered a success. They aren't looking at this as they lost a recruit for 4 seasons, they simply see that we got better for 1 game a year and they didn't so that affects their chance of winning the "We are idiots, but at least we beat you at football this year bowl."

Notice they talk like they capped their big ten title off with a big bowl victory so they got snubbed in the rose bowl. They don't care that much that Alabama beat the piss out of them, they beat Michigan, and made a bowl game, HUGE SUCCESS in EL.


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An 8 page topic about losing ONE recruit on the same day that Verlander throws a no-hitter. For them to concetrate so much on this throughout the day must really mean that things are getting bad over there...I must say I'm thoroughly enjoying the read though.


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Good god I know things get out of hand sometimes around here (normally after a loss) but thankfully we have much more intelligent posters who actual spell properly rather than coming up with nifty sayings (scUM, cHoke, etc etc).

I have a good friend that is a Sparty and as soon as he drops that shit on me I tell him to STFU and lets have an adult conversation about our sports teams and not resort to childish name calling.  


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I can't even read the comments at the Freep anymore.  I tried for awhile, but good God they're full of idiots.  There's so much "scUM" and "spartina" and "little brother / little sister" and "walverine", that it just makes you want to gouge your eyes out.  Football isn't Harry Potter.  You can say MSU, OSU, etc.  They're not Voldemort.  Clearly Mario Ojemudia is Voldemort, with that avada kedavra stare of his.  /nerd.

Waters Demos

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The one thing that may convince these types to grow up is to tell them that they are poor ambassadors for their university. 

At least for me, that's perhaps the only thing one could say that might possibly sink in (depending on the source, circumstances, etc...)


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My thing is, okay, even if they're "stacked at D" or whatever, eventually you're going to need kids from this year to step up and play.  So sure, losing these recruits doesn't hurt you now.  But in two years, when you would be playing them, and you're turning to the D-level recruits you snapped up at the last second, that's when things get ugly.


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Wow just wow, I spent an hour reading through that shit. It is good to know that atleast a handfull of State fans know they are fucked.


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I liek how they all are saying "I can;t believe our recruiting is going this way after being Big Ten Champs".  Uhh, first off all, you shared it with a better team in OSU, a team you luckily didn't face.  Then, you got your asses kicked by starters, back ups, and third stringers of Alabama.  I'm pretty sure the kids remember that game.


May 8th, 2011 at 8:41 AM ^

Hopefully in a couple years we'll be back shooting our sites higher than beating Michigan State at football.   This has been a hard time at the family get togethers, but ultimately necessary to rebuild things the right way.


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I don't know why theyr'e so worried. The last two Spartan classes netted them two 5-star players in Gholston and LT2, at least one of whom is bound to end up at Ojemudia's preferred position. I don't  know if that played into his decision -- honestly I think this was a straight-up "I think I'm gonna like it here" response to his visit and the coaching staff, and that being the right fit for him -- but if you're an MSU fan it's not like this is the end of the world.

If I had to guess I think Spartan fans in general (not all of them) tend to have an unreasonable understanding of their school's actual status. They win three in a row versus Michigan and can convince themselves the values of the programs have shifted, nevermind that they'd need more like three decades of dominance to displace the financial and numerical and historical advantages at Michigan.

To this sub-set, they saw a run of in-state talent wins over a few years, and thought that evidence of a great shift, rather than a blip mostly caused by two programs that swung their way, as characterized on the main page the last few weeks. The running meme of "RR doesn't care about the State of Michigan" was hard enough to de-convince casual Michigan fans of; I bet your average Spartan had faith in it as a point of fact. From our biased perspective, this is almost a given, but if you've been knee deep in the latest MSU group-think for the last three years, that Michigan can simply change coaches and reverse the perceived trend, even going so far as to turn a lifelong MSU fan at an MSU feeder blue, is jarring.

The more reasonable Spartans, particularly the few we've come to respect on these boards, are not acting like one commit changed the world. If I were in their shoes, I can't admit I'd be that gracious.


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Well, I see the 10 page thread got deleted. Wonder what's going to happen if we get Burbridge too? A bomb might get dropped on that board