Question re student seating at Michigan Stadium

Submitted by ILMichFan70 on November 18th, 2011 at 9:45 PM
So I purchased two student tickets for the Michigan/Ohio game next weekend and have gotten the tickets validated. These tickets purchased are in different sections, rows and seat numbers. Since I've never sat in the student section before at Michigan Stadium will it be an issue to not actually sit where the ticket location says? Is it more of a "first come basis" even with the section, row and seat numbers or is it like the rest of the stadium where you sit where your ticket says? All of the other student sections that I have ever sat in before have been general admission but I know on the mgoblue website it says that it's not. I tried doing a search over this topic but I have been having issues with the search function. Any advice and help would be much appreciated. Go Blue!



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So last home game I heard a rumor that we were going to rush the field when we won against OSU, and that the seniors were going to do it because it's their first win against them.  Any truth to this rumor?  I'm pretty sure I saw Facebook group about it as well, but I can't find it now.  Should the administration o something about this? 


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You MUST go into the section on your ticket but after that it is pretty relaxed in terms of where you actually sit. As long as you don't try and move across like 4 sections a half hour before game time you should be fine. Once the student section fills up a bit you can essentially move wherever there is room


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From my experience you must go through your actual section number.  From there you can easily go anywhere you want.  The only place I have ever seen an usher check seat number is in the first row in the corner.


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Just realized that the tickets are in the same section, just different rows and seats. Sounds like we should be good then. Was just hoping that we wouldn't run into any big problems


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There are some asshole students who will show up late and try to move you sometimes and say dumbshit like we paid for these seats even though everyone in the student section payed the exact same about but generally you should be good, i haven't sat in my official seats once this year. Also just as an fyi based off tonight while working at zingermans I think the entire state of nebraska is here, it might be an ugly and noticable amount of red tomorrow, i'm officially worried.

Cheesecake Wizard

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Yes, they are everywhere in AA and it is well documented that Nebraska fans travel.  Even so, with a max of say-20,000 of them, that leavs 90,000 of us.  I dont think it's a problem.

Also, most of them have never been to AA, and the first place you go when visiting is Zingermans.


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We've been here longer, you little bastard. /s

But seriously you can't complain about somebody kicking you out of their seats. You have an opportunity to get tickets with your friends when you order them. Large groups have every right to preserve their ability to stay together when they went to the trouble of doing that, even if you think you get their seats because you showed up 5 minutes earlier.

Michael Scarn

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The student section would like to formally request that you rest your vocal chords tonight in preparation for tomorrow.  If you aren't loud tomorrow and sit anywhere near me, expect constant snarky comments about your fanhood until you you're yelling every play.  Having spent last weekend at the Penn St./Nebraska game (awkwardly), I can attest to crowd noise affecting Martinez, as the only time the stadium got to full volume, he was visibly flustered.  This is a huge game, and I'm personally going to make sure the crowd is a factor tomorrow.  


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The rest of the stadium would like to request that the student section show up prior to kickoff. The intimidation factor on the opposing team begins as they come out of the tunnel.  Vast areas of empty seats in the Northwest corner of the Big House adds little to the impact that the Big House is capable of.


Big game, let's all do our part.

BOX House

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Just make sure you and your friend have the other person's seat written down and say you will definitely meet there. You probably won't have cell phone service which makes these situations a bit difficult to find one another. I've definitely been the guy who went into another section with the intentions of going to find my friends in another section, only to be lost in the crowd sitting by myself for a quarter -- which really isn't too bad if you're drunk and sociable.