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RyanAutullo Ryan Autullo 
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Ohio recruit Chris Wormley (Toledo Whitmer) tells me #Michiganranks No. 1 among group that includes OSU, ND, MSU. Will decide by end of Aug
Ryan Autullo is the Michigan Football Beat Writer for the Toledo Blade. Just passing along info, so the Wormley Committment Watch can only go on another 2 months max



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I don't think they are in it.  Sometimes I think kids just feel like they have to have a TOP 4 or a TOP 5 so they throw in a couple of cool sounding schools that have offered.  I think Michigan has played that "role" a lot in the past, where a kid will include us in a list of four or five but we really are not in it.



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I'd like Ekakitie, but he seems like a back-up plan at this point.  If we miss on someone, we would probably turn up the heat on Ekakitie.  Either way, he's a really good player and I'm sure he'd be a DT for us.


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His recruitment has been really strange. He has obviously been a strong Michigan lean for a long time.  I wonder what's holding back his decision? Possibly publicity for his teammates, similar to what Jordan Diamond is doing?


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More commitment watch for this clown I say we just move on and sign Pipkins and O'Brien ... Wormley can take his time but we need to move on , we have prospects that are better than him especially if we are looking to move him inside to the DT spot we should get players who already fit what we need .. Whats the point in signing a undersized DT then having to wait 2 -3 years for him to bulk up 40 lbs ..Im still not buying the hype around this guy ..I know people will neg bomb me and my post will be flamebait but O F#CKING WELL


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First, Wormley is a DE.  Second, it is June and you want to "move on" from this "clown"?  Pipkins and O'Brien are not deciding until August or later either, so why not "move on" from them??  Third, you can't sign anyone until February, so I'm not sure how you propose we sign O'Brien and Pipkins now anyway.  Fourth, Wormley is 6'5", 250 lbs. (so far)... I'd enjoy the entertainment that would come from you calling him a "clown" in person.  Then again, it would be a rather short event.




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And that is saying a lot. 

Who calls a 17 year old kid a "clown" for, you know, wanting to take the time to make the post important decision of his life.  And, August is STILL early in the recruiting process.

It's times like this that I long for the ability to call for a good old-fashioned neg-bang resulting in a long incarceration in Bolivia.


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As much as I find your post very uncalled for let me pass along a small bit of advice.  There is the MGoBoard link at the top, please click on MGoBoard FAQ.  Religion, and bashing current or future players are two things people and especially the MOD's have very little tolerance for.  

Again trying to state as nice as possible and not call you a "clown" but you really are going to get killed for this type of post.


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More than anything in this post, what angers me is your seeming implication that Wormley is an attention-whore. You do know that every commitment watch, drama, etc around Chris has invariably been started by 1) the media or 2) a fanbase, right? Chris hardly even talks to the media. I'll repeat what's been said several times over. You, sir, are the clown.

ND Sux

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you could have made your point without all the stingers and calling a future Wolverine "clown". 

I trust the coaches...they're getting great talent, and some of our commits are even being upgraded (see the Braden thread).  By "we need to move on", I think you're saying Wormley should grab a spot on the train while there's one to grab.  Nothing at all wrong with that opinion, but save the barbs for OSU, ND, and MSU. 

Please (everyone) don't forget many of our players and recruits read this board, and maybe even post on it.   


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Wormley's committment, I gotta say it's been a helluva month for the Wolverines.

I would love to see a post noting every significant event over the past month gonig all the way back to the very memorable Memorial Day.  Committments making verbals, offers to 2013 prospects, the implosion of tSiO, etc. 

The only downer for me is my doctor said I need less salt in my diet a.k.a less popcorn.

Sad face.