Question on Spring Practice Status

Submitted by Night_King on April 6th, 2018 at 11:06 AM

I just remembered that last March I created a thread regarding a Spring combine that the staff held (link). This is where we received positive confirmation that DPJ was a freak as a true frosh, and learned about some of the other athletic stand outs. 

With the spring game next week, does anyone know if another combine is being planned before spring practices conclude on April 24th? Also, is the team still going to France this spring? I haven't heard much about the team trip. 

Anyone know anything? Looking at you, umbig11 ;)




April 6th, 2018 at 11:22 AM ^

iirc, chase spoke about how that combine was a bit of a distraction last spring in terms of how guys were putting more energy into worrying about their stats as opposed to improving their strength and conditioning. I think he mentioned that there were positive changes as to how the team was going about training so im not sure if they did away with the combine but if doing so helps keep the team focused on strength and conditioning, im all for it. 

the team is indeed going to france, but is not practicing there, they are going after practices conclude.


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For some reason I'm reminded of the line by Joe Rogan where he says (paraphrasing) "can you imagine going back in time 200 years and telling people back then that we have a device that gives us all the information in the world that you could ever need right in the palm of your hand and we use it to watch people fucking."


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to ban UM from practicing in France.  They think Louisiana is still part of France, which is therefore clearly in SEC territory.  They remain unaware that Napoleon sold Louisiana to the US in 1800

(not to mention the fact that the Louisiana purchase also included B10 regions like Iowa and parts of Minnesota).


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Am I the only one who is getting tired of people equating gym metrics with on-field success/readiness?

Especially in the case of DPJ. He's a freak in the gym and in the measurements, but people over-hyped themselves for guy who was still a freshman and had tons to learn on-field and in-game before he becomes a gamebreaker. 

I think people are too easily distracted by these things. 


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It helps guage a players ceiling.  If a player tests well in gym/weight room it shows coaches what they are working with.


For example, Grant Perry was a better receiver than DPJ last year, but DPJ's ceiling is a lot higher because of his measurements and athleticism.  That doesn't necessarily mean he will be better, but gives the coaches an idea of what they are working with.


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Agreed. But it's not a 1 to 1 correlation. 

Whether a player is fastest on the team or lags behind definitely matters. But I'd like to hear more about whether a player is actually good at his position and wow-ing the coaches more than I'd like to hear about them being .01 seconds faster in the 40. 


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Right.  Good measurables and good times don't always correlate to on field performance, but I think it is a good measure of a players ceiling.  A player with worse times is going to be more limited than someone like DPJ who has great times and measurables.


I would like to see this years times to see the Herbert Effect.