Rational MSU fans, your thoughts for this weekend

Submitted by Moleskyn on October 10th, 2011 at 4:46 PM

I know there are a few users around here who have established themselves as rational MSU fans. I've seen some pretty unbelievable comments in other places (no links, you go to these places at your own risk) about how Michigan is so over-rated and MSU is going to kill us, so I'm interested in hearing some more rational insights. So, this is for you. After seeing how we handled our first away game, what are your thoughts for this weekend? Homerism aside, do you agree with the odds placing MSU as the favorite?




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Thanks for asking, bro.  As a very rational MSU fan, I think the Spartans will win 69-0.  

It is what we do.  We have by FAR the best D in the Big Ten and maybe even the world.


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My father, who raised my siblings and I to be Michigan fans, and who also watched two of those children stray off to become Michigan State students and alum, refuses to make a prediction on this game. As I'm his lone suriving michigan-fan son (and therefore, rightful heir to his keep), I've spent the better part of the last six years encouraging him to keep the faith.

He's torn between my mother, who has turned to the dark side and now roots for Michigan State, and myself, who is right. Obviously I'm right, because, well, come on. I think in his heart he knows it, and he won't celebrate if we lose. He will when we win.


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It all comes down Sparty O-line vs. MM and Co. If we can make Cousins life miserable, we win. If we can't, it could get ugly. Their defense is good but we should score points (also probably just as important to win is Denard's throwing).


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I think Denard's throwing is by far the biggest key to this game. If he goes out there like first half NW, we're toast. If he goes out there like second half NW, we probably win big. Their D is good, but not good enough to contain a team with a competent run and pass game. They won't score much on our D, I'd say around 24 points. If Denard can hit receivers, we'll score 30 no problem.


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Fairly confident (6.5 out of 10) MSU will pull it off, but not as confident as I was in the pre-season. Your team has looked consistently impressive...MSU has been streaky. I'm disappointed in the fact that it's a noon game which means the crowd won't be as "jacked" as a 3:30 or a night game.

Key matchup: Your D-line and blitzes vs. our O-Line. If our O-Line can at least play like they did in Columbus, then we will be in a good position to win. I think we have the better defense, but your defense is much much improved from previous years and can at least make some plays and get some stops. I am a little worried about our offense, particularly the running game, though I don't think you guys have seen the run-up-the-middle types of backs like Baker and Bell yet. The Notre Dame running attack was similar but was run from a spread and not the power I.

X-factors might be the return of Tyler Hoover and Bennie Fowler. Hoover is a monster at DE and played a big role in keeping Denard at bay last year. Him, Rush, and Gholston should play well enough and stay home so he doesn't break off big runs. Fowler stepped up big time last year at WR so he will be important in giving a 2nd option on the edges for Cousins.

Not expecting a blowout in either direction.

My thoughts.


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The one thing about Baker and Bell is that we do better with between the tackles running. Teams exploited us running to the outside with speed, but with Mike Martin in the middle we do fairly well shutting those lanes down. Granted we have not really faced a true Power I team that State runs, especially with the two TE set. So it will be interesting, but I would be way more worried about your rushing attack if you say had a LaMichael James type burner that always got to the outside.

Michael Scarn

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Answering as a Michigan fan, but I think it was a combination of a lot of poor play calling and Cousins making some poor decisions that had big consequences.

I would bet MSU fans also felt that OSU's D-Line is elite, so an adequate performance against them satisfied some worries.  Something I would kind of disagree with given Miami's gashing of OSU. 


October 10th, 2011 at 7:18 PM ^

You're splitting hairs here:

1) I never said the OL was any good.....not sure what you are trying to argue

2) I said they played well. A bad OL can still play well.....well enough to keep them in position to win....which is what they did.

I had another post a few weeks back talking about the attrition/injuries on the O-Line and how thin the front was when 3 O-Linemen were originally flipped from the DL.


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All I know is that Fowler had a "foot" injury. I haven't read anywhere or heard what it relates to.

His condition has been week to week and was expected to be back for CMU but that obviously didn't happen.

Hoover has sore ribs. He was slated to return against OSU but coach held him out to give him the extra 2 weeks to heal. I believe he is scheduled to be back on Saturday.