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Submitted by wildbackdunesman on November 30th, 2013 at 11:16 PM

Several times this year when Michigan was punting, we had a gunner split wide.  The defense moved their DB in to put pressure on the punter and Michigan responded by moving the gunner in to block their DB instead of leaving him alone lined up outside.

Would it be that difficult to run a play where in this situation the ball is snapped to the upback who throws to the wide open gunner (or it just goes right to the punter to make the throw).

For example, we had a wide open gunner on a 4th and 3 against seems to me that we would have a great chance to convert that nearly every single time our opponent chooses to leave a gunner wide open.  Although one would assume the punt rush was coming quick, the audible to the throw could give some protection and the pass would be out quick as you know where the ball is going.

Ohio State also left a gunner completely unguarded with no one any where near him today.


Is there something that I am missing.  Is it really that difficult for a non-QB to complete a pass for short yardage with no one in the vicinity on the intended target?



December 1st, 2013 at 12:21 AM ^

I noticed it in today's game too, but I think it was 4th and long.  I watched the gunner and Ohio had a guy run out to cover him immediately at the snap.  Made me think they were trying to bait us into throwing it out there


December 1st, 2013 at 7:29 AM ^

in the stands yesterday, to no avail.   that throw was open all day.   the who makes the call is the 'hummingbird', the player who is about 5 yds behind the center and just offset to one side.  he audibles, the ball is snapped to the punter, and the punter makes that throw.  

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I am in support of it, with the following caveats...that the punter get the small QB shoulder pads that actually allow a person to throw the ball.  When I played freshman hs fb, I was a TE, and I couldn't throw a pass to save my life (I've pitched a lot of innings playing baseball, so its not like I can't make the basic throw).  The problem is the standard shoulder pads prevent the upper arm motion that you need to throw the ball.  The hs team had a couple of the "special" pad sets that they only gave out to QBs, once I realized the magnitude of this detail I understood.

And that the punter get a lot of practice throwing to receivers on the move, rolling out, etc.  Trick plays like this are cool and a nice advantage in a game, except when it looks like the guy throwing the ball is doing it for the first time since backyard 2 hand touch.