Ranking each Michigan team of the past 20 years

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Over the past 20 years since we won our last National Championship we have experienced a very interesting stretch of success and failures. We have had 4 head coaches in this span, and 3 times have failed to qualify for a bowl. In this stretch we have played in 6 NY6 bowl games with a 2-4 record (0-3 in Rose Bowls). We have outright or shared 4 B1G championships as well. Here is a chance to rank each team from top to bottom. (This ranking is not based solely on record, but which were the most talented teams we have fielded in the past 20 seasons). 1. 2003 2. 2016 3. 1999 4. 2006 5. 1998 6. 2004 7. 2011 8. 2000 9. 2015 10. 2002 11. 2007 12. 2017 13. 2001 14. 2012 15. 2005 16. 2010 17. 2013 18. 2009 19. 2014 20. 2008



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The 2015 Jake Rudock team was playing so good until Glasgow went down...This should have been a happy game but it made me depressed, im leaving until next season...That submarine better open up and some damn football wizards need to emerge.


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14 team was helpless on offense and the 09 team had Graham at least. Losses to Rutgers Maryland and the embarrassingments vs MSU and ND put them below 09


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We've had four teams that were a game away from a real national championship chance, those are the obvious top 4: 2016, 2006, 2003, 1999.  I think if they played a four way playoff, 2016 was the best team with the worst QB (of those four) and worst luck.  1999 had the best QB (when Brady was playing), 2003 had the most consistent QB play with senior Navarre but also had disastrous special teams.

I think 2016 wins that four way playoff, but 1999 was the most succesful team.  2003 was better than 2006 but had a less succesful year.  Fifth spot is probably '04 and then things get sad.


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I might be biased because I was at the 2003 edition of Kinnick Stadium blood and spiders, aka the "Michigan is an early adopter of the spread punt, doesn't know how it works yet, and loses a playoff spot because of it" game.

That title in a bit unwieldly in retrospect.

But still, we kicked their ass that year, except our specials teams were a disaster and thus we lost.

Human Torpedo

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Finished strong to be sure after a dubious start but a great amount of their wins were as ugly as it got. And I personally feel if 2003 team had won the Rose Bowl they should've had a shrine in front of Schem Hall built for them. People often ask when was the last time Michigan was Michigan of old. I don't think that measuring stick for Michigan needs to go back to 1997 for us to be back, as great as that would be and sounds. I think having a season like 2003 or even 1999 where we finish strong and play fundamentally sound football all the way through with a major bowl win or big ten championship with a huge rivalry win would be a return to form we should welcome right now

August West

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1. 2003 2. 1999 3. 2000 4. 2006 5. 2016 6. 1998 7. 2004 8. 2007 9. 2002 10. 2015 11. 2011 12. 2005 13. 2001 14. 2017 15. 2012 16. 2013 17. 2010 18. 2014 19. 2009 20. 2008

The 2000 team was loaded with talent but underachieved. They still beat OSU and MSU and split the big ten title. A lot of these are very close.

Perkis-Size Me

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Says a little something about this program when only a mere fraction of these teams beat OSU or won a bowl game of any real note. 

This is just an exercise in depression. 


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2003 - Outright Big Ten Title, beat OSU, beat MSU, beat ND, won 10+ games

2000 - Shared Big Ten Title, beat OSU, beat MSU, won Citrus Bowl

1998 - Shared Big Ten Title, beat MSU, won Citrus Bowl, won 10+ games

2004 - Shared Big Ten Title, beat MSU

1999 - Beat OSU, beat ND, won Orange Bowl, won 10+ games

2011 - Beat OSU, beat ND, won Sugar Bowl, won 10+ games

2006 - Beat MSU, beat ND, won 10+ games

2002 - Beat MSU, won Outback Bowl, won 10+ games

2015 - Won Citrus Bowl, won 10+ games

2007 - Beat MSU, Beat ND, Won Citrus Bowl

2016 - Beat MSU, won 10+ games

2017 - If we Win Outback Bowl

2005 - Beat MSU


2017 - If we lose Outback Bowl

2010/2013 - Beat ND

2009 - Beat ND













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Perhaps I have a recency bias, but when I look at the 2016 team, I feel that they would beat quite a few of the teams that are above them on many of your lists.  I remember that summer.  I specifically reached out to my nephews, asking them to come back to Michigan in the fall so we could go see a game together.  They asked me why, and I said very honestly that I thought that this team was historically good.


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The sad fact is of every year from 1998 to 2017, none have been elite level seasons despite the fact that many of those teams should have been, but Lloyd Carr's underachieivng mediocirty stopped us from being great even once from 1998 to 2007 despite haivjng the talent and scheudle to have a great team in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007.


An elite level great team finishes with 2 losses or less with a Big Ten title at the end of bowls/CFP season. Never once since 1997 have we managed it.


That needs to change ASAP!!