Ratcheting up the social impact: Wearing my jersey today

Submitted by victors2000 on August 21st, 2010 at 1:32 PM

Wearing my jersey for the first time for the '10 year. It's my "55" jersey, last year worn by Brandon Graham, as we all know, and now stewarded by Mr. Jibreel Black. On the way to the gym I couldn't help but notice all the "S" license plates - lord knows there are more vehicles sporting the green S these days - if your not in Michigan, you can get a license plate with a college emblem on it- and it got me into my football mood today. The gal at the gym gave me locker #55, my mp3 player played a marching band medley played by marching bands from the predominantly black colleges -some of which I would like our band to play- and left the gym seeing somebody in a "55" Steelers jersey. I'm all about the fate, so its on. Literally. Any of you guyz starting to sport your jerseys?



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I have an authentic Desmond Howard Rose Bowl jersey. It's going in a frame pretty soon and going on the wall.


2 WEEKS from today we will be watching the Maize and Blue running onto the field!




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My Wife bought me an authentic #2. Just came in this week, and it is great. Today when i go out with her, i will be wearing it. I live in USC/UCLA territory. Personally, i love all the glaring looks. Nothing can change my love for the U of M.


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+1 for school spirit.

-1 for no picture.

You gotta put the social into your media!

Check out this fine specimen from south of the border.  All purty with that come-hither look:


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Well, if my DLR trivia serves me correctly, he once said his ideal woman has an IQ of 185, makes love until 4 in the morning, and then turns into a pizza.

While the latter two may well be true, we all know that no person from Ohio could possibly have an IQ that high, so to answer your question, no.


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This is my first year since The Horror to not buy any new Michigan gear in the pre-season.  I think I've finally learned my lesson and will wait until Big Ten play starts.

Steve in PA

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"if your not in Michigan, you can get a license plate with a college emblem on it"

Or if you are in Michigan get a license plate made by a Michigan State player.


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I found a Woodson jersey on Craigslist a week ago for $20 bucks. I was freaking out at first, called the guy, made him promise me he would not take any other offers and that I would be over to his house asap. On the way to his house, I ended up getting pulled over for speeding ($160.00 fine), and had no viable excuse to tell the officer why I was speeding. In the end, I ended up with a white and blue stitched 97 Nike jersey. I've never seen a jersey quite like it. Anyone here that might own one or know any info on it?