Questions about some less talked about prospects

Submitted by k06em01 on November 19th, 2009 at 12:50 AM

...These are four guys that we still seem to be sort of in on (visiting, at least), that we haven't heard much about. I was hoping that some of the board's recruiting guru's might be able to fill in the blanks.

Cassius McDowell - rivals reports that he has an offer. mgoblog lists him as a sad josh. is he going to commit or what!? Do we want him to!? He's got some decent offers...south carolina, ole miss, wisconsin, wake, west virginia, florida intntl. It seems like he's being thrown aside by recruiting fans much too easily. I mean...we wouldn't be bringing up for the osu game if we weren't interested, would we?

Brennan Clay - we all know that tate's been working on him hard throughout the process. since he committed to okla though, we haven't heard much...until today, that he might be visiting for the osu game. is this just to hang with his cali guys and see a good game, or is there legitimate interest!? maybe he's treating the stoops to nd rumors seriously?!

Kenny Shaw - we've got one or two (drake) slot recievers already, but shaw would obviously be the best. like clay, haven't heard anything about him until hearing that he's visiting today. florida state lean. maybe he is having second thoughts about that program...with bowden in limbo.

Richard Ash - haven't heard anything from him until his plans to visit either. is he just coming up to hang with his boys, or is he legitimately interested. i thought that he was leaning towards minnesotta, south florida and usc. chances? serious interest?




November 19th, 2009 at 1:12 AM ^

I'd like to know if there are any under the radar ILB's. Maybe some last resort/get bodies type or some highly held guys we could get. Charles Favors is listed as interested in us, but not offered, on rivals. I would rather get Furman, Christian, Grimes, Knight etc, but if we have a few slots open we still need bodies...

Oh and as far as Ash is concerned I think it was Tom who said he is visiting for the OSU game, and the Pahokee crew is really pushing hard to get him here


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There's a couple ILB's they're looking at.

Tyrone Cornelius is one. The guy that I like, that doesn't have an offer YET, is Steve Mehrer. They're still evaluating him, and depending on how everything plays out will probably end up offering. He'll pick Michigan if/when we do.


November 19th, 2009 at 1:18 AM ^

Cassius McDowell is still apparently in contact with the coaches. With the focus on defense, I don't see us taking him, unless the class doesn't fill out. I'm not sure, though.

Clay is not coming this weekend. The Oklahoma coaches were not excited about him coming, so he's not. I will tell you that I'm intrigued by the Stoops to ND rumors. If those rumors continue, and Weis is fired, we might see some movement.

I don't think Shaw would be a slot receiver, but I could be wrong. I think he'll play Z, again could be wrong. He is having second thoughts, it's more like a just to make sure thing. We'll see what happens after this visit. I know he would like to play with Ricardo and Demetrius Hart, though he still might not choose Michigan.

Richard Ash doesn't talk a lot about his recruitment. I've talked to some of the Pahokee kids, but not him. They've told me that they want him to come to Michigan pretty bad, and he knows it. He's going to take a couple more visits after this, so we won't know anything on him for awhile, unless this one blows him away.


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I'm just excited Michigan is getting such a highly regarded group of recruits in for the game. Having OSU at home this year may prove to be a great asset for recruiting. Not that it will ever happen but how amazing would it be if we somehow in the end got 6-8 of these guys coming in for the weekend. Here's to hoping they have a memorable experience being in town for the greatest rivalry in college football and that they can see the potential for this team and how they can impact us moving forward. Also Ricardo needs to work some of his magic!


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It has been a rough recruiting season since September. I can;t tell you how many great recruits have been coming to the games, but are not committing. I thought for sure we had That Arimede guy that committed to UCLA. Was totally shocked after he visited us and decommitted from Duke, thought he was committing to M.

Was anyone else shocked by that? It seems like we are not "locking" up the big time recruits when we have them ready to committ.