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by Burgeoning Wolverine Star (LINK).

Here's the video of the play in question:

Note that Quinton Washington pushes Purdue's right  left guard back so far that he takes out the pulling left right guard, forcing the RB outside into Jake Ryan and Kenny Demens.



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Glad to see him playing well, we need him to. I had heard a story a while back that he was actually one of the strongest guys on the team, next to Mike Martin.  Here's hoping he turns into a dominant DT.



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Washington looked like he had a decent future as a part-time DT in 2010.

Last year I didn't think he looked good, and that carried over to the first couple games of this season.

But now he's looking pretty good.  Of course, Purdue's offensive line isn't anything special, but there aren't many Alabamas in the world...


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Yeah, that's really impressive.  Q is going to be a big key for us over this year and next.  

I'd like to see what QW and PeeWee look like next to each other next fall.  That could be a lot of fun to watch.


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The best part about that play (and it was all made possible by Q's crazy push):  Jake Ryan makes a great tackle, but if he doesn't, Demens is there to make the tackle at the same place, and if he doesn't, Thomas Gordon is there to make the tackle at about the same place.  If somehow all of those guys miss, Morgan and probably Beyer would get to him before he crosses the LOS.


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If Washington can become at least a decent / serviceable DT, that really helps us next season. It allows the younger guys to gradually get used to college football instead of pushing a redshirt freshman into the starting lineup. This will give Godin / Strobel / Wormley / Henry the chance to get some experience without being thrown into the fire right away. So far Washington is looking pretty good at getting penetration and allowing the linebackers to make plays without being easily blocked.


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This is something I've been wondering for a little while so I'm glad this thread was posted as it seems like the perfect place to ask. This may seem obvious to some, but has Washington been playing the 3-Tech then? And does this mean there's a very good chance PeeWee and Washington are the two war daddies in the middle next year i.e. can they get both on the field at the same time or are they too similar of players?


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Why is that our defense seems to improve so much over the course of the season?  Can part of it be that the B1G sucks and we look better against B1G teams or at least maybe that we are more familiar with what their offenses are trying to do to us?  Or is it that our Mattison & co. are awesome coaches?  If it is the latter, why do we improve so much over the course of the year?  It seems to me like the offseason would be the best time to improve, yet at the start of both the last two years we struggled and the defense improved as the year went on.  I would think with an entire offseason of coaching we would come out on fire, but that didn't happen, instead we struggled.  I find this interesting as I would think making improvements during the year would be hard, but D-line and linebackers especially seem to be really improving.  It's both frustrating and encouraging at the same time.  I love seeing improvement, but at the same time seeing poor results in the beginning of the year makes you question if players are really that good.


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For one, we played Alabama out of the chute and mixed in a lot of underclassmen, so we were going to struggle. Two, we played aginst an offense that we almost never see on a shortened week due to travel. After those two games, the defense has been pretty damn good.

You never know how an underclassman is going to pan out in a game situation even though they looked great in the offseason.


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NCAA rules really limit the amount of direct, technical coaching players can receive in the off season. It's limited to the 18 or so spring practices. But since the preseason, the defense has been getting 20 hours a week of technical coaching on their positions from what seems to be a very good staff of assistant coaches. 

The offseason is the time to get strong and in shape for the season, but we shouldn't be surprised to see improvement in playing ability, particularly in the positions on the line where the technical parts of feet and hand positioning and leverage are hard to practice without pads and without coaches observing. 


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I don't know if it's that our defense has improved that much, or that it looks like it has (implying it was always good).  

Our first game was against the Pittsburgh Steelers of Tuscaloosa.  So yeah, we looked not great against them.  Our second game was against the wacky offense of Air Force.  After that?  No one has done anything of substance against us.


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Competition breeds success.  A lot of times it takes seeing yourself and/or your teammates on film for things to really sink in.  For example, if a NT doesn't hold his ground against a double team, and he's shown on film what happens to the MLB who gets caught up in the wash and can't make the play, then he sees that his own individual play is holding back other people from making plays.  Sometimes that's enough to trigger the fundamentals and hard work it takes to improve.

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Does anyone know why this page loads on the app funny? It seems that opening up certain pages with videos embedded in the OP that the video blows up 1,000,000% and takes 20 minutes to scroll to the comment section. I thought I remember Elaydin talking about updating the app soon and thought this might be something that could be checked out on.

Also, I haven't noticed any problems with videos embedded within comments, it just seems to happen in the OP, maybe it has to do with where the video is embedded from? Not sure if anyone else is havin this problem.