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Submitted by bosox1519 on July 14th, 2010 at 11:39 AM

Like many of you I got NCAA 11 yesterday. I have not started my dynasty yet as I am waiting for named rosters to be released for the PS3. So, for those of you doing Michigan dynasties: Who are you gonna start at QB? I'm leaning towards Denard after I just beat ND 35-12 and Denard was 9-11 passing with a TD, had 62 rushing yards and 2 TDs, and had a 63 yard TD reception. Tate was just 3-10, with a TD pass to Denard. 

Sidenote: Formation subs rock. I'm putting Denard all over the field.



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Only played a couple of games yesterday - waiting to go full bore whenever the rosters are uploaded. 

Starting Denard at QB, who is sick in the open field.  However, due to restrictions for "making the game too easy" - it feels like if a DE gets near him, and you try to sprint away - you're toast.  So far Denard has been good for around 250 yards passing, 50 yards rushing, 3 total TDs, 1 turnover per game. 

Odoms is a beast in the game - I only scored 5 or 6 offensive TD's in two games (didn't adjust the clock settings) and he had three of them. 

Justin Turner is pretty solid as well - had a pick six for about 90 yards with him against UConn. 

DLine is pretty sick - Martin and RVB are a good team.  LBs feel weak, as does most of the secondary (Turner is a standout for me through two games).  But that's what I call "realism". 

Overall I think it's a great game and I have yet to even scratch recruiting.  I thought it would be "Madden 2010 in NCAA's skin" - which... it's close to - but there are things I am seeing in NCAA 2011 that Madden didn't have.  Most realistic football game ever made.


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I have Tate playing more than Denard, but I love to run the read option with DRob. Who are you guys starting at RB-Shaw or Smith?


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For some ridiculous reason, the game has him faster than Shaw, with Shaw's speed being way underrated. I know speed isn't everything, but that is Shaw's main asset, and they blew it.

As far as the topic goes, I started out using Tate, but have switched to Denard now. You can definitely notice a difference when passing, but anytime I run outside with Denard, if he can get around that corner and up the sideline, it is fun to watch those guys chasing from a couple yards behind and not being able to catch up.

As far as the rest of my team, I made a created team but used Michigan's roster and named them, and turned Demar into Cam Gordon, adjusting his ratings too. Craig Roh is a beast in the game (and in real life, of course.) I start Marvin Robinson at linebacker, and he has made some big plays too.

Has anyone else had problems when pitching the ball, where it will go way over the running back's head, and then he will just stand there while the defense recovers it? That has happened to me a few times, and it gets really annoying.


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Honestly, it is probably a little bit of both. It has Smith a 91, but Shaw only an 87? A lot of people forget how fast Shaw is. To compare, it also has Fitzgerald Toussaint at 95 speed. I know he is fast too, but if he is any faster than Shaw at all, it isn't by much.

...and apparently somebody is mad that NCAA 11 is getting a lot of attention, as almost every post is getting negged, even really helpful ones.


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I have had that same issue, but only when I make a bad read or am past the line of scrimage.  For example if there is a defender between my QB and my RB or if I'm already past the line of scrimmage and now my RB is more concerned with looking up field to block then waiting for the ball.  Still a flaw, but not unbearable. 

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in 2011. i cant adjust to the camera angle. back wen VY was @ texas ALL i did was run the option. in 2010 i played online with oregon and used the option and just destroyed kids. now, the camera is too close to the qb so i cant see my rb sometimes, wen i do pitch the acceleration screws my RB cuz he cant get to top speed fast enuf so i cant pick up very many additional yards. im sure after a week or two of playing i can adjust but right now its frustrating as hell to have wat was once a staple in my offense and a go to play become something that is just a TFL/TO waiting to happen.

EDIT: i know asking why ur getting negged is A) asking for more and B) against the golden rule BUT im curious: why am i getting negged? do you(whoever u are) disagree with my assessment? please explain


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Along with Teric Jones, those two transferred after 1st year. We went 11-1 with a Rose Bowl victory over Gtech. I tried getting them to stay, but they told me not to even bother changing their minds. By the way, Craig Roh and Mike Martin are unreal to play with in this game. Both 2nd team All-Americans.


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denard transfered after a national championship and he had started most of the yr cause tate went down in week 4 for the season

i use autosave to make sure i dont just turn it off after losses but never did i think that would cost me denard

as for the original question ...

start tate, use formation subs for denard ... when they were healthy (or in my second season with gardner) i tend to take a 66-33 split between the 2 ... if ur pass heavy use tate

dline and jturner are sick

recruiting could actually be called hard this yr (you can change the diffuculty of it, which is seperate to regular diffuculty, i started on varisty to get used to it and only got a 12 man class the first year and then 19 the next) because you dont choose your pitch always and it seems a lot harder to come from behind on guys. This is good but gone are the days of 15+ 5 stars joining your ranks every year


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I haven't figured out yet how to run the read option.  How do you hand the ball off if the DEs are playing contain on the QB?  Every time I try to run the read option the QB just keeps it every time.  I have the 360 by the way.


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...but still fun. I am 8 games into my first season with a created team (Michigan's roster and almost the same school ratings as Michigan) and have four commitments. I am a 7-1 team also. I have two of the top 20 offensive tackles, the top FB in the country, and a 3 star in state receiver that committed the minute I offered. All four were from pipeline states, with two from Ohio, One from Texas, and one from Michigan. It is hard to keep up with players outside of your normal recruiting area.

Oh, and my recruiting difficulty is set on All-American. It may be that I am in the first year with a created team, but it is really hard on All-American. Not that that is a bad thing, as it got kind of boring having 5 stars 3 deep on the roster. It definitely won't be so easy to use somebody like CMU and win the national championship...

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Who is negging all these posts? I'm not really interested in video games that were released past 1984 (I fuck. shit. up. on Robotron, dude), but come on...

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I use Devin Gardner the most at QB personally. He has running ability (on the game) rivaling Denard..his passing is eerily similar to Tate in both ability and style but he has the strongest arm of the three and can make throws the others can't. I'd recommend giving him a try if you haven't already. Fitzgerald Toussaint is easily the most complete RB on the roster. Cox has similar running ability but less speed and is less dangerous as a blocker and receiver. Smith and Shaw are very good in the pass game, and they break the occasional nice long run but lack the size, power and consistency of Toussaint. Terrence Robinson and Roy Roundtree are f'in sh*t up with their speed at WR. I have really been pleasantly suprised at how fast and tough the defense is also. Roh, Martin, Campbell and Mouton are all tough and B. Hawthorne at OLB gives QBS hell (esp. in the 2-4-5). Kovacs, Floyd and Woolfolk are shutdown DBs so far...Emilien is just solid not great. Justin Turner also provides an excellent Nickel/bandit type of player. Turner is great to blitz Pryor with!


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I play on Heisman.  Last year, I went 124-40 in online play so I can hold my own against just about anyone.  This year, I'm getting lit up all across the field and find myself battling against the CPU for a win.  I lost to ND in my dynasty, giving up 400 yards of offense.  The AI is so much better this year.


July 15th, 2010 at 7:55 AM ^

Heisman mode is wrecking me. I played on Heisman last year to great success, but the CPU is challenging me with every team I've played against with the exception of FCS-East. I'm having a ton of difficult throwing the ball: receivers are frequently dropping passes and the linemen are still ridiculously great at batting down passes.

Though I must say, deflected balls behave more realistically this year.


July 14th, 2010 at 6:06 PM ^

The drops are getting ridiculous.  It helps a bit to switch to conservative, but I had one game where my WR's dropped more than half of their passes. 

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Can you still do custom stadium sounds for situational instances, like a stop on third down and so on?

I have all that stuff from last year's game, and it really adds to the authenticity.


July 15th, 2010 at 12:06 AM ^

While we're on the general topics of the game, does anyone know how to alter the depth chart and actually have those alterations apply when you play online?

I had this issue with last year's game and basically gave up on trying to make it work. For fuck's sake, I want Odoms at SLOT!

Any help would be appreciated and I'll even accept being called a n00b if I can figure this out.

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I left Tate #1 on my depth chart, but I have Denard as my QB in about half of my formations.  My time split is about 50/50.  I love the new hurry-up offense.  I generally run a lot of hurry-up and keep the same QB in for an entire drive.  When Denard is on the field, run/pass split is probably around 65% run & 35% pass.  When Tate's in, It's around 40% run & 60% pass.

I'm playing on Heisman with 7 min quarters and I like the way things are going.  I'm 5-0 so far and Denard is averaging about 100 passing ypg and 45 rushing ypg.  Tate is averaging aroung 160 passing ypg and 20 rushing ypg. 

At RB, I'm splitting most of my carries between Shaw & Smith.  I have Cox as my RB in a few formations and use him sometimes in short yardage situations.  I've actually broken a few long runs with Cox and he's leading my team with 7.5 ypc.  Shaw & Smith are both around 4.5 ypc.

I also love how realistic the Defense is.  It seems like blitzes finally do a good job of pressuring the QB.  I've found that when I only rush 3 or 4, the QB usually has a ton of time to sit back and pick me apart.  I think Roh, Martin, & RVB are all beasts on the D-line.  They each have either 2 or 3 sacks for me through 5 games.  My linebacking corps has been average at best.  Asside from Woolfolk and Turner my DB's have been pretty frustrating.  My starting safeties to start the season were Vlad & Kovacs, but Kovacs was way too slow so I replaced him with Cam Gordon during the ND game and I've started Gordon ever since.