Rashan Gary at fullback?

Submitted by OldDad67 on February 17th, 2016 at 8:26 AM

On a lighter note  (i. e. notTennessee related) in the discussion below about the S.I. article on Rashan Gary, it was suggested that it would be interesting to see Gary at TE or FB. I'm not sure about TE, but I must admit that Gary at FB sounds tantalizing. (Think Sione Houma at 300 lbs.) 

As much as Harbaugh loves to use players at different positions, I can see him lining up Gary at FB, especially at MSU and OSU,  at the very least as a lead blocker or  (I know, I know Purdue - I was at that game) even a ball carrier. Thoughts? 



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I think the idea would be similar to what Ole Miss did with Nkedmiche (not paying him) using his athleticism to create mismatches in space. A guy that big would be hard to take down moving that well.


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Putting Gary in at fullback on a one-up basis is an insult to the regular fullbacks.  It is saying that the coaches don't have confidence in the fullbacks who practice at the position every day, being able do the job in crunch time.


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So? We don't make decisions in an effort to not hurt anyone's feelings. If Gary is better at FB in a particular situation and its worth the risk of injury (so in a game deciding play for instance) then you play Gary.

I mean how DARE Harbuagh make a decision that benefits the team if it means hurting the feelings of an individual player.

I guess Peppers shouldn't play offense anymore either. That insults the WRs and RBs on the team. Can't have that now.

Thank God people like you aren't in charge of our football team anymore.

UM Fan from Sydney

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Dude....no. Let the real fullbacks get their already limited playing time. Gary is a monster defensive end and it's more important to have him on the defensive line. There is no use in risking injury while he is (pointlessly) playing fullback.


February 17th, 2016 at 8:58 AM ^

I recall when Lloyd did this at the goal lin with Will Carr as a ball carrier. I thought to myself, what the hell is he doing? There is a good reason we put so much time, money and effort into recruiting. We want to get the best players we can at the correct positions.

I say considering him as a ball carrier would be ridiculous. Don't turn a predator into the hunted. And Carr came up woefully short in what would have been the game winning TD. Lead blocker? At least I can see the logic for thinking this. People would, due to the situation, be attempting to get out of his way, therefore minimizing likelihood of taking a direct head-on hit unless he was the one initiating it. Lining up as lead blocker w/fake to TB and sliding him out into the flat for a short pass? Yes, he would be one on one, ideally and would, obviously be a bitch to bring down.

Best use of non-traditional back I can think of was Steve Breaston, h..s qb, lining up under center and running the option successfully at goal line vs. OSU. Different look, player experienced at doing so and due to his quickness was not exposed to a hit from over sized DE or OLB because he saw opening on way to outside, due to defense widening for pitch man, was able to turn up at roughly the tackle spot and easily covered the two yards necessary.

Caveat: Just woke up and am prone to changing my mind after injection of caffeine.



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I may be wrong, but didn't that one Nkemdiche from Ole Miss get time as a short yardage / goal line fullback... and then get hurt during one of those plays?

Perhaps before he got hurt using the synthetic marijuana.

Let's let the fullbacks do the fullbacking.


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it a few times to troll Staeeee, the Buckeyes, and win the National Championship is one thing. Making this a regular thing isn't a good idea. I don't want linebackers or defensive ends going at his knees or ankles. 


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Hypothetical: who would win a team of 11 Rashan Gary(s) or a team of 11 Jabrill Peppers? I am shocked that it has taken us this long to discuss this important question.


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I want the MGoBlog team to discuss this question! 


I mean, it would have to be Gary because they would absolutely destroy both the OL and DL... and yet, just hike it to 1/11th Peppers and have him run backwards about 30 yards, create a lot of space, and then, you know, avoid 11 Garys on his way to a TD (this works. Source: Techmo Bowl).


February 17th, 2016 at 8:35 AM ^

the only time i would ever be ok with him on offense is at the 1 yard line.. other than that i never want to see him om offense, big guys run out of juice a lot faster than smaller ones and using him as a blocker is just a waste.