Questions for Irish

Submitted by 3rdGenerationBlue on September 12th, 2010 at 9:24 AM

1) What is your opinion of Brian Kelly calling the flea flicker (picker) and going for a TD instead of FG at the end of the half?

2) What are the chances that either Rudolph (Mr. Speedy) or Floyd go pro after this year?

3) Do the ND quarterbacks think that Tacopants is on their team now?



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Your first paragraph was fine, you lost me after that. All you're doing with this post is rationalizing everything that happened, and your last sentence is outright offensive to the Michigan players, who gutted out a tough win in a hostile environment. Not to mention that you were spotted seven points when your receiver dropped the ball before crossing the goal line. Your team was outplayed, just accept that and give Michigan the credit it deserves.

Edit: to show how incendiary your comments have been, this was a reply to your comment on page one!


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MICH could be considered lucky that Crist was knocked out of the game,because had he played the entire first half ND might have won. However, ND should feel lucky that our secondary made so many horrible mistakes, essentially giving away points, and that our kicker missed two field goals, because this could have just as easily been a Michigan blowout.


September 12th, 2010 at 1:57 PM ^

Our secondary is really bad, but until the ND game, they weren't ZOMGZ, giving up multiple long bombs on clearly blown assignments bad.

And Crist was injured last year, was he not ( Maybe Crist getting hurt was not ND simply getting "unlucky," but rather, a function of Crist simply being injury prone, and that will be something ND will have to deal with all year.


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First I want to commend you for taking as much time as you have to respond after a loss like this.  Although Brian Kelly will likely prove to be a good coach at ND today he was Charlie Weiss with better conditioning. 

A true Freshman QB on his first drive asked to execute a flea flicker?  The last play of the half down 14 and you don't take the easy three points?  BK can pull that kind of crapola at Cinci where the 7 knowing football fans of smalltown fanbase might raise an eyebrow however he deserves to be put to the fire for such horrendous calls. 

If BK kicks the three at the half your final drive is a field goal to win from 49 yards or less.  For these reasons more than any other you need to accept this was truly an ND loss. 



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If he knew Crist was coming back into the game I agree that it was a poor decision to go for 6 at the end of the first half.  But It doesn't appear that they expected to have Crist back on the field and ND hadn't gotten into the redzone since the first drive of the game.  Chance to cut it to 1 score with UM getting the ball back to start the 2nd half, he had to try for it.


September 14th, 2010 at 12:23 PM ^

I'm not so sure about that. Crist was on the sideline passing the ball in the 2nd quarter...which he wasn't doing in the first. I feel they knew he was going to go in in the 3rd but didn't want to rush it in the second, so they gave him the halftime to make sure his eye was okay and to get even better.


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Irish is a classy ND fan and more than welcome on MGOBLOG anytime.  He brings up some good points.  The bottom line is that both teams had bad breaks and good ones.  It's the way the game is.

I think both teams are on the rise big time and look forward to some exciting games in the next four years.   I do think that Kelly's over aggressive coaching hurt ND.  In a close game, there's no reason not to take that field goal at the end of the half.