RB Derrick Green in A2 TODAY!

Submitted by TexanGOBLUE on March 18th, 2012 at 10:37 AM
Per TomVH's twitter RB Derrick Green is on his way to A2 today. Another commitment today? Ty better cowboy up if he wants to be in of Michigan's most historic recruiting classes.



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I'm still not convinced of all the talk of Shallman being strictly a RB/FB. He could play a number of different positions on the field. If the coaches were really THAT serious about slotting Shallman at RB for sure, I doubt they'd continue to pursue Green and Isaac so aggressively.

Honestly, I'd love to see how Shallman looks at TE. A little small but I bet he'd be good.


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i don't see why that means they won't give him a serious look.  being able to play another position is a good backup but i don't think it's the secret plan. 

hoke mentioned he likes loading up on running backs because they're usually athletic and big enough to play other positions.  still you have to sort out who wins the rb job first and our current roster is light on rbs.


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The way I see it, we have no chance at landing Green.  Not because we wouldn't want him, rather, I'm convinced there's something in the air regarding Isaac.  I understand he's going to USC and they could without a doubt sway him, but I simply don't think that's the case.  He has stated that he prefers to stay in the midwest.  And from what I can gather, he's loved each of his times in AA.  It's unusually quiet for him being such a big time recruit and just visited (I know he isn't talking to the media, but i still find it a bit fishy).  Plus, everytime i do hear something about him, its referring to the fact that Michigan is going to take him if he wants to come and that another RB won't deter him.  Call me hopeful and/or crazy, but I'm fairly convinced he's either a silent, a silent silent, or on the verge of committing post-USC.  Just imagine our squad with a bruiser like Smith and a playmaking speedster like Isaac behind this line of ours.  Defenses would be petrified.

Young John Beilein

March 18th, 2012 at 1:51 PM ^

What is the nature and the point of being a silent commit?  Isn't it in everybody's best interest to announce if you commit?  I guess if it's not a strong commit, you don't want to deal with backing out of it in front of everyone.

Don't know much about the Green situation exactly, but I imagine that at this point it's thanks but no thanks until Isaac decides. Are we looking for two traditional backs in this class regardless?  Or moreso making a spot for Isaac because he is so highly rated?


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im suprised that the coaches did not tell this kid to look elsewhere, like they did with anzalone and o'daniels.  With Shallman and Smith committed at rb and Isaac as a strong possibility.  Is it possibly we take 3-4 runningbacks, or is isaac not as strong of a lean as we think.


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Might be time to get over it. For whatever reason the staff said, "sorry, full up." If it's because they are confident about Gedeon then this appears to be similar to the Pipkins/Schutt situation last year. M fans were perplexed that Michigan wouldn't take a visit and a commit from Schutt and Pipkins was only rumored to be a silent commit. Well in the end Pipkins shot up the rankings and looks to be one of the best gets of last class. If the staff is willing to tell O'Daniel he shouldn't take a visit because they just don't have any spots left then we should all probably give them the benefit of the doubt. Further as a recruit wouldn't you be slightly miffed if you went to visit a school and the coaches waited until you took your trip and fell in love with the program to tell you that you're S.O.L. The staff did the honest thing here even if O'Daniel turns out to be a great player at the next level. High school coaches and recruits will know where they stand with this staff because they aren't willing to lie or put up a front for anybody.

That's basically the long way of saying the coaches do their jobs a lot better than all of us Michigan fans think we could.

Ron Utah

March 18th, 2012 at 3:47 PM ^

I really like Green's game, but I'm not sure we've got a good chance at landing him.  But he is an amazing athlete, and I'd love to have him GO BLUE.  But if he's not planning on committing until 2013, he probably won't have a spot.

As for Isaac...we'll see.  He's an amazing athlete and it would be amazing to get him and Smith in the same class (+ Shallman).  WOW.

Fitz will probably be the man this year, but as we transition more to the traditional pro style offense in '13, look for Rawls and Drake Johnson to be getting more chances.  I honestly think Drake is not talked about enough...that kid can play, and could be a starting RB at Michigan.  He has good vision, very good burst, great speed, and breaks tackles well.  Did I mention that he's 6'1" 205?

Let's face it.  With Shallman and Smith, we are already LOADED at the RB position.  We will still have Fitz, Rawls, Drake, Hayes, Norfleet, and Rasheed.  Adding Isaac or Green would be creating an embarassment of riches, and put us in a conversation for having the best offensive backfield in the country.