Quinten Johnson Expects Michigan Commit Train to Keep Rolling

Submitted by aaamichfan on July 8th, 2018 at 6:28 PM

Choo Choo! Awesome news......





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It's not worth clicking since it's paywall stuff. On the computer if you highlight the link and then right-click it you can open it and find this:

" Nike’s The Opening served as of a coming out party for Quinten Johnson. The Washington (D.C.) St. John’s College high... "


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He does say that some of the guys he's talking to are already committed, and that he thinks the result will be that they end up shaking things up.

oriental andrew

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And this is another "enhancement opportunity" for the new site. It should be able to recognize URLs and automatically create hyperlinks rather than folks not realizing (or remembering) that they need to click the hyperlink button and enter the URL. This issue is further compounded by the fact that we cannot edit posts and "fix" the URL issue. 

I don't blame the OP in this case. Practically every other web forum I use auto-creates the hyperlinks for you. 


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They werent pursuing them as strongly as we were. Psu maybe but for osu they are plan b commits. This is what we do around here. Every Michigan commit is underrated and deserves a rating bump. Every msu and osu commit is overrated. We cant get decent commits because every team that gets high 4 and 5 star players is cheating. Sometime on the next few months, osu will pass us in recruiting and then everyone will justify it. In the fall we will lose to the buckeyes and a few other teams because our players arent good enough like john o korn, speight, and the offensive line werent good enough from 2016 and 2017. Rinse and repeat

Stringer Bell

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You have no idea how hard other coaches were/are pursuing those players so don't act like you do.  And it's not just Michigan fans saying that a lot of our recruits are in for a big rankings bump, it's the guys doing the actual rankings.  When those guys get their rankings bumps maybe you'll complain about them less.


And since you love recruiting rankings so much, the bulk of our team this year is composed of Harbaugh's back to back top 5 classes from 2016-2017.  So, how are those players "not good enough"?


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I can see where you’re coming from with the negativity. I’ve suffered through the last 10-12 season right there with you; however, I feel like we are leaps and bounds ahead of where Brady hoke left us. The roster is more talented and much deeper and will continue to improve.  If we get decent QB development I’d expect our rivalries to more like they used to be. 50/50.  I don’t care if you’re Jim Harbaugh or Bo Schembechler....you’re  not just going to walk in and make guys like Mark Dantonio and Urban Meyer look dumb every time you play them  

What really sucks is how close we’ve been. It grinds on us that much more. But you just have to suck it up sally. We’ve made a lot of coaching changes this year and things will continue to improve. And as our record improves....everything else gets easier. 

Blue in Paradise

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That is fair.  He definitely deserves some credit for the excellent core he put together for the 2015 and 2016 seasons.  I don't think he would have coached them to 10 win seasons (we were heading for a 4-8 record in 2015 based on QBs alone for 2015).

His recruiting collapse in 2014 and 2015 made regression in 2017 inevitable.  9-3 was chalk for 2017 and the season played out exactly as expected except that Michigan should have beaten MSU.  And they should have won the bowl game although who really cares about a glorified exhibition.



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We could’ve given Brady 10 years. It WASNT going to get better. I don’t feel this way with the current staff. 

Sure, we all wanted a national championship by year three but most of the time it not how it works. 

Brady is a good coach. A good D-line coach. Maybe DC. But I’m not sure u ever see the day where he takes a power 5 team to the top of the mountain. Just sayin’....


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I think both are fair. Brady Hoke was a fantastic cultivator of defensive talent, and was able to get some legit offensive weapons that elevated the offense in stretches. That being said, the offensive line has been incredibly under recruited and deficient during the entire stretch of Harbaugh's time here, so I think it's fair that Hoke shoulder the OL 2015/2016 blame, as a bad offensive line is really the only thing that kept Michigan out of the playoff in 2016. 

Blue in Paradise

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Seriously dude, this is supposed to be fun.  Nobody’s life is on the line.

if you are truly this angry and frustrated about the college choices of 16 and 17 year old kids, you need to start rooting for Bama or just find a new hobby altogether.

i love when Michigan wins but I don’t let losses impact my life.

get some perspective


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Not trying to bag on Michigan's class (since this year's class is down from past years.. so a high 3 star and any 4 star makes no difference to me). Although if were are just going to go by just numbers... the only players Michigan has committed that OSU wanted was David Ojabo and somewhat Eric Gray (someone they didn't really push hard for). OSU and Michigan are just recruiting different types of players for their scheme, so we don't usually fight for the same players. I know I'm not analyst, but I think some of Michigan's commit are overrated, but considering their rankings, they couldn't go wrong by choosing to going to Michigan to get developed and have a better chance of getting drafted.

Blue in Paradise

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I appreciate you being honest about being an OSU fan and you don't seem like you are trolling; however, a few notes:

1. OSU was after Chris Hinton and Nolan Rumler and, in fact, continue to reach out to both.  There was some chatter re: Rumler and OSU but he seems to have shut that down.

2. OSU was going hard after Stephen Herron when he committed and, in fact, there is still a CB on OSU for him (for what that is worth) - haven't heard that they are trying to flip him, so maybe not interested anymore

It is a bit ridiculous to say "I think some of Michigan's commits are overrated".  Of course, that could be true, but you could literally say that about every single team's recruiting class.  And you would be right 99% of the time that at least a couple of recruits in every class are overrated.


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Your first & second point is true... I was just going off the names I remember recently (just trying to make a point to STRINGER BELL's comment as though osu and psu were going after alot of guys that eventually committed to Michigan.

Your third point about saying my opinion that some of the Michigan's commitments are overrated.... it's just my feeling on some players (I really don't want to call out player individually - nothing something I would want to do to young guys that are probably reading this forum). In short, I'm  not that impressed with the back-end of the defense so far. Don't my lame assessment to heart. I know I could be wrong (I mean, still kinda salty we didn't get Jake Butt - who ended who being a great player.


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I'm not going to say say negative things about a specific player.

From UM's commitment, I really Mazi Smith, Zach Carpenter, and David Ojabo.

I will say the Zach Charbonnet feels like a weird fit for Michigan (not that he is overrated). The guy is 6'2, 215 lb... this is literally the type of guys that Bama likes to use to just maul defenders over. It feels a bit different from what I've seen you guys have under Harbaugh... which is usually smaller speedy back.


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Alright, you discovered my lies. Tbh I'm just going off what I remember band what I see from Michigan time to time. I really don't know all the players on MichigansM roster. All I know is Bama back are usually really big with physical, but Michigan's are (according to you guys) physical, but definitely speedy too. Honestly now that I think of it, it's Karan Higdon that I base my analysis from. Also i didn't mean that as a negative...just that it Zach seems like a difediffe back to me from what I've seen as Michigan.

Blue in Paradise

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Guy is working hard to troll this recruiting class.  At least he didn’t run and hide like the rest of his brethren during and after commitmas the last two weeks.

Not that ratings math is important but Michigan has a top 10 class in terms of avg ranking - and this will go up over 90 after Charbonnet, Gray and Williams get re-ranked higher.   247 has come out publicly that these are moving up.


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Neither running nor hiding here.  I simply HATE this MGoBlog 3.0 and everything about it.  I've been thinking about the design this morning and have come to the conclusion that the objective was to shut down the board discussions without actually coming out and saying so cause most of the stuff people have been complaining about were done on purpose, not "bug fixes".

Look at the number of comments on any given post nowdays.  In the past you could start a thread on countertops and get 100 responses.  Now?  Start a thread on virtually anything and you're lucky to get 25 comments which basically kills any legitimate discourse on all issues.

So back to your comment.  I am pleased we have landed these recruits.  I would be more pleased if they ranked higher as a group but if these are the players Harbaugh and company want...so be it.


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ThadMattasagoblin -

Do you realize that in the last two years we are 151-150 in points scored versus Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan State?  I don't think we are that far off from competing for a Big 10 title. The talent and the coaching are there.  This year will be a landmark year.  Mark me down for 11 wins.


July 9th, 2018 at 2:52 PM ^

Harbaugh vs aforementioned B10 rivals: 3-6.

A little shit luck and officiating rob job killed two of those contests. Another was killed by way of “WTF” QB play. 

In all honesty, Harbaugh should be 5-4 vs OSU, MSU, and PSU...6-3 with above average QB play. 

Yeah, the wins and losses are in the record books but the actual game play tells a different story.