Quinton Tucker?

Submitted by robertzurbuch on December 1st, 2009 at 11:25 AM

I just read in another forum that Quinton Tucker has committed to come to Michigan as a walk-on. I was wondering if anyone else has heard this also? What is the story with this kid? He has no offers and is not ranked on any recruiting site. This is a former teamate of Tate Forcier. Does this mean anything for Brennan Clay? Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.


Hoken's Heroes

December 1st, 2009 at 11:28 AM ^

The kid had the opportunity to come visit and he didn't. He's set on OU. And I think the remaining spots are all saved for the Defensive players unless some hot shot Offensive player decides he wants to be a Wolverine. Doubt that happens though.

We NEED D! Let's hope RR and staff can close strong.

His Dudeness

December 1st, 2009 at 11:30 AM ^

Tucker only played for one year at Scripps. That may have something to do with his lack of offers or evaluations. It says he looked good int he time he did play. Tate probably vouched for him as a kid that could prove he deserves a scholie.

His Dudeness

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Tucker transferred to Scripps two years ago and couldn't actually play until this past season so Tate would not have played with Tucker. No doubt he has practiced with Tucker and talked to Clay about how well Tucker is playing this year. I would imagine Tate talked to the coaches about giving the kid a shot as a PWO. Just a hunch.


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Tucker PLAYED with Tate at Scripps Ranch High school during his Junior year which he played DE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWyGXjKDFwA&layer_token=4c188afb1ba345db). He did have a shorten 2008 season due to CIF transfer rules and missed several games. Tucker is currently a Senior at Scripps and is playing both DE and FB. He has over a 8 yard a carry average this season. Tucker scored a 88.6 sparks the Nike Combine in Oakland despite have a leg injury thus his slow 40 time and had the one of the highest scores in the power-ball toss 41' ( http://myespn.go.com/blogs/calhisports/0-7-23/Oakland-Nike-Combine-Who-…). Was invited to Michigan's senior elite camp this summer. Had top score of the day on power sled. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s7fmcJxNJ8). Keep in mind the while recruiting Tate Michigan coaches got a first hand look at Tucker. He has a max bench press of 405lbs and can rep 1250lbs of the leg press. Rivals has featured articles on Tucker both last year and this. Hope this information helps.


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Tucker said before that he wanted to go to school with Forcier. Unfortunately, he's a bit undertalented. I hadn't heard that he was going to walk on at Michigan, but that's pretty awesome if he does. As we've seen before, walk-ons are given a good chance with this staff.


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I know Clay is solid on Oklahoma. I was not questioning that. I was just thinking that another Scripps Ranch player and the talk of Stoops going to ND(which I know is not happening), might get Clay thinking about Michigan again. I agree we need D and the rest of the spots should go to defensive players. I just highly doubt that if Clay called RR and said he wanted to come to Michigan now, that there wouldn't be a place for him. I was more curious about Quinton Tucker though.


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I don't know if this makes a difference, but it's QUENTIN Tarantino.

Meanwhile, the only other QUINTON I know off the top of my head is Quinton "Rampage" Jackson who is, by many accounts, black.

Furthermore, it's QUINTIN Tucker so, like, I don't think anybody has a clue how to actually spell that name.

It's kind of like the name Larry. There are a billion ways to spell it.

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So if Mich can only sign 25 a year - we can still give up to the limit in scholarships right? So is RR working the walk on - snake oil? Can he promise scholarships to preferred walk ons? How does that work?

I imagine the Kovacs/Leach experience plays well for players thinking about walking on the team. I'd be interested to see if any touted quality athletes come and try to walk on next year. I'm thinking not so much...but I will definitely be interested. It seems the try outs have gotten thinner since RR's first year.


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It really doesn't mean anything with respect to the 25 scholarships we can give out each year. If a team takes a preferred walk-on, that means they basically have a gentleman's agreement that any unused scholarships will be given to the PWO. Preferred walk-ons are typically people who are "recruited" to walk on to the team, not just random guys who show up at tryouts.