Question re: UCONN Game -- Michigan Sections?

Submitted by JamesBondHerpesMeds on September 19th, 2013 at 9:50 AM

StubHub looks to be having quite the fire sale on UCONN tickets...they're down to ~$74 apiece with a decent handful available.

Anyone travelling to the game with knowledge of the Michigan sections? (My guess: "all of them".)



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I believe the disconnected chunk of sections in the end zone that stubhub has labelled EZ 1 through EZ 8 are the temporary bleachers for the away fans.

I've been surfing the UConn blog and they're sort of bristling at the suggestion that Michigan fans will make up a sizeable minority (or even more than that) at the game... I guess we'll see.


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fwiw, I have a bunch of seats form the athletic dept and they are in sections 134 and 235. One would assume those are our sections.


Hope that helps.


Go Blue


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UCONN fan here. Can't wait for Saturday! I will say I'm not really sure why Michigan people think you will have anywhere CLOSE to 60% of the stadium Saturday. Yea, it's a down year, but we get up for games.

But anyway, if you're coming, have a safe trip. Most of us are cordial.

For fans coming to the game, this might be helpful: 

Tailgating atmosphere is going to be something I don't think Michigan fans will expect to see at UCONN.

Night games at The Rent tend to get rowdy. RG3 I think summed it up best after he concluded his college career.

"When we played at UConn my freshman year, that was the loudest place I've ever been as a football player," Griffin continued. "The stands are right next to the field, it was packed, and everyone was yelling. That was probably the coolest place for me to play at aside from Texas, Texas A&M and Nebraska."

If anyone going needs advice on what to do on gameday, where to go/etc just ask.


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Agreed, just don't think more than 6,000 will be there. We have about 10 Michigan fans coming to our our tailgate, including friends that grew up in CT. Also two people flying in that work for UM so should be fun.

Just hoping the team doesn't embarass themselves on national television. Talent is there, coaching is NOT.


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It probably has something to do with the fact that they added end zone tickets specifically for michigan fans, plus the normal visiting fans sections, and the fact that most of the available tickets on stub hub are probably being bought by Michigan fans (this part is just conjecture, but I personally know a bunch doing this).  All those seats combined probably make up somewhere to between 40%-60% of the crowd, but obviously we will see come game time.  Looking forward to it.


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First thanks for stopping by today. Here's why I think UM will get to at least 40% and possibly a lot more. We bought every ticket UConn provided us. Then you added 2,200 to 2,300 more seats that all went to UM. In addition, many of us have bought your season tickets just to get seats for this one game. Finally, we have been eating up the secondary market for tickets and your fans have sold seats to UM alumni and fans. Last but not least, our NYC Alumni base is coming to the game in force. An example is the way UM takes over Northwestern's stadium. Don't be surprised if it is close to 50/50. Last, Good luck Saturday and enjoy the game. Oh, and we are at the Aero Club tailgating I hear it is pretty good. What time can we really expect to get in?


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Aero Club opens up at 330, but if you get there earlier the attendants will just walk over to collect the money when they show. 3 should be more than realistic. Rentschler has a 4 hour tailgating policy that they like to enforce since the stadium is pretty much on the outskirts of a neighborhood. However, if there are lines of people waiting to get in to the main parking lots, they will start parking cars to prevent traffic back ups. Aero Club is easy in, easy out so good choice there. It's across the street from the stadium but very convenient.


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Shakim Philips (WR) pulled his hamstring at the end of his 75 yard TD in the 4th last week. He said he's playing though.

Our starting right tackle Kevin Friend has been in and out with concussion issues. His loss ruins our blocking/protection.

Our blog is

Here's a UCONN preview of the game:


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I bought a ticket through UConn when they went on sale last Tuesday and am in section 103. I am nearly certain that I will be in a sea of UConn fans all by my lonesome, though I will hold out hope that there may be some Michigan fans not too far away from me... And also that the game is much higher quality than last week...


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Where is the official MGoBlog Tailgate? According to the local U of M Alumni Club the place is the Pratty & Whitney Aircraft Club (



Our local sources have guided that there's a very convenient parking lot just north of Rentschler Field which is at the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Club.  The Pratt & Whitney Aviation club lot is normally open to the public on gamedays, with a daily fee for parking.  This lot also has indoor bathrooms and very easy access back to I-84.  This lot, as with the official Rentschler lots, opens 4 hours prior to kickoff, however does have less stringent tailgating rules once the lot is open.  If looking on a map, the area is north of the field between Silver Lane, Clement Road, Simmons Road and Gold St.  The U of M Hartford Spirit Club has prepared some detailed parking tips and instructions on how to reach the Pratt & Whitney Aviation club lot.  Click here: from the U of M Westchester Club, U of M Club of Northern New Jersey and U of M Fairfield County Club are planning on joining the Hartford Spirit Club at the Pratt/Whitney lot. There are approximately 7 softball fields worth of parking in the Pratt/Whitney lot area - the earlier you get there the better (but no earlier than 4 hours prior to kickoff).  Any cars unable to park in this lot would likely be directed to the Red lots.

Rentschler Field TAILGATING RULES: Please be prepared and do your research.   The information below applies to the official Rentschler lots.

Tailgating is permitted at Rentschler Field. Please review the Tailgating Rules listed below:

  • NO CHARCOAL FIRES, open flames or large grills are permitted.  [We hear this is strictly enforced]
  • Kegs and bulk quantities of alcohol are not permitted in any vehicle, in the parking lots or on Rentschler Field property.
  • Caterers, other than the official caterer of Rentschler Field, are not permitted on the property. The unauthorized sale of merchandise, food or beverage is prohibited.
  • The vehicle and associated tailgating activities may occupy only one (1) parking space. No activities are permitted in areas other than those associated with the parking space.
  • Saving a space for another vehicle is not permitted.
  • Grills, coolers, etc. must be set up in front or in back of the vehicle; however, in no event may tailgating activities obstruct the free flow of other vehicles and/or pedestrians.
  • Ball playing and frisbee tossing in the parking lots and roadways are safety hazards and are prohibited.
  • No structure may be raised that requires supports pounded into the ground.
  • Motor homes and oversized vehicles may park only in the designated "Oversized Vehicle" Lot.
  • Trash receptacles are located throughout the parking lots. Please bag and dispose of trash to make it safer for vehicles exiting.
  • No outside food or beverage may be brought into the Stadium.
  • Guests will NOT be allowed to enter the Stadium if they are visibly intoxicated.
  • Tailgating is permitted prior to, and for not more than two hours after on Day Games.
  • Tailgating is NOT permitted after Night Games.
  • Tailgating is NOT permitted 30 minutes prior to event beginning. Anyone in the parking lots 30 minutes prior to event beginning must either enter the Stadium or leave the property.
  • No drinking games are allowed to be played in the parking lots. (i.e. Beer Pong, Beer Funnels and Ice Luges)


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How do you grill (permitted) without an open flame? Even gas grills have flames. No charcoal? Are they heathens? 

And how the hell do you even enforce "you have to leave for the game 30 minutes before kickoff" thing? I think Brandon just got an idea....


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Personally I think the pratt and Whitney air strip sucks cause it's further away than the lettered lots. However might be in your best interest because you'll prob have more room + away from the students


September 19th, 2013 at 5:29 PM ^

Just make sure you get there early enough or you'll be WAY back in the Pratt and Whitney lot. Also in terms of grills: the only thing you can't have is Charcoal, any size propane grill is fine. All you can't have is a keg technically but my friends and I often have them in the back of a car and we're fine.  Other than that its pretty much free reign. If you have any more questions I'll be happy to answer them.