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of NCAA Football, the iPhone version. You can pick from dozens of teams, including all the classic football powers. Mid-levels like Iowa, Wiscy, and WVU are also part of the game. Heck, you can choose Colorado State, Troy, Wake Forest or, incredibly, Central Michigan as your team if you wish.
<br>But you cannot pick Sparty. They did not make the cut. I think of this and chuckle


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Maybe he should be cut some slack now that it's been a couple of months. It hurt when Zettel went to PSU especially after he garunteed him coming to us. Maybe he's learned his lesson from that debacle. It is a new year. At least Hoke is getting some fine recruits and making this class better than many expected it to be a few weeks ago.


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I think it's because he had to work hard to qualify and he did it -- he succeeded. That's a good sign. We've seen several others fail to do this in recent years, so to see somebody pull it off is heartening.


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Has there been any change from the academics/admissions standpoint?  Other guys have been offered only to end up having to wait to enroll (Slocum, Kinard, etc.) and Witty got qualified only to get denied by admissions. 

Hopefully Rawls can get in and be a success on the field and in the classroom, but I don't know that the process is over just yet.


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And if I did, I couldn't talk about it. [Not a backhanded way of saying I know.] But the way this is being presented seems different from the cases you mention. My sense is his grades are consistent, but he had a disastrous test score that he had to improve significantly in order to qualify. So there's unlikely to be any problems with Admissions.


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Witty got qualified only to get denied by admissions.

 Are you sure about this?  I'm quite positive that we will admit anyone who's qualified.  The only real admissions standards we have for athletes are for schools other than Kines.   


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I'm hazy on all the details, but I'm pretty sure he got a qualifying test score in the fall of what would have been his freshman year but UM admissions still passed.  Then he ended up at Cincinnati where presumably he is/was qualified because he got admitted and at least participated in spring ball according to their website.


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I'm really curious to see what kind of player he turns out to be.  Is his relatively low ranking really due to his grade issue and/or that he's wanted to go to U-M all along?  That seems hard to believe.  He's a superstar in one of the most competitive HS leagues in the state.  It's weird.  


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Just had to throw that out there. Also, I'm in agreement with a poster above: you have to love guys who end up going to their dream school (*am knocking on wood that he goes Blue, of course*). The fact he had to battle adversity to get there only makes it sweeter.

Here's to hoping he chooses Michigan and that he has a fantastic career, both on the field and off.

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In our offensive backfield the next couple of years. I can't wait to see him bolt through the defensive line for a touchdown.

/obscure fastener pun humor for our MGoBlog loving contractors.