Ray Small arrested with Oxycontin and loaded handgun

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According to the Pomeroy Daily Sentinel, the Ohio State Highway Patrol arrested Small in Meigs County on Sunday evening. The 24-year old, who last played for the Buckeyes in 2009, was pulled over by Trooper James Trelka, who discovered over 200 suspected Oxycontin tablets.

That could be the least of Small’s worries. He was also in possession of hand-rolled marijuana cigarettes, a loaded 25 caliber pistol and what is believed to have been heroin.




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be surprised.  Depends on his prior record.  If he was in New York he would be looking at about 3-5, ask Monty Brogan.  In Ohio, 24 years old, if no record, you would be surprised how often offenders like this are given 6 months in the County and a semi-retire probation officer to keep tabs on them.


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I'm surprised that this is the first athlete/former athlete I've heard about getting arrested in that area.  Most of SE Ohio is known for meth/marijuana production but Meigs county is the most famous/notorious.  I wouldn't be shocked to find out he's part of a larger distribution network.  Ohio hate aside, this is a sad story.  It must be tough to transition from a life of praised athlete to the life of John Q Public.


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Whaddaya mean we don't keep getting booster money after we're done playing?

Ray loved to use 25s because the bullets are small and they don't come out the other end like a 45, see, a 45 will blow a barn door out the back of your head and there's a lot of dry cleaning involved, but a 25 will just rattle around like Pac-Man until you're dead. 


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If you shoot anybody in the head with what most people carry for a handgun sized round (.45, 9mm, .357/.38) you will likely have a sizable exit wound on a head shot...however with a .45 the stopping power that everybody talks about or thinks of is associated with a center of mass shot where it will achieve 5-8 inches of penetration with a sizable mushroom effect of the round which wreaks havoc on internal organs.  Your small rounds such as the 9mm have a much faster velocity which results in more through and throughs.  Your really small rounds such as .25 or .22 are the ones that will bounce around more but in a body shot you will more likely expect a shot to the chest coming out a leg or something to that effect.


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"That could be the least of Small’s worries. He was also in possession of hand-rolled marijuana cigarettes, a loaded 25 caliber pistol and what is believed to have been heroin (Herron, Dan)


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Really it's only the heroin that can't be explained.  I mean he could be getting his tats removed and that would be painful, then the heavy doses of oxycontin might make him need medical marijuana to keep his food down.  Given the crazy OSU fans blaming him and some of the other players for the downfall of Saint Tressel, he probably needs a gun, too.


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It's one thing to be a college football f**k up.  It's another to be (allegedly) caught with a bunch of drugs.  He was always a talented player who couldn't keep his head on straight.  Sad to see him fall so far even if he did go to the wrong school. 


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I mean, this guy's been off OSU's team for a while. Every school has ex-players who do stupid stuff, us included. Let's not go overboard with posts like these.

Mr. Yost

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They were all benched, kicked off the team, Mallett transferred himself (but he was just an idiot freshman college student with fame, nothing Gronk wasn't doing post Super Bowl...not driving a car as if he's a character on The Town w/ Ben Affleck), Tater was benched all year for DG and for the bowl game - then he transferred.

Small was kept on the team over and over, played...and his punishment was changing his jersey number and sitting the first series of games.

Mr. Yost

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Every team doesn't recruit a player like this.

Every team doesn't allow the kid to hang around and give him 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th chances just because he can help them win football games.

Every team doesn't think changing a player's number is punishment.

Every team doesn't milk the player for all of his athletic abilities and then send him on his way with no help or support.

Every team doesn't foster an environment where players are above the law.

So is this a sad story? Yes. Do I hope he gets his life together? Absolutely. Do I feel bad for Ohio? Hell no. They brought any attention this causes for them - any "linking" the troubled former player back to his old university - any rivalry jabs, ribbing and/or laughs on themselves. Deal with it.


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The 'nuts are actually probably happy about this. Small was the guy who was TP's buddy/roomate. He was the one who was talking about a lot of money changing hands. This arrest will only lend credence to their argument that he is a scumbag and cannot be trusted to have been telling the truth


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Naturally the Ohio faithful will be happy about this because in their twisted minds it will somewhow exonerate Tressel somewhat as "Small can't be trusted" (as if Tressel, Gee and Smith could be...). 

Isn't the argument he "is a scumbag and cannot be trusted to have been telling the truth" a bit specious in that if there really was money changing hands with TP/Small etc. then he'd be lying to people about that as well? There is a circularity there that Ohio fans would not easily understand.


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He was probably just put in the wrong track at school.  Should have done General Studies instead of all those advanced degrees Urban Meyer is pushing.