Questionable source tweets “Huge Pick Up”

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Rasean Reeves tweeted out “Huge Pick Up” so naturally with all things Michigan Football, I check MGoBlog for a Buckle up post....Sam Webb....Wiltfong.....Lorenz...Dudek (I’m a teacher on summer vacation and dying for some UM news) and I don’t see anything really. Anyone from the board or with VIP access to other boards hearing anything? As a follow up and probably a more important question, is Resean Reeves a good source?



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Let's think about this rationally. Maybe a 3 star tight end recruit that Harbaugh brings in is more or less guaranteed to be a big time player. Fine. But if it's that easy then it's not a huge get. A huge get is a guy who's a highly rated recruit that has offers from everywhere but he chose us because he believes.


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So offers from OSU, Clemson, and Georgia don't mean anything?  Or is he only a huge get if he has those offers and is highly rated?

Would you consider Devin Bush a huge get?  He was a player the coaches wanted desperately and had offers from Alabama, FSU, Georgia, and LSU but he was outside of the top 300.  

What about Wheatley Jr.?  He had USC, Alabama, and FSU offers but was also outside of the top 300.

And it's not easy to find a 3 star tight end who will be a star, it matters the ones that Harbaugh targets and goes after.   McKeon was the number 45th TE in the 2016 class, the 43, 44, 46, and 47 TEs have 3 catches combined.  Michigan didn't offer them, but they offered McKeon for a reason.


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Clemson OSU and Bama sign 3-star players too! Does not mean that the kid will be a star just because he had that offer sheet. Guys like Derrick Green and Terry Richardson had offers from all around the country, yet they were pretty average players at this level. Mckeon is more an exception to the rule than the standard.


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Maybe if you trust recruiting services over evaluations from coaches, then no. But With Harbaugh’s track record with tight ends and the offer list of this kid, id say this is probably one of the numerous times where the coaching staffs know a helluva lot more than some guys who only see these kids on video or in T-shirt’s and shorts.

Ron Utah

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kurpit is a troll without a clue.  Deal has offers from almost every national powerhouse that uses TEs, including Alabama, Ohio State, Auburn, Clemson, Notre Dame, Georgia, and USC.  He's a 4* and #246 in the nation on 247.  He's a willing, capable blocker, has soft, strong hands, runs good routes and has plus athleticism for his size.

Yes, if he commits, it's a huge pick-up.  kurpit gonna kurpit.


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If I honestly don't agree with what somebody is saying I'm not going to change my opinion just because that's what some other Michigan fan is saying.

Nothing I said about is even bad. People here just get so upset if you don't take a hardline homer position on everything.


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WHY don’t you join was a reference the the circle jerk comment. Pretty sure it was a joke and nobody suggested you change your opinion.
For the record, your original question seemed fair. And the answers indicating his value > rankings make sense too. So happy weekend to all!

Mr Miggle

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But because you're a miserable fan who's always pointing out any negative you can think of. And because you come across as somehow believing that makes you superior to others because yo're more objective.

As far as I can tell, you are neither.

Always looking for a positive spin is no more or less objective than what you do, but those people are a hell of lot more peasant to be around. And many here who don't like your posts aren't in that group.


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People take positivity to the point of idiocy here. Predicting 11+wins every year is dumb. Predicting that Black and DPJ would be better as freshmen than Chesson and Darboh were as seniors is dumb. Calling every 3* player Michigan signs "underrated" is dumb.

It's not negative to take an objective viewpoint or wait-and-see attitude. It doesn't make anybody less of a fan either.

Mr Miggle

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or some such thing is both dumb and annoying. 

Sure, some posts are overly optimistic. The WRs is a good example. But some of those optimistic posts have been proven to be correct. Instead of disagreeing with the ones you find outlandish, you have been attacking nearly every optimistic take and lumping in everyone else with the poster you criticise. That's trolling, my friend.


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The kid has offers from the likes of Michigan, Ohio State, Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson, Auburn, Georgia, USC, LSU and Florida. It’s pretty safe to say the kid is probably underrated.

The only other kids Michigan fans really tout as being underrated are players like Jack Stewart. A kid the scouting services had no clue about due to the fact that they’re lazy and he doesn’t go to camps. He has offers from Arizona, TCU, Texas A&M, Arizona State, Baylor, Kentucky, Ole Miss, and a host of other P5 programs, and hey look. Auburn just offered the kid too. Doesn’t sound like a kid that wouldn’t have a profile on ESPN, zero information on rivals, and next to nothing on 247 now does it? Kid was well outside of the top 1,000 recruits before his commitment.

Michigan has recruited numerous players like that in the last few classes. There are players that are justifiably looked at as underrated. You could watch Khaleke Hudson play football and easily tell he was underrated at a 3* and #386 overall. You can do the same thing with guys like Michael Barrett. Kid won player of the year in Georgia’s highest classification. He’s got a good build. Good speed. And the kid can flat out play football. I’d go out on a limb and say he was probably underrated at a 3* and #753 overall.

Nobody is saying these should all be 5* guys. Just that where they’re ranked isn’t really accurate based on their talent level and their offer sheets. Rankings are rarely accurate. They over rank guys (like Derrick Green) and they underrank guys (like Khaleke Hudson). It happens. It just so happens that Michigan has gone after a number of those guys that appear to be incredibly underranked by these recruiting sites. Mostly due to the sheer laziness of the recruiting sites themselves.


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Exactly. People see the stars next to a kid’s name and his overall ranking and make their opinion on whether a kid is good or not.

It’s more important to look at WHY he’s ranked where he is. Does he go to camps? Is he from an underscouted area? Is there much out there on him in terms of scouting reports?

Then look at his offer list. Does the offer list match-up with his ranking? At the end of the day, I’ll take the evaluation of coaching staffs over the evaluation of these guys who only see highlight tapes and camps.

SMart WolveFan

May 25th, 2018 at 8:03 PM ^ think I was gonna come to a FAN BLOG and acually be supportive of my team, hope for them to reach their full potential and play their little hearts out; then, maybe, our band of two stars could shock the world.

Thanks for setting me straight, whew.


Maybe later you can come by and convince my kids Santa Claus dosen't exist.


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*ahem* (re: the “Sparty troll” allegation) I can vouch he is not one of ours, and also it’s sort of pathetic/flattering that people around here hurl “sparty” as an epithet to dismiss anyone with an opinion they don’t agree with.

Given that Sparty is a title of esteem, it just seems counterintuitive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Tight End has to be one of the most under appreciated skill positions in football. If you have an elite tight end its so difficult to defend them im not saying hes elite. But look at jake butt in college, he opened up passing lanes for chesson and darboh