Question - Team singing The Victors with the MMB and student sections.

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So we're in a slow news period here... 

So here's a question that seems to be a bit of a head-scratcher, needing a real Michigan Man, one who values the tradition, to answer...

When was the first time in anyone's memory, that Michigan football players went to the student-section corner of the field to sing The Victors with the students and MMB after a game?



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Did Rodriguez start it?  The first time I remember it happening after all wins was Miami (OH) in 2008...

Then again, I didn't start going to games until 2007...


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I think it first happened after the PSU game in 2002, when we won in OT.  It was a spontaneous thing for awhile.  It became a regular post-win thing under RR.


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that would mean Rich Rodriguez embraced a tradition ... this can't be true. /s/

They can ditch the hold the rope and hard edge banners, but I hope they keep the pre-game walk, and singing The Victors after a win.


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Back in the 90s I seem to remember them singing at away games. They would go over to the michigan fan seat locations and sing the victors.  I don't know if that was just the games I happened to go to, or if it was all of them.

The away games I've gone to in the last couple years they have not done that.  I really missed it.. It was a nice touch since we traveled to hell to watch them and then had to deal with all their fans and crappy stadiums....the day would end with the team singing with us.




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I was pretty sure it was not until Rodriguez.  Miami was the first win in 2008 and someone mentioned it happened then.  I was at the Wisconsin game a week later (the amazing win, courtesy of the defense) when it was repeated.  The open discussion was that this was a completely new "tradition."

In fact, it was unheard of back in the day.  I was an undergrad, and then grad, from 79-87 and it NEVER happened.  Bo was too serious for such frivolity.  He hated the Wave too when it started in 1983.  (Get it?  Wave83?)

Someone mentioned that there was a spontaneous occasion in 2002 after the Penn State game.  That would be great, if true.  I have no idea.

I do think it is a nice touch to acknowledge the students and connect them to the team.  It is a reminder that home football games SHOULD be primarily about the student experience, and only secondarily about the alumni and the media.


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yes. Players singing The Victors with the students, I don't think so. Being that I was one of the people playing it I'm pretty sure the players and students were just going crazy. It always sucked after big wins that the players seemed to ignore the band as they left the stadium. Oh well, such is life for a band dork.  


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Well, we did it after we beat OSU in 1997....but EVERYONE was on the field and we had a whole ceremony then.  Pretty sure Rodriguez started the tradition as we see it that I like a lot by the way.  I hope Coach Hoke keeps it.


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I was in the MMB for the '92 season, I recall them coming over to sing with us after the big victory over Washington.


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After receiving the Orange Bowl trophy the team came over to where the band was sitting and Rob Renes climbed the ladder and actually conducted The Victors as the team sang.  Drew Henson actually missed the team bus back to the hotel and had to ride one of the MMB buses.    

Bando Calrissian

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In 2006 or 7 (I think it was '07), a bunch of us in the MMB had some meetings to try to figure out new ways to get the students and the team more involved with each other, and came up with the idea of having the team come to the corner of the field after the game and sing the Yellow and Blue and the Victors with the student section.

The idea was taken to the band administration, and somewhere on the administrative ladder between the MMB and Athletics, it got soundly vetoed.  No questions asked, it ain't happening.  So, take that for what it's worth.

As for Section 1's shameless attempt at trolling with the "Michigan Man" meme, well, that's another thing altogether.  We get it, you're still mad about Rich Rodriguez.

Section 1

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Lots of interesting answers, some surprising trivia, and general agreement on when the current tradition, such as it is, started.  A conclusion which you, Bando, have very much assisted in achieving.  Band members always have interesting views on the games.  This board would be a very much lesser place without your participation.  We are so lucky to have the MMB and all of its traditions.  Hail, Mr. Revelli, Hail, Dr. Cavendish.

Bo Schembechler's FIRST office visitor as the new Head Coach was William D. Revelli, who told Bo that they were both perfectionists, and he'd give Bo anything he wanted to help with the football team.  Bo asked Revelli to come teach the team "The Victors."  Revelli did it, himself.

And then, completely destroying the myth/misconception that the current team didn't know "The Victors," Coach Rodriguez made it an on-field part of every home win.


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Rodriguez was the first to establish it as a regular event.

That being said, he was also the first to blare "LOSE YOURSELF" on 3rd downs.

I'd call it a push.


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"2005 versus Penn State... it happened."

Actually no, it didn't.  Watch the end of the clip below.

There was a flurry of people in the middle of the field (including band members), and it ended up not happening.   In fact, I don't remember it ever happening between 2003 and 2007... The closest we ever came that I remember is after the ND game in 2006.  The football team went over to the band and caught them in the middle of the Victors Waltz.  They were gone before the band went back to the trio.




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IIRC, it took forever for Chris Perry and his posse to get out of the South endzone. We played The Victors twice. Not enough time for singing with the student section. Besides, I know it didn't happen because I was getting my ass onto the field as fast as possible to start partying!


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In regards to the pictures....


individual players celebrating with fans = Organized homage to the University by the team singing the fight song?


Even in 2002 I don't remember it being our entire team sanctioned by the coaches.  Wasn't it still a spontaneous act by a portion of the team?  My memory may very well be faulty.


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Someone upthread mentioned the 1993 Rose Bowl. I was there and can confirm it happened. The team came over with the Rose Bowl trophy and sang the Victors with the band and all the fans that were at the game. So this kind of thing wasn't invented any time recently. However it wasn't a common occurrance back then.

Ike Pond

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My ealiest recollection of the team singing the victors with the MMB and the fans was after the first game against Penn State in 1993 -- the  20-13 win at State College.  I was lucky enough to be sitting in row 3 that day.  That was awesome!  It happened occasionally from then on but only after really big wins.  If you aked me doing it after every win as has been done the last three years diminishes the significance ot it.  I'd like to see it go back to the old way.


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sees things differently and I understand that.


Having been in the stands with my nephew and seeing him light up at the opportunity to sing with the players.  I don't want it going away any time soon.  A big win is a huge event with or without a few spontaneous players doing a nice thing.  I like the practice and having the players interact with the students, band and their fans in this way is a great thing. 


Having served in the military I also think these kind of ceremonious things teach the players a little respect and perspective.  Only doing it when the players want to do it, doesn't really teach them anything.


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but IIRC -- and I'm pretty sure I do, because I found it pretty funny at the time -- Rodriguez made a sarcastic remark about it afterward.  Something to the effect of starting a "new tradition," and he then added, "I hope that's all right."  Yes, folks, all the noise about deviating from "tradition," the kerfuffle over the #1 jersey, etc., started in the very early days of the Rodriguez era.