questions about the de-recruiting process

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The early enrollees will be hitting campus sometime in the coming week or so.

Heard a term used by a coach and also heard the term used in one of the All Star games.

De-recruiting I belive.  Anybody familiar with this process. I appreciate any feedback thanks.



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when you recruit players to play defence. 'D'-recruiting. As opposed to 'O'-recruiting for offense. I'm not sure if you are serious or I am being trolled here...


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When O-Recruting, you need to wear your "O"-face. O skill players are all about the sexiness of the position. When D-Recruting, you need your De-face. They love to wreck things.

And yes, that hurt even me to do it.


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I'm assuming that it refers to the fact that you've talked up the school so much and the players are now going to have reality hit them pretty hard. Basically, you have to de-recruit them to get them adjusted to reality.


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The recruits hit campus with everyone in their ear telling them how great they are and that they are the best player in their state or in the nation at their position.

When they get to campus they are just another freshman trying to earn playing time against a bunch of guys with more expeience who are bigger and stronger.   As you might imagine, it's a tough transition for some kids. 




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and it has to do with the recruiting of dee hart... it's a sad tale of woe with a cast of sordid characters from Michigan's darker days.


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It's a cause and effect scenario. Sometimes you recruit an individual and they might commit to your program. In some cases, said recruit unfortunately decommits, forcing you into the process of de-recruiting. Otherwise known as un-recruiting.


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Step 1: Recruiting

  • You are awesome.
  • You are the best!
  • You are going to be the awesomest and bestest linebacker in the world!
  • You see Ray Lewis in this formation? That's you!
  • Look how much everyone here loves you!
  • You're gonna put on the winged helmet and win Rose Bowls!

Step 2: Signing


Step 3: De-Recruiting

  • You're meat.
  • Get off that block!
  • You are the 2nd worst linebacker on our roster right now.
  • You see how James Ross is diagnosing the play and shifting his formation? Until you know to do all of that as well as he does that won't be you.
  • Look around and see there's 8 other guys with as much hype and more experience than you vying for the same spot you are.
  • You're gonna take 16 credits of University of Michigan coursework, and stay above a B average or you're not even coming to the Rose Bowl.


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I think they were discussing Tatoo's effect on recruiting players to Fantasy Island.  It's a different process than most traditional schools, since you have a lot of high school kids who aren't really interested in playing there but want the free trip to paradise. 



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have to do when their recruiting classes needs paring down to meet the limit?

"Son, I know I said Alabama was the place for you, but turns out I was wrong. Get the fuck outta here."


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 a hurry up offense outside of the 2 minute drill but it seems to me that it would be great for padding the stat sheets, hard to stand out...and a pain in the azz to learn.

As a recruit assuming it's not what you learned in HS, what's the advantage to Hurry Up?


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Either I'm too old and the youth today don't know this joke, but how can there be this many comments said without a deeez nuts reference? This topic is the perfect set up for it.

Everyone Murders

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I'm pretty sure Dr. Dre and Daz were well into their 20s by the time The Chronic came out. 

[Edited by Everyone Murders - YouTube link deleted, as my sense of discretion came into play.  The point was that there is a well-known intro on Dr. Dre's The Chronic that made a famous Deeez Nutz joke, which seemed to spark a lot of them.  Google it if curious (it's called Deeez Nuuuts), but it's unsurprisingly a tad sexist, profane, and racially-charged.] 



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Me: "Hey Don, you ever see these before?"

You: "These what?"


any set up to get you to say "These what?"

I too am getting up there (40's , not in your wheel house yet I know) but that’s how I remember it.

EDIT: What Eric from Dayton said^^. Also remember making the "Ok" sign with your hand, putting down around your crotch and trying to get people to look at it then hitting them if they did.

Wolverine 73

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That's when you recruit kids with great physical gifts who have trouble maintaining a D average in high school, and may need a year of prep school before they can qualify.  It's the opposite of A-recruiting, which is what the Ivies do.


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I'll try a genuine reply given the inability to match the hilarity in some of these replies. I think it's a blanket term covering a few things. I think the term refers to the recruit want:space ratio. At this point a team may have 4 spots but 10+ total potentials left and some at the same position (let us largely leave oversigning out for point purposes but they do it as well). So, a staff sometimes does the "cool off" on a commit hoping to give the signal to look elsewhere in order to make room for others they like better and still in on. I also think the term refers to cooling off on offered kids, steering them away without outright pulling the offer. Especially if said recruit is a long time "lean" or is close/has ties to the program and pulling the offers appears bad publicly. Finally, some places do practice "medicals" and such on roster players around this time to open space, some more open and more vicious than others. Basically, I think it's a blanket term for the last stretch every program has to make the best team possible this time of year. Some programs just go about it differently and others plan ahead to avoid the sticky situations, as Cartman would say. Recruiting is a personal business in that you can slight a school and hurt your future there by not doing this part well. You're dealing with kids, families, HS coaches and sometimes roster players. To me, "de-recruiting" is maybe the thing that best shows the personality of a staff. Things like ability to plan ahead, general honesty, honor, etc.


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 Good answer, may also wish to throw in trying to keep a desired recruit by talking them into a “preferred walk-on” role rather than going to another school.

 But generally believe it’s just someone trying to throw a term on the process Seth has outlined. Now come the rigors instead of the ballyhoo.


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What Tom Izzo does these days to 5 Stars he has "in the bag" so that they don't let current 5 Stars form the same state look bad.     Also, what Dantonio does to local recruits, to make room for the hyper galactic visitors.