Rational MSU fans, your thoughts for this weekend

Submitted by Moleskyn on October 10th, 2011 at 4:46 PM

I know there are a few users around here who have established themselves as rational MSU fans. I've seen some pretty unbelievable comments in other places (no links, you go to these places at your own risk) about how Michigan is so over-rated and MSU is going to kill us, so I'm interested in hearing some more rational insights. So, this is for you. After seeing how we handled our first away game, what are your thoughts for this weekend? Homerism aside, do you agree with the odds placing MSU as the favorite?



Magnum P.I.

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How can we expect their fans to be rational when their "professional" sportswriters ink things like this gem from SpartanMag homer Matt Dorsey:


With only a few spots left for the class of 2012, Michigan State is being very selective about the players they are actively recruiting.




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I'm a rational MSU fan and I'm borrowing my friend's account to post this. I believe we Spartans will get pummeled by you guys. We're way too inconsistent, overrated and douchy to hang with you guys. We'll probably go back to our usual spot below Michigan in all aspects including calling you guys arrogant while at the same time bragging how we got in too, but chose to go to MSU.


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I break down and venture on over to RCMB this week every season, and it honestly shocks me every time how completely clueless people are over there.  And it has nothing to do with game predictions or anything like that.  I suppose being a consistent follower of this blog instills a tendency to use reason to support arguments that, well, most sports blogs do not.  People call you on your shit here, and I like that.

But RCMB is not simply standard in it's "lack of lack of" bullshit - I don''t even know how I would begin to correct or question half the posts I see there.

el spartan con queso

October 10th, 2011 at 6:27 PM ^

Well, where to start....

I'm neither qualified or motivated to compare our teams' performances from earlier in the season. But I will say this about both of our games versus ND... MSU looked like shit, UofM looked like shit until ND looked like shit and shit shit shit, wow you won. (Disclaimer: I was shitfaced when I watched your game)

How do I feel about this game?

I think the odds of this game are just about right on... we get the +3.5 since it's being played in Spartan Stadium. However, this is the least confident I have been since Lloyd left UofM. Our o-line has showed little outside of the OSU game, if it's anywhere close to how bad it was against ND it will be a long day in East Lansing. Kirk Cousins has taken a lot of heat from MSU slappies about his non-stellar performances this season. But I think this can be blamed on the o-line, and in turn the diminished run game and Cousins' increased paranoia of getting destroyed like he was against Alabama. Also, we've been missing WR Bennie Fowler as a passing option, which has been forcing KR/slot receiver Keyshawn Martin to play outside of his normal role. I think Fowler will play this Saturday, which makes me feel a little more confident about our offense.

Your defense is good but not incredibly intimidating... but what is scary is how well it is playing for its first year under Mattison. And they played really well at NW.

Your offense does scare me... watching Denard scramble around and trying to break contain is probably the more nerve-wracking than watching my future child try to cross a freeway. Our defense forced Denard to throw the ball last year, and since he did it poorly we won the game by a much bigger margin then it should have been. I think the d-line should get some credit for last year, but most of it should go to our LBs. This year our front four is going to have to get consistent pressure with little help from the defensive backs so they can spy on Denard and drop back into coverage. I think everywhere on our defense is better this year than it was last year with the exception of the LBs. Watch for Denicos Allen to be spying on Denard a lot as he is our fastest LB.

I don't think you guys are overrated, just untested outside of the ND game. If you can handle us you'll win the division. I think home field advantage wins this one.

Go Tigers, Go Lions.



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I agree with most of what you wrote, except the outcome, of course. While our defense isn't very intimidating, they get the job done. They get the turnovers and they get the stops, without any of the big hits that make a defense scary to play. I do think that our defense will be able to generate enough pressure with only the front four to make Cousins very uncomfortable. On another note, it's easy to forget that most MSU fans are Tigers' and Lions' fans as well. I found that interesting for some reason. Thanks for pointing that out.


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I wonder if MSU fans will keep saying that UM hasn't won a "real game" yet and "hasn't played anybody" after Michigan beats* them?

*Assuming Michigan wins on Saturday


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I see this game as a coin flip, with home field possibly giving msu the advantage. I've been really impressed with your second half adjustments, but I feel like if you get down early against us, it may be tougher to come back against our solid defense. Should be a good game, good luck guys.


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This is the first MSU-UM game where things aren't so black and white for me. Now that I've applied to MSU and U of M (with hopes for the latter more prominent now) I've been worried about what would happen if I cheered for one and went to the other! D; 

It would be awful to be all jubilant about UM winning and not get in. xD

Anyway, now that I follow both teams, my uninformed perspective is that UM looks like a different team this year. Every MSU game I've watched has seemed inconsistent at best.

I'll probably be in MSU gear if I'm in the stadium Saturday (no UM stuff in this Spartan household!) but it will be hard for me not to be somewhat happy for UM if they pull it out (and I think they will). 

That was overly purple but you guys get my drift. =P


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good luck with your application to UM.  I know when I was recently accepted into Rackham, I was elated beyond control.  I may have even had a bladder/bowel control issue.

I read a stat recently that 68% of the current MSU student body applied to both UM and MSU.  While I am certain that there were some that were accepted by both, a very small minority chose MSU for whatever reason.

So I attribute the anger by MSU students more a reaction to the a UM rejection than anything else.



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Rational MSU Fan:  We were in the nick of time. You were in great peril.
Wolverine Fan:  I don't think I was.
Rational MSU Fan: Yes, you were. You were in terrible peril.
Wolverine Fan:  Look, let me go back in there and face the peril.
Rational MSU Fan:  No, it's too perilous.
Wolverine Fan:  Look, it's my duty as a Wolverine to sample as much peril as I can.
Rational MSU Fan:  No, I've got to find the Big Ten Tri-Championship trophy and tickets to the Citrus Bowl. Come on.
Wolverine Fan:  Oh, let me have just a little bit of peril?
Rational MSU Fan:  No. It's unhealthy.
Wolverine Fan:  I bet you're gay.
Rational MSU Fan:  I am


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A friend of mine and I got into this today, he being a Sparty, and in life he's fairly rational. He seems to think that our defense is weak and that Michigan might be able to keep it close until halftime. He accused us of playing cupcakes to this point. I tried to counter with reason and logic but that just accelerated the conversation to 'you guys have ugly cheerleaders' etc.

My conclusion is that even the most rational Spartan is still retarded.


October 10th, 2011 at 8:52 PM ^

I think this game is on Shoelace... as a Spartan I'd like to see the qb from the first half of last week's Northwestern game.  I worry instead we will face 2nd half D-Rob all day.

MSU's defense is good enough to snatch away a couple of those jump balls he likes to throw, but this will be the most dynamic offense we have faced this season.  MSU's lofty defenisive rank needs to taken with a handful of salt (a grain wouldn't be enough).

Shoelace will be the key to Michigan's offense... if he gives the ball away three times like he did in his last game, I like MSU's chances.  Otherwise, it could be a long day for Spartan faithfull.

On the other side, while I think UM's defense is miles better than anything ever even imagined under the Rodriguez regime, I have not been likewise impressed with the quality of UM opponents thus far (Michigan fans can rightly make the same criticism of MSU).

Many Spartan fans will look at MSU's oline as our weak link, and I agree.  But I think it affects our rushing attack more than passing.  Despite some criticism of Kirk Cousins for not being perfect, he's still a pretty good third year captain and starting quarterback.  I wouldn't trade my qb for yours or anyone elses.  

If MSU can rush for over 100 yards, the oline is having a good game and Cousins and company will make some plays.  Less than that and Michigan will probably find it easy to pressure Cousins and that will not bode well for MSU.