Quick thinking by Troy Woolfolk

Submitted by dnak438 on September 29th, 2010 at 1:24 PM

I didn't see this anywhere on the message boards, so I thought that I'd post it.  From Troy's twitter feed:

Just had to "google image" myself to stop them from taking me to jail cause I got pulled over and didn't have my license.



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Seriously, I know a Philip Manwiththemoves from high school, another Phil Manwiththemoves that my cousin used to date, and Phillipe Manwiththemoves that just got hired in accounting.


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So he used the, "Don't you know who I am? I'm Troy Woolfolk", thing? Or was there some sort of mistaken identity case, like they thought he was a car thief or a bond jumper?


September 29th, 2010 at 3:51 PM ^

I don't think so - sounds like he got pulled over, police asked for identification, he didn't have his license or other ID, so he tried to google image himself to prove that his name was actually Troy Woolfolk.  Just based on the tweet it doesn't sound to me like he was trying to play the "don't arrest me because people know me" card.


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For some reason, this title reminds me of Adam Sandler's "The Goat."

"Quick goat thinking, I go, 'They fuckin' superimposed me, man.  What the fuck do you want from me?'"

mad magician

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Isn't the purpose of a driver's license not only to affirm your identity but also to verify that, you know, you're allowed to drive? So how does google image rectify the situation?  I don't get it, so the cop says, "Oh you're Troy/T-Wolf Woolfork, you are free to go"?  Shamone!  Color me skeptical about this, sorry 29


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Troy injured his right ankle and isn't even on the sidelines yet.  If he's still on crutches and has a cast, he likely can't drive.  His injury was about six weeks ago.

I  had arthroscopic/microfracture surgery on my right ankle two weeks ago and will be on crutches for 6 weeks with strict orders to put no weight on my right foot. I can't drive for 6-weeks. 


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So if the point of the drivers license is just to confirm you are the person you say you are and they can just look you up than what's the point in even having it? I mean, you'd think between the insurance card with your name on it, the database showing you own the card and half a dozen (or more) other cards with your name on it as well as, possibly, your employee badge (if you have those) is that not enough to firmly establish your identity?  This also goes with my other issue of why do you always have to have a copy of your insurance on you - they can scan the database and find out if you have insurance or not so I think it's just a BS way to get people for money (I've been told a digital copy of the insurance isn't enough though that might not be true...)


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It's because a driver's license is government-issued photo identification. It's why you can use a passport to do all the things a driver's license can do (except for the driving part).

Insurance card, employee badge, credit cards, etc. aren't legally issued by a governmental agency (unless you work for the government).

Also, when I google my name, I get a Devo party:


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He was in the Superman & Denard training camp on how to go back in time but that whole injury thing got him. 


P.S. This is also why I'm predicting D-Rob never gets in trouble with the law - he also didn't both with BGSU because he saw how well his teammates did he figured his stats would be fine for just 9 mins of play