Ray Vinopal leaving Michigan?

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UM Alum Billi Gordon is saying he talked with Vinopal and he stated that he needed to leave Michigan to take care of family problems back home. Also expressed he loved Michigan and hated that he has to leave. If true, I wish him the best of luck. I was looking forward to seeing what he could do on the field but can't blame him for having to deal with issues regarding his family.



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Possibly, but there are many reasons why someone may need to stay for a prolonged period of time with the family.  Especially if someone needs prolonged care.  I wish he didn't have to leave (we need as much experience is the secondary as possible), but if this is true, then he needs to take care of the most important things in life first.


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Ray, thank you for that huge tackle on Leshoure on that huge third and one play, you may have saved the game for us on that play. I will never forget that gritty gritty play that helped us become bowl eligible. Hope it's not true but, your doing the right thing if you have to go home to take care of some family problems. Good luck to you #20, you have the support of Maize and Blue nation.


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It has to be a gut-wrenching decision for a 19 year old kid to have to put his hopes and dreams on hold while he takes care of family matters.  It also shows what kind of man he is for doing just that.

Good luck Ray.  I hope we see you in pads for us again in the near future.



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If this is the case, I hope everything is ok with Ray's family. He is the Novak of the football team, a ton of grit and heart. Good luck Ray and you will always be a Wolverine. 


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After reading this i went out and checked twitter and he is gone from there. Not looking good. I wish him the best and hope thing work out for the best.


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Not that I want to discredit the internet, but can we wait on the eulogies?   This doesn't seem to pass the smell test.  Ray's family is in Ohio.  This is not like his family is in Texas.  I don't see a lot of scenarios where the parents would ask their child to leave Michigan when he is only 2 hours away if he needs to get home.  

I could be wrong as well, but let's take a breath and see how things play out.  This seems a little strange.


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If it's a caretaker situation it wouldn't matter if they lived right next to campus.  I'm not sure if this is true either but I'm just saying there are legit family reasons for kids having to leave college.


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I understand people have all sorts of situations, but as a parent I can't imagine a scenario where it would be better for my son to be sitting at home vs living his dream at Michigan.  Since I imagine most parents are the same, this must be a really unique and sad situation and I hope the best for Ray.


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It seems so odd. As a parent, I would do ANYTHING ot preserve my child's free ride at U of M. I could not take that from them. If that meant an assisted living facility for another family member, and the financial burden that goes with that, so be it.

After all, if he leaves for a year or two or however long, two things happen. First of all, his football dream is almost certainly over. Very few people are talented enough to make it back after a true layoff. Secondly, the team will have to recruit to replace him, and they very well may not have a scholarship for him, so his Michigan dream would be over.


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Let's let things play out.  If he leaves, I'm sure it is what is best for his family.  I do believe he was committed to Michigan!  I'm sure he is devastated if he has to go, but let's put the distance in perspective.  Just trying to remain optimistic something will get worked out.



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If this is true, it's seriously terrible. Vinopal was someone I was really looking forward to watching. I thought he actually looked pretty good when he came in last season, and had the potential to be a very solid and reliable player.

If he has to go, good luck to him and his family. Here's hoping that things will work themselves out, and he can stay or at least come back.

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For all the crap the kid got, I'll never forget him being one of the few guys willing to go toe-to-toe with the Badger running backs in the hole. Despite the less than stellar hype he had coming in, this hurts our defense in the short term quite a bit if we can't find yet another young guy to come in and be able to make a tackle given our depth. 

Chris Horvath

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I believe that is how many times Wisconsin lined up and ran the ball down our throat. I am pretty sure that just about everyone on the defense were shying away from contact.  I will also say what everyone else is thinking - Vinopal may have tried to tackle the Wisconsin RBs, however I would rather have a guy in there that would actually be able to make the tackles.


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I guess he just couldn't continue to go to school at MIchigan if Darius Morris was leaving for the NBA.

But seriously folks, I hope this is either wrong or temporary.  I like that kid.  Very gritty, much moxie.


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Who is Billi Gordon?  Better question, "Oriental" Andrew?  Are you a rug or a vase?

http://www.billygordon.com/    http://www.facebook.com/billiclub

Okay, seriously, who am I?  A member of the Michigan alumni cheerleaders who communicates with a lot of the guys on the team, among them Ray Vinopal.  MGoBlog was quoting from a personal message that I received from Ray on Facebook.      

And fyi: when I'm not being an alumni cheerleader... I'm a doctor who researches the human brain at UCLA...  

As for him or her?  Undoubtedly by virtue of your mentioning that.. i am more woman than you'll ever have and more man than you'll ever be.   But since we're not about to mate, I don't see why that's an issue... 

Peace out brotha

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