Ravens to Build Statue of Ray Lewis

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According to owner Steve Bisciotti, The Ravens will construct a statue of Ray Lewis outside M&T Bank Stadium. This seems....wrong.  

"I think he set himself apart in Baltimre sports history...and I will not be surprised if there is one there in the next year or two."




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He wasn't convicted because the prosecution couldn't find a witness that could testify they saw Lewis stabbing the victim. But there were plenty of witnesses who verified that Lewis was present. Plus, they had him on obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting, and probably accessory to murder.

Ultimately, the prosecutors gave Ray a deal he couldn't refuse.


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Don't you think that if they had solid evidence against the guy that he would have received more than 8 months? I mean, the man is black and we all know how the justice treats black men. The idea that a black man can get off--saving for gross incompetence--is clearly ludicrous if one considers the experience of black men in the US judicial system.



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So now being at a scene is equivalent to being guilty?  The only thing he was ever charged with was obstruction of justice.  Not to mention you say he wasn't convicted, well he wasn't even charged with the murder.  Can I say unequivocally that Lewis had no part in the murders?  Of course not.  But you can't say he certainly did it and just got lucky nobody came forward as a witness, he was a high profile athlete, of course he would be recognized.  Our justice system is designed to try to avoid putting innocent people in prison.  There was not enough evidence to try or convict ray lewis on murder and so he was not.  I just do not understand why exactly everyone has decided they know better than people who were actually a part of the case?  


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I'm trying to play devils advocate in this, my post says I don't know what happened, I just think its absurd that people have so little doubt in their mind despite knowing a tiny percentage of the facts.  That is all.  Have any of the people in this thread seen Lewis's deposition? Read over the police report? Done any legitimate research on the issue? Because if they haven't I think its absurd they are trying to degrade this man with so few facts.

French West Indian

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I'm familiar with Tyrelle Pryor quote and all the snickers it generated amongst th hoi polloi.  But it's actually one of the more perceptive things he's ever said considering that he views himself as being above the average person and that like most elites believes that he can (and probably could) get away with murder just because of who he is.


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The whole article also has this tidbit - "He has not expressed an interest to coach," Harbaugh said. "I have asked him, but he's not interested."

I suppose when you're getting a statue, a possible multi-year deal as a commentator from ESPN, and your son has sent his LOI to Miami to be most likely an RB, then there simply aren't enough hours in the day to coach as well. 

Could anything else be done to undeservedly feed this man's ego? I suppose the crowd for the dedication could be told to gather on the opposite side of the stadium from the actual statue, and the explanation could be, "Sorry, we gave a misleading statement".



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I really do.  And, the best summary of the death of the two young men I heard came from Rick Reilly (slightly shocking, I know)

He said something along the lines of how the police never went after another person in the death of those two people.  Therefore, as far as the legal system is concerned, they both died of spontaneous stab wounds.

Can we get a statue where he is in the pose of "See No Evil" with his hands over his eyes?  That's my suggestion.


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Do you have any empirical evidence for that? I'm aware of some evidence suggesting that outside of the Middle East, our court system is falling behind most other countries. With 1/3 of AA males behind bars at some point, and the correlation between private ownership of prisons (and subsequent increase in lobbying by those private companies) and the rise in inmate population, along with the growing evidence of incarceration of innocent defendants, one could argue that our system of justice is a complete failure. There are many other countries where I'd rather be a defendant or the victim of a crime. In my own building (in a solidly middle-class and trendy neighborhood), the police will not bother to come to arrest a known drug-dealer because they are too busy chasing down murderers, and there were still over 500 shooting deaths just last year here.

Show your work, or I'm not buying your conclusion.


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To my knowledge he gained immunity from prosecution after entering the plea deal. Smart move. Hypothetically speaking, if one is guilty, this is a good way to go:

1 Commit crime with accomplices

2 Enter plea deal to throw accomplices under the bus and gain immunity

3 Testimony against accomplices yields insufficient evidence to convict them (because they didn't do it!)

4 ???

5 Profit

Hypothetically, of course.


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I suggest they make this out of paper mache so when the next Ray Lewis scandal inevitably breaks, it's easier to tear down.

Seriously: murder(ish), obstruction of justice, steroids... what else can the guy do?

Mabel Pines

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for statues.  Maybe they can start with naming a Baltimore street after him, or the "Ray Lewis County Jail"....Then work up to a statue based on how his retirement goes.    Baby steps, people!