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WOLVERINENATION - the den ($$$)  If you don't have an account, you should get one.

From our good friend Tom-

Henrys dad spoke with the coaches on Friday, Henry spoke with them yesterday, and he's getting a visit from Mattison tomorrow.  Tom said it'd be very surprising for Poggi to end up at Alabama.

From the sounds of it, it was just about him going to see his friend at Alabama.  The coaches were well aware he was going, so lets end the his offer is pulled chat.

Sorry for the interruption, please go back to being excited about Derrick Green and being #1 in the polls.




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There seems to be a divide in our fan base as to whether MSU is really our rival. In-state Michigan fans consider the MSU rivalry only a step below Ohio. Out of state fans, however, tend to look at MSU as a school that we dislike, but as a far lesser rival. I guess you can say that Michigan / MSU rivalry is something of an instate rivalry, but not nearly as much outside of state borders. (obviously, I am generalizing a bit here).

My personal view, despite being from out of state is that Sparty is a rival, but more because they hate us so obsessively than because they are a team that we compete with. I know that they are coming off of a few good years against us, but historically, they beat us about as often as purdue or Minnesota. To me, a rivalry implies teams that are at least oddly matched more often than not, who battle for the same recruits, who respect each other despite being on opposite sides and who recognize each other as standing in the way of winning something big. Look at the Michigan - Ohio rivalry. Setting aside a few recent years, we are traditionally evenly matched, we battle for the big Midwest recruits, there is a respect amongst the hatred and often we battle for b10 championships. Now compare MSU. Setting aside the rr era, we historically dominate them. Until 2008, they were viewed as nothing more than a conference cupcake game on the difficulty scale. As for recruiting, while we compete geographically, again historically, Michigan and Ohio had their choice of Michigan talent, and MSU took what was left. Sure, that changed when rr was here, but it is going back and it will continue to do so as we keep reeling in talent and MSU reverts to their mean. As for respect, there is none in this rivalry. We do as a fanbase look at MSU as the scuzzy, kind of stupid punk little brothers and they look at a us jealously as arrogant, pompous self-important (yet successful) older siblings. Finally, historically, our games with MSU mean nothing - there is no more on the line than there would be when we play any other non-Ohio b10 school.

So, a rivalry, but only in the local sense. Just my view as an out of state fan.


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Since Bo got here in 1969, only OSU has more victories against us than Michigan State.

Ohio State has 20 victories against us

Notre Dame: 14 victories against us

Michigan State: 13 victories against us

Iowa: 9

Purdue: 7

Wisconsin: 7

Illinois: 5

Northwestern: 4

Minnesota: 3

Indiana: 1

Magnum P.I.

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Wins against us by percent of games played (also since 1969):

  1. ohio - 50%
  2. ND - 50%
  3. Penn State - 38%
  4. Michigan St - 29%
  5. Iowa - 27%
  6. Wisconsin - 21%
  7. Purdue - 18%
  8. Illinois - 13%
  9. Northwestern - 13%
  10. Minnesota - 8%
  11. Indiana - 3%

State is definitely in that middle tier with Iowa and Wisconsin when it comes to competitiveness. Poor Indiana.


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MSU's insistence on us being their rival makes it so that they are.  It's why 'lil bro works so well- we are their biggest rival and they aren't ours (very little brotherish).  It's almost sad- at least now that we won't play ND every year they maybe will jump them to be our number two rival making it less pathetic for MSU...
What are some other examples of teams whose biggest rivals don't recipricate?


January 29th, 2013 at 6:52 AM ^

Our new 2nd rival is: Nebraska -- that team we have to beat every year to be able to play Ohio twice in two weeks.

Agree with the poster above: Hart was right: Sparty is the upstart little brother. They had their few years while we were in turmoil, and will continue to be the little attack dog that puffs up and wins more often than they should (by playing as dirty as they are allowed). However, just as Mike said: sometimes you have to let them think they are getting ahead, just to smack them back down again.


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I am not saying that he "ruined everything."  I am just referencing the record during his tenure, which was very bad.  Before he came, we routinely beat MSU, losing the occasional game here or there.  During his tenure, and in the year following it, we lost 4 straight to MSU. 

Just stating a fact, not assigning blame.  If you want me to opine on why that happened, I will be glad to, but that debate is tired and has been done to death.


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Can these last few days get any better? Michigan receives a commitment from the # 1 RB in the nation, MSU loses a heartbreaker to Indiana while maintaining they didn't actually lose and it was the refs fault, Michigan beats Illinois convincingly on the road to get to first place in the big ten and # 1 in the nation.