Rashad Weaver Decommits

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I'm sure there will be more mudslinging from this one.


EDIT: For those who didn't click the link, he says that JH says they didn't know if they would have room for him and ultimately offered him a PWO. He does thank JH and UofM for the opportunity. Not as bad as Swenson, but some will overreact to it. 



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I think it will allow the staff an opportunity to admit its mistakes made this recruiting cycle to 2017 recruits. They prematurely accepted commitments from lower ranked players to get the ball rolling and I don't see that happening anymore. I think if they convey that to the 2017 recruits and admit they shouldn't have done that, it will smooth some things over.

Also, DPJ will never have to worry about any school pulling his scholarship.


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The kids that are making the class understand where this program is going and the opportunity that comes along with it. I would suspect Harbaugh was up front about the situation from the beginning.

I don't think anyone likes this perception.


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LSU too.  There are always stories of NSD signing day drama with LSU recruits.  But they keep pulling in top 5 classes.  

Because everyone wants to go there.  That's why they have the drama in the first place . . . too many recruits for too few slots.

This is a Yogi Berra "Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded" situation.  We are afraid that Michigan won't be popular with recruits because Michigan has become too popular with recruits.

We'll be fine.




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Hoke had a very neat and tidy process which worked at a place like Michigan and I personally liked it. But that process did not let him finish strong on the top guys who waited until NSD. We always had many complaints on the board for Hokes process. I think Harbaugh is showing the real potential upside and I only hope he does a good job of communicating where kids stand.


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He committed to us and became "Poor Damn Norfleet".  And Dawson I believe had committed to us, then decided to take visits, which revoked us taking his commitment I guess.  Roy Roundtree is a good example of a late fill-in, but that was a different HC and different brand of snake oil

Steve in PA

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Nothing is binding until NSD. I'm not defending JH or the practice of pulling offers but I don't understand why a player would go any further than naming a leader.


I wonder if these 'incidents' will lead to an early signing day in addition to the current one? It seems that would be the only solution to too uncommitable offers and pulled schollies.

These kids need to learn that what little power they have disappears completely on NSD and they don't get any back until they sign on Sunday or graduate transfer.


The early signing period would do a little to level the field. I don't think many 3-stars would get signed early.


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I spoke with a Cooper City Booster recently about this recruit and his response was "WHO?"

It appears the staff prematurely handed out "spots" in the class during the Summer Swarm Tour; only to change their mind and move on to other higher rated recruits.  Can't blame them one bit because we need to compete with OSU and the SEC Big Boys (i.e. Bama).

However; Harbaugh extending offers to these lower rated recruits have opened doors for them to other schools... So it isn't all  that bad....


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Ambry Thomas recently had a tweet to the effect of "how can they cut Swenson after he stuck with them for so long." 

I think "cutting" recruits, or whatever we wanna phrase it does have negative impacts on some recruits for sure. 

Not to say I disagree with the coaches, but I think M having such a bigger profile than Stanford, and Coach Harbaugh himself being so much more famous now makes this "fire" a lot bigger when its done here. 


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How is offering Weaver (a two star player with no Power Conference offers) and accepting his commitment early in the process only to rescind the offer later helpful to winning?

Do you really think we are going to build a National Championship team on 2-star players? No? Then why offer him?

The fault lies squarely with Harbaugh, cause he should have been smart enough to know that Weaver didn't merit an offer in the first place. What is the thought process here?

Is it "I know you aren't Michigan material, but what i want to do is make Michigan look as bad as I can while keeping you out of the class. So i will offer you, accept your commitment and then shit can you later"

Sounds like a good plan to me.


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I'm not gonna criticize, and I'll be forthright in admitting that I'm not an alum, but I have to ask, how does a possibly shady recruiting tactic devalue your degree in any way? I guess I just don't see the big deal about all of this. He's not killing anybody. He's not breaking any rules. He's not doing anything that gives him an unfair advantage over competitors. What's the problem?

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This makes me think...with Dytarious Johnson being possibly in a similar situation, do you think this could break the prattville pipeline? I sure hope not. Sucks that this happens to these kids but I guess it's part of the business. Hope this only goes on as Harbaugh is settling into his first couple years.


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Khaleke Hudson also "liked" a tweet someone had about the Swenson thing.  


Other schools are definitely going to use this whole "cutting" recruits thing as a negative recruiting strategy against us. 

Regardless of how the strategy actually benefits us, there are definitely some detrimental effects if recruits and coaches start hearing this about us. 


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And i love our recruiting class. But it can clearly have some detrimental impact. National writers are going to town with this, as are the two main Detroit papers. Thats at least something the coaches should consider. There are definite pros to this strategy, but there are also some cons. Not against doing it, just pointing out that it has negatives. 


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Didn't we just go 10-3 with Hoke's talent, and are favorites to make the playoffs with Hoke talent?

Hoke turned in a Top 5 class and another Top 7 class, so your comparison is flawed for the topic at hand.

Was he a bad coach.Yes. But he didn't fail cause he wouldn't pull shananigians while recruiting. We just saw what Hoke's talent can do when they are properly coached.


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"We just saw what Hoke's talent can do when they are properly coached."


Finish 3rd in the Big Ten East and get blown out of the stadium by our biggest rivals? Not trying to denigrate what the team achieved this year, but I think you should consider what this season might have looked like if Shane or Wilton had to start all year.