Radrick Farms - access??

Submitted by TorontoBlue on August 18th, 2009 at 1:31 PM

AA for ND game & usually play a couple rounds @ Moose Ridge GC up 23 at Silver Lake, but this year they have an outing on 09/11 so have to go elsewhere. Anyone know how a non-member can book a tee time @ Radrick Farms? Or suggestions of other comparable golf in AA with public access?



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As far as I know, Radrick Farms is a private, UM employee only golf course. I had a AP teacher in high school that was still allowed to play there because he was grandfathered in as a GSI while in grad school at Michigan. So unless you know someone that works for the U (not sure in what capacity is required), you're not gettin in. Stonebridge is very nice and public.


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MGoAero is right - only faculty/staff and members of the President's Club (big donors) are allowed to play. I guess there are a certain number of annual passes for the general public, but the wait list for that is really long.
It's a bit of a drive, but I always enjoy playing Pierce Lake Golf Course in Chelsea, just off of I-94.

Wolverine In Exile

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it is private to the general public, although if you know a UM professor who likes golf and offer to pay his green fees, there is a way (always good keepin' relations with the grad advisor)

Last year I played Stonebridge (just west of AA airport) and liked it (winding through development course with some nice holes built around water hazards). I also played Lakeforest GC (Ann Arbor Saline Rd s of I-94) for my wedding day golf outing and really liked a couple holes on the back nine that required some accurate tee shots and sculpting shots around tree placements. Very "Michigan woodsy" course with some farm cutouts thrown in.

I like those two as alternates to the Huron Hills / Eagle Crest / Brookside triumverate I usually play when I can't get on the university course and am in town.

If you don't mind a drive though and have some time, head out to Oakland University's courses: Katke Cousins or The Sharf. Both real nice tournament level courses that are in good shape and have a vigilent ranger staff that keep play moving.


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Wow, I'm impressed to read that Brookside is listed alongside Eagle Crest and Huron Hills. I love Brookside; I was a greenskeeper there from high school through grad school in the summers, so I'm pretty biased. Nice to see someone not rail on it for once, though. It's no Augusta National, but it's also less than twenty bucks for a round, and since it's pretty old, it can be said that it has 'character'. Or something.

Kilgore Trout

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Pinckney has two nice courses that aren't too far.

Whispering Pines used to be rated as a top 5 (so they said) course in the state before they dumbed it down a bit, but it's still a great "Northern Michigan" type course that's close.

Timber Trace is also pretty solid in the same mold.


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I'll have some free time in a couple weeks and will finally have my clubs with me in AA. I'm definitely playing the University course, but was looking around at other (cheaper) public courses in the area. The best I've found/heard of so far is Leslie Park, but what one course you guys would recommend within 10 miles of campus?

Kilgore Trout

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I've been in a league at Leslie for the last 12 years, so I am a bit biased, but I find Leslie to be a tough, but somewhat boring course. They finally got their rates a little under control, but it's still overpriced in my mind.

If you're looking to stay close and cheap(ish) you could try Pine View in Ypsi Township or Rolling Meadows in Northville Township. Both 10-15 minutes from AA.

Rush N Attack

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in the same category as Moose Ridge, you can continue up 23 to: The Jackal (Brighton), The Huntmore Club (Brighton), The Majestic (Hartland), and the Arnold Palmer designed Coyote Preserve (just north of Hartland). Most of these have some pretty decent weekday rates.

Timber Trace is nice, and Whispering Pines has definitely been dumbed down.

R.I.P. Hickory Sticks.


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Hate to be a downer but Katke and The Scharf are private courses so before you drive to Rochester Hills you better know someone at Oakland U.

Wolverine In Exile

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While it used to be exclusively Oakland U private (or for donors / students-- my dad used to pay the membership fee), you can still get onto Katke by calling the day before and taking whatever tee times they have available. With the downturn in the economy, they've been more open on Katke, you're just going to pay through the nose. Sharf is as you mention still reserved...



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Looking to get out on Sunday a.m. after the ND game.

Has anyone played the Woodlands in Wayne?

Didn't know the preserve course in Hartland was a Palmer. Howe is that/how much to play/is it worth it?

As for Leslie Park mentioned above, it's pretty nice track but its cerainly not immaculately groomed. Stonebridge I find to be meh. Lake Forest (if that's the one on A2 Saline Road with the farmhouse, is meh. It's more open farm that woods as I remember. I'd play Stonebridge before it, though it may a tad cheaper. If you can get on the UM course, it's far and away better than any of those three.