QUESTION: Could you see Hoke helping to recruit Harbaugh?

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*note: this is my first post and I'm on my iPhone, so be gentle. Could you see Brady Hoke, a guy who loves this university and is a true class act, reaching out to Jim Harbaugh to try and help recruit him back to Ann Arbor? We all have read the speculation that perhaps Harbaugh is reluctant to take the job because of the relationship between his family and Brady Hoke. So if you're Hoke, would you, wanting what's best for this university and football program, call up Harbaugh and tell him to take the job? I would have so much respect for Brady if he did this. It would show that he truly does want what's best for this football program. Which is Jim Harbaugh. I think it would go a long way in getting Jim in Ann Arbor. What do you all think? Is it even in the realm of possibility? Would it be unprecedented? Would it be helpful? Discus



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On one hand I would think "yes", just because of the love Hoke has professed for the University of Michigan. On the other hand, I also think he might be of the "Brandon school", so I'm not as sure. 

Amaizing Blue

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We know he's a class act and still loves UM, but it would take Gandhi-level altruism for this to happen, IMO.  He DID get fired, and that has to sting.  I could see him telling the Harbaugh family he has no issue with it if asked, but for him to take an active role in the process is almost beyond belief.


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If you were fired from a job you love, would you call the person that everyone believes would be the person best to fill the job you were fired from? Unless Hoke was given a position within the AD, I don't see it happening. He wouldn't call the Harbaughs and say don't let Jim take the job, but also would not call him to beg for him to take the job. Quite honestly, Hoke probably needs to take a step back and re-evaluate his own life. He just lost the job he was building his career up for.


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As a teacher I can honestly say there is a chance I would do this if I thought it was what was best for my students (even if I believed what was TRULY best for them was for me to remain their teacher). I think this is a similar situation where Hoke cares about the student athletes that were under his care and is more concerned with their well being than his own pride. So yes, I could see him doing this. 


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...that Harbaugh would call Hoke? "Yo, Brady, what's really going on over there?"

He has a very relevant perspective, shared by no one else, and unlike pretty much every other insider he might contact Hoke isn't conflicted by an employment relationship and isn't personally invested in the search for his replacement.

Moe Greene

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Not sure what "helping" means in practice. It's not as if JH doesn't know us.....

Note that this is not a slam on Brady's sincerity - he went to the football bust, after all.


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Hoke has been a fan of the U of M since childhood. I don't think that changes because of a job. I can see him saying "Yeah Jim, Michigan needs YOU!". I could not see this ever taking place, unless Jim were to contact him directly about the job being friends and all.

No, I have never been fired from a job. I have also never been a Head Football coach of a University. I think to some degree every Head Coach knows the job comes with the high expectations. Hoke wasn't blindsided in getting fired and it wasn't like a Bo Pelini or a Kiffen situation. 

The University of Michigan would never ask him to do this. Hoke is a class act and will always be connected to the University of Michigan.



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The basis of this question is that Harbaugh might not take the job out of consideration of his friend Brady Hoke. This is complete BS. It either assumes Harbaugh is not a professional or that Hoke is an immature loser that Harbaugh is afraid of hurting. It insults both men, and completely distorts what might be occurring from any rational perspective.  


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Consider a "fickelling" here. Totally unlikely but thought has to of crossed his mind,no? The fact he might be in that category, is/was the problem with him as a football coach (not a man). Lacked the gravitas and acumen a modern hc should have. I feel for him because it seems he is made for a supporting role not the lead in the play so to speak, but he is kind of stuck on the hc rails.

turd ferguson

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I think Hoke is such a decent guy that he might do it, but I would hope that no one asks him to.  His removal has been handled pretty respectfully so far and there's no reason to change that.

Perkis-Size Me

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Part of me could see it happening because Hoke truly loves Michigan more than anyone, and he loves the kids who played for him. He wants to see them succeed. But unless he was promised something in return, like a position in the athletic department, or Harbaugh would have to agree to let him be a recruiting coordinator, I'm not sure I'd see it happening.

How would you feel if the guy who just fired you came and asked you to recruit the guy who's going to replace you? Hoke probably has a better sense of character than I do, but I probably would've told Hackett to go find someone else to do his dirty work for him.

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If this were any other job in America, the boss would never fire the person then ask him to help pick his replacement. Hackett shouldn't ask him to help at all

His Dudeness

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It's almost as if nobody on this board has ever been fired or laid off.

Hoke may be nice and all but he is human. He isnt going to RECRUIT his successor.

What're you fucking nuts?



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Hoke had his own career to worry about and is likely preparing for interviews for other jobs. He is no longer an employee of the AD and there's no reason to emasculate him further by having him recruit to fill his old position.

Everyone Murders

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I'm on board with those that think it would be too much to expect Hoke to actively recruit Harbaugh or anyone else.  But given that (i) Hoke's time was unsuccessful and he knows it, (ii) Hoke and Harbaugh are friends, and (iii) Michigan let Hoke go in 2014 (more money), (iv) Michigan has been respectful to Hoke, and (v) that Hoke loves his (former) players and knows that Harbaugh would do right by them, I could see him not blackballing Michigan.

Contrast this with RichRod, who (performance notwithstanding) I could not blame for blackballing Michigan for a second.  I think that Hoke would level with Harbaugh, and that should be enough to help the cause.


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He was such a pussy and let a reporter up his ass to write a book. He also let the Freep and alumni (very few) push his buttons like a bitch. He simply needed to win games and had plenty of talent to do so. He wasn't smart and was out coached by some turds that had less talented rosters. He should blackball himself for not owning his own actions. Fuck him for not being the captain of the ship, while making millions and letting others make his decisions.


December 17th, 2014 at 10:10 AM ^

I think I disagree with every, single one of your sentences- which is somewhat interesting considering you have a fair amount of them in this post. I don't care enough to offer counterpoints as I'm sure you've heard and disregarded them before. Oh well. At least we r Harbaugh? 


December 17th, 2014 at 9:11 AM ^

A. No, he would not do it for one of two reasons:


1) He was just fired.


2) It would sound lame to Harbaugh, and scare him away.


B. Yes, he would do it for one reason:


1) It would sound lame to Harbaugh, and scare him away.










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The only way I can see it happening is if he agrees to be JH's DL coach and that seems like too much of a step down from head coach although Mario Cristobal went straight from Florida International's head coach to Alabama's OL coach.