Ray Vinopal to start @ PSU?

Submitted by BKFinest on October 24th, 2010 at 7:02 PM

This has been dropped on the premium boards. Apparently Vinopal to free safety in place of Cam Gordon, and Cam Gordon to replace the Carvin/Thomas Gordon spot at the spinner/safety position.


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Vinopal! Hope that the coaches see someting in him and are ready to unleash him on unsuspecting B10 offenses. Let's go Ray!!



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So that's not an excuse the for the fumble. He fumbled, it happens. No need to make excuses for him. The kid is obviously a true football player, size will be the only long term concern.


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Has preached the coaches know things we don't. Well if they think this true freshman has the ability to replace a seven game starter then he must be showing them something, especially since they are replacing another multi-game starter (whether it be T Gordon or Carvin) with Cam. At this point I love seeing them take some risks. Even in the games we won our defense played poorly (for the most part) and last week proved we do have some good players on our bench (Demens). Vinopal at least played safety in High School and I have not heard one person say that Cam won't be a beast at either Spur or at Mouton's spot next year.


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Against any other team this would be terrifying. Against PSU, it's only marginally horrifying with their trio of less than spectacular QBs. 


I would not be surprised either way.


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Kid played safety in hs and had a great int against bg. Why is he such a fucking failure after he's played a couple snaps and had an int to show for it? And I've seen people post that can should be moved to t gordon's spot as it should fit his skills (speed) better.
Who carts that he wasn't the starter before. Is demens possibly better than ezeh?


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But seriously, let's hope this works out. No offense to Cam, I love the guy and all, but he's been pretty awful lately.  Maybe we'll get Demens-like upgrades at both of those positions. Hey, a kid can dream, right?


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Ive watch this kid play in high school an i'll tell you this he has a nose for the ball, and he wont miss tackles and pics right angles..the real question is can he handle Happy Valley???but hes a defensive MINDED PLAYER....


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I like this idea. Our pass defense cannot get much worse, so lets try some other people out. Even if they're a little worse, hey, the coaches now know what we've got on the sideline. No point in having a kid spend a year of eligibility without learning at least a little about them. Hopefully he looks good, the coaches saw something in him to recruit him as a two-star.


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Question: isn't "Spinner" the position Roh plays? If not, I need to go back and fix my terminology. I'm currently going with the following for all hybrid positions:

  • Spinner: DE/LB hybrid (Roh, Herron, Fitz)
  • Spur: SAM/safety hybrid (T.Gord, Carvin, apparently C.Gord now)
  • Bandit: Box safety on the weakside (Kovacs, M-Rob)
  • Free Safety: Deep safety (C. Gord, apparently Vinopal now)


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Much like the #1 jersey, the position of Ninja Assassin Killer of Things DIE!!!!!!! isn't given out every year.  Charles Woodson, Lamarr Woodley, and William Carr meet secretly each offseason to determine whether that position should be awarded.