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Submitted by RollDamnTide on April 25th, 2012 at 12:13 PM
Does anyone know if Percy Harvin has a little brother? I hope he does, I want Urb surrounded by as many people that he can trust as possible. Haha just getting you all over the hump! Relax, Shane Morris will never leave Michigan, he's blue through and through. Saban is just doing what winners do, compete until the bell, and if the ref (NCAA) isn't looking, sneak in a jab.



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I was going to upvote, but then I read through and decided i might want to downvote, but then I kind of enjoy the hilarity, but also am jealous and want to downvote you for being drunk when I can't be...

And I guess what I'm trying to say is, my vote is for sale.


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#Wordsyouwillneverhearme say: I'm de-commiting from Michigan.

Good lad. 

To those of you who were at the Spring game, I saw a fan ((before the game) in the SW endzone, hand a baby to him and they got a picture of Shane with their infant.  If he pans out as advertised, that'll make one hell of a picture in 10 years.


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Fruity beers are a guilty pleasure of mine.  I had a Wild Blue Blueberry Lager yesterday and it was fantastic, definitely recommend it for you guys.

death by trident

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I have a growler of Camp 33 Tahquamenon Falls Brewery Blueberry Wheat Ale in my fridge.  Picked up some hard ciders while we were around Traverse City, too.  I found some really dry ciders that I enjoy, because I don't like sweet hard cider.


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Google search lists a tweet about Percy's little brother being a beast and fast. If he's the younger kid in the photo, Urban likely won't be coaching at OSU by the time he can play. I can't embed, but here is the link twitpic.com/5ot762

Can we go ahead and offer Berkley Edwards just in case he starts playing like Bray? I'm really not comfortable with him going elsewhere.

Edit: A sister is the only sibling mentioned on websites more reputable than Twitter (and in previous comments). Percy's own website says that he was involved in helping his mom run her daycare center, so he likely has dozens of "little brothers," like the one in the picture.


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I really don't like any Leinenkugel beers.   Now that I know they can result in incoherent posting that is even more reason to avoid them beyond the ass-like taste.