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Submitted by michgoblue on December 15th, 2015 at 11:20 AM

Several posters in the MGoFish thread have speculated that our next DC could be Jim Leavitt.  Having not really followed USF at all, I know virtually nothing about him other than the unfortunate "incident" that led to his departure.  So, my question for those more knowledgeable (Magnus, Alum96, Space Coyote, etc.) is this:  putting aside his incident, which is pretty well discussed all over the web, what is the story with Leavitt?  Is he considered a good talent developer?  Schemer?  Recruiter (which I think is critical for a DC)? 

Thanks for any info.



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Well, he did take a program that didn't exist before he got there to #1 in the country.  And coached on the spectaular niners defenses when Harbaugh was there.  The "incident" is my only reservation -- but's a big one.

EDIT: It was #2 in the country.  My bad.  Still pretty okay, in my book.

EDIT2: And to those obsessed with stopping the spread-n-shred at all costs, he beat RR's 2007 nuclear Fiesta-bowl-winning team 21-13.


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When I was googling him, I, too, was pretty impressed that he took a program from formation to highly ranged in such a short time. 

But, that incident troubles me, as well.  However, I will say that aside from that one incident, I haven't seen anything else that leads me to believe that the guy has major charactor flaws or is slimy. 


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People seem to be brushing this off...the dude apparently lied to officials and then told his players and coaches to lie about him striking his player... Yeah even if he didn't do all that...negative recruiting spin by the opposition is inevitable.


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Leavitt turned USF from a fledgling program into one that beat people he had no business beating.  A Florida State Trooper contradicted the charges that were used as an excuse to fire Leavitt without paying him. 

Basically, Leavitt was a victim of his own success.  He got them to #2 in the country for a week.  When he had a bad year, Donna Shalala wannabe Judy Genshaft decied that he wouldn't be the coach to get USF to the "next level."  So, she fired him.

How has that worked out for USF?  I would love to see Leavitt take the DC job. 


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I suppose the Oklahoma and Georgia teams that offense bombed in BCS bowls for 48 and 38, respectively, were retreads?

*I promise I'm not trying to raise RR arguments.  Just saying Leavitt is impressive for stopping that WVU offense.  Almost no one else could.


December 15th, 2015 at 12:00 PM ^

 I was joking.  I know his offenses at WVU performed well at times.  My commentary was more having to do with his teams here.  It seems like we scored 13 points in multiple ass beatings.  Thats all(s) I'm saying.


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put up 37 points against Utah this year. Our offense didn't.

In fact, they put up a ton of points this year against defenses good and bad. The problem, as is usually the case with him, is that his defense sucked ass.


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Arizona did lose their best defensive player at the beginning of the season, and were then riddled with injuries on the defensive side of the ball throughout the season.

Our defense didn't do too well after we lost one of our best defensive players (Glasgow). It's hard to perform well when injuries cripple you. I do think Casteel is a pretty solid DC. Not a silver bullett, but also not shit. 


December 15th, 2015 at 2:16 PM ^

Yeah, and they put up a whopping THREE on Washington. His offenses do do pretty well and his defenses do him absolutely no favors but his offenses seem to have that one game a year where they just completely shit the bed (2007 13 vs USF and 9 vs a 3-8 Pitt).


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when RR was hired at UM, Tressell went down to USF to pick Leavitt's brain about how to defend RR's spread offense.  In RR's last two years at WVU, the Mountaineers went 22-4.  Two of those losses were to USF and both times WVU's offense, which was a well oiled machine at that ime, was held under 20 pts.  I'm hoping this means Harbaugh isn't taking the OSU beating lightly.


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I voted for Jabrill for Hornung like 25 times (for all the good it did!)

We have got to change the rules of this blog so we can upvote a post as many times as we want too - like yours M-Dog!



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That loss also opened the door for LSU to sneak into the BCS title game, which made it difficult for Les Miles to leave and take the Michigan job, which opened the door for Rich Rod take it instead. So Pat White's broken thumb was the butterfly wing that disrupted the space-time continuum and ultimately altered the history of Michigan Football. 


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I don't think it's what posters are trying to do, but I hate calling it an "incident" because it minimizes the severity of his actions.  At the same time, as an alum, I wouldn't have an issue with the hire.  It's in the past, and everyone has exercised bad judgment and made stupid mistakes in life.  Second chances are fine for many issues.  It just means the person will be on a shorter leash.